Lamictal/Marijuana Interaction?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by chiligumbo, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Okay, okay. I don't like what I'm reading here at all. :(

    I've been a daily smoker for about 1 year. About 3-4+ bowls a day. I love the stuff. :D I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar II about 5 years ago. I did a 'lil prozac for a while. About 40mg daily. It worked for a while, then seemed to stop working. I let my therapist know about it, he suggested that I talk to my Psych. I did. He told me that there is better meds out there to treat depression today. My meds have been changed. I started Lamictal (25mg scheduled to ramp to 100mg daily) and Lexapro (20mg daily) today.

    I'm worried about the combination of these meds and herb. I never had a problem with the Prozac and the herb. I looked up the Lexapro and found that it's a SSRI as well, like the Prozac, so I'm not as worried about the Lex.

    I have been considering quitting the herb, but I can't imagine life without it. Not only do I enjoy it, it helps to take the edge offa the temper that I have and to be at peace with things that are out of my control (I HAVE to work, I HAVE to take care of my kids, I HAVE to do housework, etc.), it seems to (if you can imagine this) HELP me to be motivated where the depression keeps me down.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!! Ease my mind. I'm looking for some EDUCATED suggestions. Should I quit, should I cut back, should I keep tokin'? I know that everyone's chemistry is made up differently, so I'll spare everyone the time of writing that. I'm just looking for anyone who can provide some information to aid me in my decision. I'm looking for FACT based or EXPERIENCE based suggestions.

    Thanks in advance to all who respond!!!!! :wave: :cool: :wave: :cool: :wave:

    Oh, and sorry for the threadjacking!!!!! :eek:
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    Lamictal Nerve Spasms?

    Ok, I'll keep it short-I have been smoking weed everyday forever with no health or mental issues from it, was recently diagnosed with BiPolar disorder (would have been years ago if i wasnt so weak and admitted it)

    I do not think this is related, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this...

    Whenever I smoke now (or try to because its intolerable) I have what I can only call ''Vein Spasms'' or ''Nerve Spasms" in my left chest, back of my leg arms shoulder and back and now in the temple area on the left of my head...and they hurt sometimes, and are really scaring me. Its to the point where it looks like what we would call a ''frog'' when we were kids: You can actually watch the area of the body pulsate as if a miniature version of alien is trying to pop out.

    It occurs normally when I havent smoked, but its very subtle and not nearly as noticable and drastic. I cant for the life of me remember if the issue coincided with the start of the Lamictal- but reading this thread now makes me wonder.

    Of course, I am looking into vascular issue, blood clot, or diseases that affect circulatory....but would rest far easier if it was a nerve thing. If there is someone out there who has experience this crap, please chime in.

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    Weed and Lamictal

    If you guys go to you can check med interactions, i have check lamictal with marinol (which is THC in pill for ) and there is no interactions with the 2 meds
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    Interesting. This makes me wonder, is using marijuana causing acute manic symptoms in some folks on Lamictal? It has been found to be more effective for controlling depressive episodes than manic ones.

    Some symptoms described in this thread could be accounted for by the side effects of Lamictal itself. It sounds like in some cases, the marijuana is obviously triggering some adverse reactions.

    Here's a bit about common and uncommon side effects of Lamictal itself:
    It's not even known exactly how Lamictal works. Interactions with most prescription and over the counter drugs are unknown. This leads me to assume nothing is known about it's reaction with marijuana.

    This is good to be aware of:
    It would be interesting to compare those who had adverse reactions to those who did not. Off of the top of my head I'd look at: length of marijuana use, length and dose of Lamictal use, caffeine and nicotine use, previous experience of similar symptoms on other meds/no meds, other illicit drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, dietary supplements in the picture.
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    I have been on just about every type of SSRI's, augmentors (taking multiple meds to increase the effects - like lithium), welbutrin (in a class by itself), benzodiasapenes, and on ALL of them I reached a tolerance. This is over the last 10+ years (of official diagonosis) with atypical depression / anxiety / rejection sensitivity. For the past 7 years I have been on parnate (MAOI) at 120mg's (a high dose). It has been losing it's effect over the past 14 months, so I started a regimine of Lamictal (up to 150 mg / day) - which is also used for people tolerant of every other drug. AND - now have started an MJ regiment (not often - maybe 2x a week) and it suffices. I have not had any issues, but that is due to a combination of dosage, my body chemistry, and the like. So - I don't have bi-polar, but now hearing all this info, I am definitely going to discuss with my doc. I hate being on these meds and would rather just use MJ, but i am totally afraid of coming off the existing meds because it has taken me 10+ years to get to this point.
    I just want to hear of anyone has had a GOOD experience with Lamictal or can comment on my entry..?
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    Actually, I've had a great experience with Lamictal. I've been on it for about 2 years now. Two of my close relatives are on it as well for depression and had good or neutral reports. Like yourself, I've tried everything for the past 10 years. These are personal cases though and everyone's chemistry is different.

    It has few side effects and works better for me than anything else did. The only downfall is it's new so little is known about effects after 18 months. Of course we won't know long term ones for awhile. It's also pricey.

    I can't find much in the way of reliable studies yet. I found zip on Lamictal and marijuana and not even presription drugs. Just a bunch of we don't really know yet. We do know that Lamictal isn't an SSRI, it's a mood stabilizer which was original only uses for seizure disorders.

    Please share with us what you know about parnate (MAOI)s too.
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    well...parnate has been around since the 50's. But, given the the time-period, it had a stigmatism associated with it because it was an 'anti-depressant'. But, now we have over 30 (at last count) of name-brand anti-depressants, they have lost the stigmatism. Parnate works great (for me). The major downside is you have to watch your diet: no aged foods - eat fresh. Tyramine, found in aged foods, can trigger a hypertensive crisis. But, I have never gotten to that point and have strayed many a times off the diet...But, I will say that I eat healthier. I like the parnate (if I HAD to take anything at all) since it has been around so long...and would love to augment with MJ rather than Lamictal...because I have not heard or read anything about concommitance with MJ and MAOI's. I like to research this stuff, and after 10 years, I like to think I know what I'm talking about...BUT I AM NOT A please know this is just an proof to back it up.
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    Hi there guys and gals,

    I was going to join the forum anyway but this seems like a good thread to jump in on since I take Lamictal.

    Actually, I take a lot:

    Lamictal (tittrating to 100mg)
    Zoloft 100mg
    DHE/Indocin/Reglan/Caffeine as needed
    Toradol injections as needed
    Axert and Aleve together as needed
    Various supplements
    year-long continuous birth control

    I have a lot going against me. I suffer from severe, chronic migraine disease, and a large hole in my heart. Recently I had surgery to repair the hole, but the device failed so the hole is only a tiny bit smaller. This hole has been implicated in making migraines worse, so I am participating in a study to see how effective patching the hole is. Since my implant failed, well, I'm kind of stuck since they won't fix it right away...And I am a HUGE stroke risk because of the heart issue and the migraines with aura.

    The DHE combo pills make me very sick. Both the Lamictal and Zoloft I use for depression and to prevent migraine, as migraine is a relative of epilepsy and sometimes seizure meds work for migraineurs. I work closely with my cardiologist and one of the two best migraine specialists in the United States.

    Anyway, I began smoking weed a few months ago because if I am not suffering from a migraine I am suffering with the side effects of my meds...And I wanted to know if maye weed would help me.

    My dad was bipolar and also suffered from severe migraines; to this day I am not sure if I have bipolar either...But he did not take any meds except for tons of Tums and tons of Excedrin.

    I spread my meds out over the course of the day...I have an AM to midday course of meds, and then a 9PM to midnight course: Supplements, aspirin, Lamictal, Advair, and finally melatonin. Usually between 11PM and midnight is when I smoke, so it will help me to sleep. I've figured out if I smoke way too much, I get the rapid heartbeat, and maybe a little agitated...Certainly if I smoke too much it will make my migraine much, much worse. I do not get any paranoia or any manic feelings, however, but the Lamictal has not really bothered me much since I started it, either. My Zoloft is a morning med, so I never take the two on top of one another.

    If I take a couple of hits, and don't rush it, I generally notice a better analgesic effect and a better overall feeling.

    Sorry, I tend to ramble. All of that was leading up to the last sentence! :p

    Anyway, that has been my experience thus far. I am still moving up on the Lamictal, though, so things could change. But I try not to overlap too quickly.
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    I'm a bit late coming to this thread but wanted to add my experience...

    I've been on Lamictal for bipolar (200mg each night) for nearly 4 years and, for the most part, have had no major issues. I used to smoke on a semi-regular basis (5 days a week or so) when I first went on the drug. Due to a move across country soon after, new friends, etc, I stopped smoking for a couple years other than social occasions or trips back to my hometown.

    Over the past month, I've started smoking again mostly because I've been dealing with a lot of job stress and recently going through a divorce. I've been smoking probably every other night or so by myself. Nothing crazy but just a bowl as I wind down after work or whatever. Its really helped me a lot and I was seriously enjoying it again.

    This past Thursday, I had eaten a small meal and smoked a bowl while laying on the couch to watch a movie. I noticed about 30 minutes later I felt extremely tired and realized I had to take a piss. Without knowing it, I was all of a sudden in the bathroom. Its as if I was having mild blackouts and was doing things before I thought about them, if that makes sense. I then felt my heart start beating rapidly and really became concerned. I started having really bad experiences of time lapse and used my cellphone as a marker to determine how long between certain events (walking to the kitchen, etc). I was way off and it felt like getting to the kitchen was the equivalent of walking a mile. I finally called a friend to help me get through my "trip" and I guess my speaking would trail off when I would slip into these mini-blackouts or whatever was happening. Talking helped me focus on something and it made the effects a little more manageable, but I was still tripping out pretty bad. I finally laid down and my friend called each hour for a couple hours to make sure I was OK. I woke up in the morning OK but have experienced some very brief flashbacks this weekend of the feeling I was having on Thursday night. What scares me the most is that there was a 30 minute delay from when I smoked until this hit. Had I, for some reason, drove to the store or left my house, things could have been really bad.

    I have to assume the lamictal caused this reaction but its hard to say. I've been smoking the same bag for a couple weeks without problems and obviously the lamictal is not a new thing for me. I have been under loads of stress recently and I know there is a possibility that it triggered this, but I'm not sure. I'm going to call a doctor on Monday and talk to someone. I hate to give up weed completely because its always helped me feel better with my mental situation but I'm scared to death to go through this again.

    The reason I'm on the lamictal is because i went off meds and ended up in the hospital. I definately do not want to repeat that.
  10. Up In Smoke

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    These threads confirm why I dont use pharmaceuticals.

    "I went off meds and ended up in the hospital"

    No thanks.
  11. santan

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    I know. It sucks... But they have you with the whole scare-tactic angle and nothing is worse than sitting in the hospital with people babysitting you all night because they think you're going to hurt yourself.

    Either way, I made an appointment to talk to a psych about it next Friday. I'm interested to see what he has to say about me smoking and if he thinks it was that or more related to stress.

    I just question weather my episode was from the Lamictal, or a wild anxiety attack, or a combination of both. Part of me wants to setup a video camera and smoke again to see what happens.

    I'm a software developer and always want to figure out how things work. Never have been too accepting of theories and ideas I cannot verify :)
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    I've been on lamictal for 6 months (200 mgs per day)" I started smoking about 3 weeks ago and did not get any reaction.

    There are not interactions between MJ and lamictal but It stills scare the hell out of me..

    I'm gradually smoking a bit more every day. I mix it with tobacco( half&half) as it is too strong alone. I smoke one cigarette in the evening..I dont feel much as of yet..Maybe it takes awhile to get into my system.

    Any advice

    I smoke Willie Nelson and royal both 80/20 indica
  13. Snowprincess

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    I have been on lamictal for 3-4 years (250 mg daily) and have recently taken up the old hobby of smoking marijuana. I was a bit worried it was not good for me while on the medication, and thus landed in this forum. I joined solely to reply to this thread.

    The different experiences described in this forum are very interesting. As so many of you have had negative things happen, I wanted to note that I have had not, this far.

    I've been smoking for a few months now, often several very strong joints in one night, green and brown, with no bad reactions, other than getting very very stoned in a good way. Dont know if I would have hallucinations (like one of my greens gives me) without the meds, but they are of the nice kind.

    I'd say that the high is no different than when not taking meds, but its been 10 years since I smoked without meds, so it's hard to compare.

    The thing I do know, and was told by my Pdoc, is that alcohol and other drugs behave very differently when on lamictal. One can suddenly "pop over", as it seems many here have experienced. Usually getting drunk or high is a gradual process which increases after how much you put in, but the lamictal in some way alters the tresholds for highs, and suddenly one tips over from sober to so wasted one cannot walk. At least I have this with alcohol. Have heard that a person on psychoactive drugs should never drink more than 2 units of alcohol in one night, with more than this, anything can happen. Perhaps having a few puffs (like someone else described) and not get zonked is the way to go. I mentioned to a psychiatrist that I had been smoking while on the medication, and although he gave me the serious eye, he did not say anything about it being a dangerous combination.

    There is apparently also big individual variances in reactions to drugs, all brains are unique. And one should also not neglect the fact that all of us using lamictal are either epileptic or bipolar, meaning our brains are not that stable to start with.

    And frankly, marijuana is considered to be the most dangerous drug by psychiatrists because it is the drug which most often leads to psychosis and mental breakdowns. Though less harmful for general health, it is far more psychoactive than cocaine, amphetamines, heroin and alcohol.

    Also, I notice quite a few of you are using multiple medications, which probably makes marijuana more dangerous. It is well known that combinations of harmless drugs can be lethal, even in smaller doses (Heath Ledger fex). Drugs that work on the brain are rarely fully understood, and adding yet another drug - marijuana - into the mix may evoke dangerous effects.

    Also, my psychiatrist works with teen psychosis, and said that teens below the age of 19 should never smoke marijuana. The reason is that marijuana is known to be the main trigger for psychosis in teens, and a single joint can unleash latent schizophrenia, bipolar etc etc. The brain of a 19-year old is not finished, still very plastic, the personality of the teen is not fully formed and hormones and neurotransmitters are all over. As we grow older, the brain stabilizes, and if one has not had a psychotic episode by 30, the doc said the risk of ever having one is low. I first smoked pot when I was 19 (was a straight-edger until then - recommended!), and I am now over 30.

    Even though my own experiences with marjiuana on lamictal are positive, I have one thought about why so many of you may be having troubles:

    It took me a long time to become stable on the medication, like a year. In this year I didnt smoke, but I drank alcohol, and had some frightening experiences with even small amounts of wine. When I drink alcohol now (after 3-4 years of daily lamictal use), I have few problems, and drink as much as my friends (which is quite a bit).

    I would think that getting stable on lamictal, finding the right dose etc, should be the first thing. This also means getting healthy mentally, which is naturally very important. I could not recommend smoking pot or drinking alcohol in the first year of lamictal use. If you are under 19, I would most seriously not smoke at all.

    Staying healthy means more years to enjoy highs of all kinds at a later point in life when your brain is stable and ready to handle it.
  14. roobes

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    marijuana/lamictal interaction

    i think your response is irresponsible and not well thought out. Psychiatrists have wildly different opinions on weed, my doc recently suggested to be careful as withsome people it can induce just anxiety and some have a very positive effect if part of your illness is anxiety. 2 other docs were not concerned at all. I was diagnosed with B-polar 2 years ago. I am now only taking lamictal for 2 years on 200mg and 3 weeks ago i quit seraqual which i hate. I increased the lamictal dose due to my depression part getting worse. I think everyone here is trying to work out why the severe reaction occurs and are scared to induce an episode. My story - i have smoked pot for 15 years, some strong and some week. I never started up smoking regularly at first but for you above you will end up smoking more and give yourself cancer because of the tobacco you are putting in your lungs which are now black, puts you at risk or heart disease, breating difficulties should i go on - you really think you smoking cigarettes is healthier than pot?? no one has died of pot smoking. There is no report that has any suggestions that marijuana is very bad for mental health. If you are going to get psychosis then you will get it what ever you smoke, drug over doses and use of a drug WILL NOT give you Bi-polar or any other mental illness - it can induce effects but you won't go mental for life it is a short term thing. Marijuana is shown to be the safest drug with no bad side effects, not addictive (maybe pschycologicaay). Marijuana is specifically used for cancer patients under going chemotherapay and AIDS patients....why? well firstly and mainly both these conditions makes the person lose their appetite completely and also as a gentle pain reliever and increases appetite (munchies for a good cause) - you think pumping someone full of morphine is better....also alcohol is the biggest killer along with heart attacks in the US today and all over the world. Alcohol is addictive, causes liver damage, addictive, causes violent behaviour, the person becomes beligerant - i can go on, tabocco is also one of the biggest killers especially dangerous if they take it up young. It is more additive than Heroin!!
    OK - so i upped my dose and continued with the pot smoking because i had nothing for my anxiety but pot helped tremendously and calmed me down and induces sleep, i have bi-polar specicially anxiety, panic attacks. Not having insurance i was limited with my treatment monitoring. I was good for few days to a week, but i don't smoke like a kid anymore, i smoke on occasion when appropriate - (by the way get rid of the bong its not very sophisticated) I have a vaporizer which peoploe should consider, you only need a tiny amount and its a smooth gentle high - however it is possible to get wasted. So now i smoke out of those little fake cigarette type device. I put a little in it and i'm good. Just this one day it was hot and sunny, i pretty much smoked on and off all day relaxing watching movies - ervything was fine. I got up the next morning and thatr's when it happened. I lost control of my legs, i collapsed, i could just about crawl enough to call 911 - i was out of it, i had blurred vision - i saw 2 of everything. I got really scared and frightened, my legs were spaziming out of control so i had to wrap a sheet around them. I didn't just call 911 straight away i thought the feeling would go - but i got worse , was no longer coherant, talking gibberish and a load of crap, talking in a different accent - i dont remember too much. They gave me a bunch of ativan after checking i wasn't having a stroke and keeping me still. So here's what actually happens - if you smoke too much and you are on a high dose compared to your body size then you WILL get a reaction how much pot and how much laminctal are the factors.I have now lowered the Lamictal and put my pot away in a secret cupboard. I don't have the desire to smoke it - is scares me. I had 2 more episodes the same week - and now i am finally getting assessed and treated for my bi-polar without the need to smoke weed. just be careful, don't smoke too much or ask your doc if its appropriate to lower your dose. I am very sad to have to give it up but i just don't want to chance it. If you get totally wasted smoking bongs and you take lamictal - you will end up in a mental hospital. its a very frightening thing for those who are witnessing it.:spin:
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    Lamictal and second-hand pot smoke

    Hey all, this question has been on my mind for the past two years. To make it (somewhat) short and sweet, two and a half years ago I got seratonin syndrome by smoking pot and Topamax. It landed me in the hospital and it took me over a year to recover. Suffice it to say, my once appreciation for pot has died (sadly). I am now not on Topamax anymore, but I'm on Lamictal which apparently has the SAME interactions with weed that Topamax has. Because of that dreadful ordeal, I feel anxious and paranoid when I even smell pot. My question is this: is it psychosomatic that I feel weird when inhaling second hand pot fumes (meaning am i imagining that there is something wrong) or does second hand pot still have the same affects as actually taking a hit? The reason why this concerns me is that my boyfriend and room mate like to smoke, but I can't bring myself to be in the same vicinity as them. I'd like to be able to hang out with them even though I won't be smoking, but I need to know if second hand smoke (not thick second hand, but rather just a slight lingering smell) will affect me. Any advice or info?
  16. McGruff

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    ON1, I hope you have fully recovered from the serotonin toxicity The FDA approves these dangerous potions for human consumption knowing the potential consequences to the consumer. Why would anyone trust a doctor who recommends a potion that could cause harm? This stuff increases interocular pressure [damages optic nerves] causes depression, anxiety... wtf was your doctor thinking, next time your doctor tries to prescribe anything to you ask him to explain the potential side effects to you. It may be the first time he will take the time to read any of the hazards of the potions he's endorsing. Unknown drug interactions are one of the many hazards of using FDA approved medications. Consider seeing a qualified herbalist, there may be a natural remedy for you condition.

    Good luck

    Serious risks associated with TOPAMAX ® include lowered bicarbonate levels in the blood resulting in an increase in the acidity of the blood (metabolic acidosis). Symptoms could include hyperventilation (rapid, deep breathing), tiredness, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat or changes in the level of alertness. Call your doctor immediately if you get these symptoms. Your doctor may want to do simple blood tests. Chronic, untreated metabolic acidosis may increase the risk for kidney stones or bone disease.

    Like other antiepileptic drugs, TOPAMAX ® may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people, about 1 in 500. Pay attention to any changes and call your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms, especially if they are new, worse, or worry you: thoughts about suicide or dying, attempts to commit suicide, new or worse depression, new or worse anxiety, feeling agitated or restless, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, new or worse irritability, acting aggressive, being angry, or violent, acting on dangerous impulses, an extreme increase in activity and talking (mania) or other unusual changes in behavior or mood.

    Do not stop taking TOPAMAX ® without first talking to your doctor. Stopping TOPAMAX ® suddenly can cause serious problems.

    Other serious risks include decreased sweating, increased body temperature, kidney stones, sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, and increased eye pressure (glaucoma). Call your doctor immediately if you have any decrease in vision or eye pain. These problems can lead to blindness if not treated right away.

    More common side effects are tingling in arms and legs, loss of appetite, tiredness, nausea, diarrhea, taste change and weight loss.
  17. roobes

    roobes New Member

    Ho Optic nerve - i agree with the guy before. i also looked through all the documentation relating to Lamictal on the sheet they give you when you get it from the pharmacy and also from the makers website. I actually thought that the company made no mention to ALL interactions. however right at the bottom in little writing states "possible interaction with herbal products" this is such a vague statement and does not say anything regarding the severity of what is going to happen and maybe no research done on the matter which is insane since people with Bi-polar type illnesses are known to self medicate and use illegal drugs. I don't blame you for being paranoid and i don't think there is anyone who could give you a correct answer to this, again from my original post, doctors have widely different opinions and depends on where you live and whether your doc is really familiar with your condition. After my incidences i no longer except what the doc will prescribe and talk in detail re the side effects and will mention anything related to pot smoking. i did start smoking again but i just smoke those one hitters, i will never be able to smoke like i used to and i don't really enjoy it anyway, because there is always that worry that something could happen. Second hand smoke is an interesting question and in addition to the posting previous it may be worth doing some research into what the second hand smoke contains - ie how much THC is in there, what is contained in the second smoke - that could help. I am sorry you can't smoke pot anymore, its really sad when that happens. good luck!
  18. Opticnerve1

    Opticnerve1 New Member

    Hey, someone just responded to an inquiry I had on Lamictal and pot, and apparently there is a warning on the "manual" they give you that states it will interact with "herbal drugs".

    Be careful...
  19. dnanna

    dnanna New Member

    apparently, I'm bipolar! yeah...

    I miss weed too, even though I only smoked it occasionally. I don't get high AT ALL anymore because of the lamictal I was put on..(also due to a hospitalization after a laced? weed experience...they said it was a drug induced psychosis.. then 2 weeks later I was in the hospital again but not drug induced. SCARY S*IT.)
    After that visit to the mental hospital I was deemed bipolar II. Apparently, it was laying dormant and the drugs I smoked/took (all hallucinogenics) were a catalyst to the bipolar.
    Anyway, at least I can get drunk with my friends.
    But RIP getting high I guess.

    I also joined because of this thread. Lamictal seems to have really different effects for everyone. If I'm off my med for 1 or 2 days I start to feel crazy i.e. head in clouds not being able to focus/concentrate really weird shit..
    I tried to titrate down, but I started feeling like I was "cycling" i.e. mania again. I did manage to get off the anti depressant though (celexa). I just really hate the idea of being on pharm meds.
    Does anyone agree?

    I'm also jealous of my friends who can do LSD and weed and all that w/o the effects that have collectively screwed my chemistry permanently.
    (I had my fun, I suppose)

    Anyone with bipolar:
    When y'all are cycling, is it just an endless thread of answers to seemingly unrelated questions? Do you think about God and just making sense of shit that wouldn't really seem like it made sense?
    I often wonder how different people "cycle" with their "manias"
    Mine always seem to be dysphoric, hence the II classification I guess.
  20. IAm

    IAm New Member

    First time with MJ

    Guess I might be a little late replying to this, but I felt the need to do some research as I was concerned, like a lot of others it seems, whether or not Lamictal would have any weird side effects while smoking weed. By going through most of the replies here it's pretty evident that a lot of you smoke regularly, or at least used to.
    Last night on the other hand was my first night tryin' the stuff. Supposedly I got a few good hits in, but I wasn't feeling much different than I normally do, though I could obviously tell my friends were hitting their high. I thought the Lamictal played a role in maybe cutting the effect of the marijuana off, so I just went along hangin' with my friends feelin normal. About 1 hour later another buddy of mine wanted to rip the stuff, and I joined him, and took a couple more hits. As before I didn't notice anything really different and just felt normal. I take 200 mg Lamictal daily, two tablets a day, and rarely forget to take it. It's treatment for my seizure disorder, and I've been on it for a solid 2&1/2 years.
    I want to try smoking again because I've heard before that sometimes your first time you won't feel much, but after reading some of the stuff on here I feel like if the weed DID work I would go on a bad trip, or maybe have a bad seizure.
    I don't have seizures often either (particularly I've only had 1, but it was a grand mal seizure). I just want to relieve some stress and have a good time some friends, but I don't know if it's worth the risk now after seeing this stuff...I had no clue.

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