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    Well I've been doing some research and it looks like it could be very beneficial for someone on the dilution / excercising regime (as I am). Mods have occassionally recommended it in the past and it sounds pretty promising.

    An excerpt from Fooling the Bladder Cops,

    "6.6 Vitamin lecithin: A recent method that's still under development is to take vitamin lecithin. This vitamin breaks down your stored fat and disperses it into your blood stream, to help clean out drugs that store themselves in lipid tissue, such as THC. "

    Well, I just bought a bottle and was wondering if anyone else has seemed to have good luck with it? In my mind it can't work. By the way, it also seems to help with learning and memory, something us smokers could benefit a little from.
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    No idea but I'm sure the almight Mel could fill us in because he has been researching this kind of thing for years.
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    It probably works about the same as excersice. It won't hurt at all by taking it as long as you stop a few days before the test. Excersice is probably better cause it has so many benifits.
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    Lecithin (Nervous, Circulatory) is a fatlike substance called a phospholipid. It is produced daily by the liver if the diet is adequate. It is needed by every cell in the body and is a key building block of cell membranes; without it, they would harden. Lecithin protects cells from oxidation and largely comprises the protective sheaths surrounding the brain. It is composed mostly of B vitamins, phosphoric acid, choline, linoleic acid and inositol. Although it is a fatty substance, it is also a fat emulsifier. Hence, it supports the circulatory system. Its choline is useful for making acetylcholine.

    above is an excerpt about lecithin, taken from a reputable research site I use. Basically, yes, it does help to break down fat cells, and it should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Will it lead to quicker detox times? Yes, if taken over a period of time (weeks or months) coupled with exercise and a good diet. For short term results, it will not do much; remember, our body makes this already, so by taking it, we are only adding to the effect in the body (just like taking creatine, something our body naturally produces.)

    In the end, this is a good idea for someone who has a month or more to clean out, but for a quick fix, it won't help much; this goes with the idea of eating fiber, since over a period of time, fiber helps to break down lipid tissues, but at a slow rate, none of the proceeses in the body are quick and detox is never a quick and easy thing, no matter what you throw at your body to try and speed it up.

    Hope that helps.

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