Largest amount of Marijuana ever confiscated

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by heavy_metal_smoker, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Makes sense. But still! Says it was valued at around 10,000,000 dollars :eek:
  4. troublemaker420

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    which, if you do the math, results in a price of 400 per lb....hardly what good quality bud would sell for. Thats closer to retail price for an OZ of top quality bud, not a POUND. that was most definitely Mexi brickweed they seized
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    "IF" it even makes a dent - the cycle goes like this - Price now go's UP in the area and by proportion of the new price new suppliers feel impelled to enter the market, and eventually there will be an exact match for demand. What the politicians can't seem to grasp is the there is DEMAND for marijuana and its not from addiction but from desire, for the most part. There is not a lot of demand for the hard stuff, there are addicts of course but new users/addicts are made by carelessness, first time users which is sad but still can't be called demand. Sadly its where marijuana gets the gateway drug moniker, if it wasn't for the absolute DEMAND of marijuana, the bad/hard drugs riding in on its utter success they would drastically drop imo. Marijuana strikes the best blend of effect(Deep and enjoying) and withdraws(Virtually none to mild), therefore the human species has seen to it that the drug has survived literally for 100'000's(probably millions) of years with the green thumbs of her best friend homosapien. How will you ever get rid of something Earth said should be here.
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    It may seem like a LOT to someone who doesn't smoke weed, or even someone who smokes on a regular basis. But when you think about it really it isn't, it won't have any effect on prices in the area at all.

    The only thing that'll happen is that the driver is going to owe about 10million when/if he gets out of jail,
  7. Sykes

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    fuck the police, that 25k pounds getting taken really affected lives. Over 20k stoners will be sad during the afternoon because "stock is low".
  8. ctwalrus

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    wow someone definitely got killed over that bust
    which is sad to think about but a sobering thought as well

    legalize it and take it out of the drug cartels hands!
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    that probably pissed off the cartels, they lost so much money
  10. troublemaker420

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    Sadly, ten million isn't all that much cash to the cartels. They know that they will lose a certain percentage of product at the border, and figure such loses into their overall bottom line. No seasoned drug dealer expects 100% of his product to make it across the border. The strategy tends to be to hoit the border with many shipments, knowing the majority will get through, and that some will not. A ten million dollar shipment isn't that big of a loss, if $200 million worth of drugs made it across in other vehicles or using other methods.
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    Think that's a lot? Pot Garden Found In Sequoia National Park

    They're saying that they found 36 million dollars worth of marijuana in a nevada national park and only half a mile from a tourist the hell was this not found earlier???

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