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  1. justchillin2

    justchillin2 Guest

    Hey i hope i can get some good answers to this question.

    I had drug education in school today, its not dare but this guy from the local family care center came over, he said that weed bought and tested in my area by his center, 80% was cut with either rat poison, or draino. I would really like to know how truthful that might be? Also, please if you have any information on what effect they would have on the high, and shortterm and longterm effects of smoking laced stuff :\
    might smoking real high grade weed reduce my chance of getting cut stuff. can i tell my lookin at the weed?

    as you can tell im a bit worried about this, anyone who can respond please do.

  2. bijevil

    bijevil Guest

    generally speaking shwag gets cut with posions. smoking poisons usually cause headaches and sore throughts, your best bet is to get good buds they usually are clean.
  3. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I seriously doubt that those numbers are that high. But bjevil has it right, good bud is usually clean. Why would a grower who put all that time and effort into growing those spectacular buds want to ruin it with poison? I would also think that you'd be able to tell when your schwag is laced becuase you'd get ****ed up off of a relatively small amount.
  4. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    I do not know your area but it could be true.

    The question is why would it be laced with rat poison etc? My thinking is if someone got ill, especially a child (read that anyone under the age of 18) parents & law enforcement would eventually find out who the dealer was, find out who the supplier was and a whole string of folks in the supply line of weed (and there are usually quite a few handlers) would get Busted not just on drug charges but on much more serious charges of life endangerment of a minor.

    If you do not know your dealer, don't buy

    If you don't know your product, don't buy.

    If you can't test your product with a doob with your dealer --- an age old procedure which also proves your dealer is not a narc if he rolls and smokes and hands it to you BEFORE you discuss money and exchange funds --, don't buy

    See the pattern here?

    If you can't do that...DON'T BUY!

    Cannabis is illegal, you are with intent purchasing an illegal substance to use in an illegal manner for an illegal purpose. Yes the law is stupid but it is a law. If you cannot handle that, don't buy.

    If you think your dope is laced with anything....(all together now) Don't Buy

    Sorry to be a buzzkill but a Mama's gotta do what a Mama's gotta do. And I don't want to see any of my friends here hurt ever.

    ~ have a cookie ;)
  5. potheadreturns2

    potheadreturns2 New Member

    I seriously don't know what some of the people above were talking about but it is very, VERY, VERY rare. I don't trust numbers. Do you know what number they mean by 80%? Did they ask cops for the stuff that the cops thought was laced, test three bags and then say it was 80%? The fact is that rat poison would most likely kill you if you smoked it, and probably wouldn't affect your high. Niether would draino. So it is really, really, really pointless to do that. How many times do you open up your sack and smell the fresh scent of draino!? I never have. Mamabudz is right about a few things, like don't buy unless ya know the person, and they can hand the weed to you first. If you think it's laced don't buy it. However I wouldn't go around trying to smoke with your dealers. My experience is that that sort of stuff doesn't go over well. Most of the time dealers are looking to sell and bounce because they have other deliveries to make. Not very many dealers are narcs, because it's not illegal to have someone hand you drugs "with out your knowledge." At least I don't think. But it is illegal to distribue drugs and possess drugs, which is what the dealer would be doing if handed it to you like he's supposed to. Anyway I wouldn't worry about laced weed that much, as there is no reason to lace weed with draino or rat poison, and if it's laced with other drugs most dealers talk about it like a special feature, and charge extra. Why would a dealer lace a dime bag with other expensive drugs and charge the same price? he wouldn't. Hope this helped, and put your mind to ease about what that person said. He is a liar. It's probably his job.
  6. Nasarius

    Nasarius Guest

    Frankly, it makes no sense to lace weed with bad stuff. For other drugs, dealers can add chemicals that look similar to the drug so you can make more money from the same amount of drug. Good marijuana (ie, anything but shake) cannot be 'padded' in this way. The only time it makes sense to lace marijuana is if you want to smoke laced marijuana. Or perhaps if you're a sick person who likes to hurt other people that way. :shrug:

    As for weed cut with harsh chemicals like that, expect it to smell really bad, and if you actually smoke it, it's likely that you'll become very, very sick.
  7. Usually weed cost extra if its laced,and most the time if its laced its laced with pcp or coke. Most the time (around here) the dealer tells you if its laced or not and anyway its common sense to say its laced because those other drugs they use to lace it cost money you know. Its also good to trust your source and know your product (goes with other drugs as well).
    And you should of said to that "health" guy that if weed was legalized and regulated theyre wont be very much laced weed floating around. My two cents.

    Vive Le Revolucion!!

    The Stoned Philosopher :chokin:
  8. bijevil

    bijevil Guest

    laced weed doesnt neccasarilly mean that it has to be done with other drugs...shwag weed goes through a ridiculus amount of stuff before it ends up being sold as dimes and nicks.. i had a associate who is very familiar with the process, who told me that dealers would piss over their weed to weigh it down more and you could not tell cause their pissing over litterally kilos of weed so that it weights out to more also they use raid and bug sprays cause for people that smoke shwag are usually poor and jus wanna get f*cked up so they dont care if they get headaches or spins cause they jus think the weeds good, they neva smoked real good buds to kno what quality really do. one thing i also noticed is that most dealers that sell shwag wont smoke it at least around my area. so my advice if you can jus spend the extra cash and get quality, if your gonna spend money might as well buy the best. even if u cant do it as often you will definetly enjoy the times your high much more
  9. NathanCarson

    NathanCarson New Member

    laced weed sucks...legalize!

    I used to live in the southwest. I smoked hella good bud. Even the dirt weed was green and sticky....just seedy.

    Then I moved to the D.C. area. The first time I got some bud it didn't smell right. I smoked it anyway. It tasted harsh as hell. It looked old/dark as shit. I really didn't care because I'd been dry for like a month (which was a long time to me in those days). *BAM* pcp.

    That shit kept happening. Even with people I knew, I could taste it and they couldn't. They didn't believe me, or they didn't care.

    I thought, alright, so I'll just smoke good bud. Why would people fuck up the good bud?

    well actually, the dirt weed I got from my black friends was usually the best. Not necessarily in quality (although not bad), but never laced. Sometimes you'd get a headache, but that's was just from smoking too much.

    I quit smoking for 2 years. During that time I ran into all sorts of people. My mind cleared up. I also went to rehab (I did more than smoke herb). I ran into a lot of people in my area who admitted to putting shit on the bud. Like, if some good bud got old. This one dude said he used to spray this orange citrus cleaner on it (which contains some fucked up chemicals). Had he never heard of an orange peel and a refrigerator? Dumb ass. People put roach spray... One time this shit smelled like *WINDEX*. Glad none of that was mine.

    A lot of time it was shady people trying to make extra money off some bullshit bud, by saying they had some super duper shit, but it was just stress. Thus the slang, stress...pret-indo, etc.

    Depending upon where you are geographically, I'd say you've just got to know your product. Who you are dealing with. I live in the D.C. area, so it doesn't surprise me. If I go down south a little bit I don't run into those same problems.

    I remember living out west. I'd always be like, "damn, this bud is so good. I'm so high. Yet...I don't ever get knocked on my ass like I do back east."

    Just another reason for legalization. Alcohol has a proof on the side of the bottle letting you know how potent it is. Imagine if you got sold moonshine in a vodka bottle?
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I don't see how people who have smoked plain ol' good weed could not know that weed was laced. The cannabis high is considerably different than the effect of anything with which the weed might be laced.
  11. Stoned_Penguin

    Stoned_Penguin Sr. Member

    What would be the point of adding poison in the weed? Maybe in broken up schwagg, but no dealer is going to waste money by putting poison in nice buds.
  12. Cap'nBakes

    Cap'nBakes New Member

    im sure here in alberta laced weed isnt a problem, like you can get some pretty nice buds everywhere. and 99% of what your schools drug education is saying is probly a load of shit. just sayin. buy some good weed, i think you should be fine. or grow your own.
  13. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    That dood was one big ass lier if i ever heard of one haha. I never bought laced weed in my life, he probly just went on a government website and copied some bullshit numbers they made up. I realy hate people like that, when we had a DARE come to my elementery school in like 4th grade they were like " your gonna die if you ever pick up a marijuana joint" I was like " o no!" but i used to be totaly against drugs when i was a little kid kuz i believed the shit they told me
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  14. VoodooChile

    VoodooChile New Member

    your not gonna get laced weed unless your dealer sells crack too
  15. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Laced weed, for the most part, is a myth. Who in their right mind is going to add a more expensive substance to it? If the addition is something negative, the buyer won't come back. If you improve the high by 'lacing', the buyer will probably expect to get the 'boosted high' every time. All in all, it makes no economic sense.

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