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  1. secretagentman

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    I am currently studying a book called drawing on the right side of the brain. The premis of the book is that artists can switch (or always function) to a mode of thinking using primarily the right side of the brain. Because we all have right brains, the books goes on to say, all of us can be artistic and creative, we just need to learn how to switch our focus from the left to the right.
    The right brain is the artistic creative, and intutive side of the brain. The right brain is also responsible for visual processing and spatial reasoning. Wheras the left brain is more logical and deductive. The left brain is largely symbol based, making it much more difficult to do "artisitic" things with it. The left brain is also the more verbal side of the brain. Our society is left brain. Our education system puts a huge amount of effort into developing left brain skills but almost complletly ignores, and sometimes intentionaly squashes the right brain.
    The book teaches you to consciously shift your thinking from the Left to the Right. When you do this many interesting things happen, time melts away, you relate to (and see) the world as is, and stress and tension seem to melt away.
    What I have ntocied is that this shift is very similar to getting high. Although there are other aspects to the marijuana high the experience shares many similarities with the feelings of shifting to a right brain thinking style.
    Could this mean that Cannabis causes a similar congnitive switch.
    I have done the switchero into the right brain mode and smoked cannabis. That is something else. I felt like I was transparent, merely part of the landscape, and insignificant, yet important in my own way. An intense feeling of peace. A feeling of understanding everything, but not having the words or thoughts to express it, and not careing.
    The fact that cannabis inhances artistic ability has long been known. I am merely hypothesising as to WHY it does this, I believe that it enhances artistic ability because it facilitates this cognitive shift.
  2. matty86

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    That is deffinitely a really interesting theory. What is this book called? Any tips on how to make the switch? I do agree though that marijuana really does seem to give you that sense of just belonging where you are. A complete contentness I guess. You know those machines that can sense brain activity? I wonder if it's possible to use one of them to see just how marijuana affects which sides of the brain you are using. It's probably been done.

  3. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    As a predominantly right brained person .... I fond the hypothesis interesting...

    Keep up the research and let us know what you are finding ;)

    ...and have a cookie ;)

    Mama Budz
  4. HeadphoneSavior

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    The greater seventh costs much more than a pack of cigarettes.

    Very interesting. I'd like to know the name of the book, too. I'm a left sided person, very analytical and logical. The only time I get an artistic break is when I smoke. I have a profound new appreciation for most arts and higher understanding. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

    You might want to check out Mechanics of the Mind, it's usually easy to find at used book stores. Originally it was a series of lectures on BBC Radio.
  5. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    The book is
    Drawing on the right side of the brain
  6. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    If Cannabis facilitated the left to right cognitive shift, it would certainly explain many things about the high, for instance how we percieve time (or don't), how colors seem more vivid and patterns stand out. It would also explain why holding a logical train of thought can be a bit more difficult while high, the free associating nature of the right brain makes it difficult to follow a specific path of logic, making you more likely to accidentaly switch topics mid stream.
    Cannabis also has a large effect on musical perception and ability. I play the guitar, and music just seems to flow out more naturally when I'm high. Also my appreciation is much greater and I can appreciate almost (no pop) any music. If only I could get the instrumentation to actually monitor the brain and see what happens. So unfortunatly my conclusions for the moment will have to be based on subjective information.
  7. vladimir

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    tim leary wrote a book about this. he said that there are 8 brain circuits, four on each side. the first four, on the left side, deal solely with the real world, its problems, and how to survive basically. the last four, on the right side, are used to 'step out' of the real world, and be able to create your own reality. for each circuit, there is a drug that goes along with it somewhat (ie, 2nd circuit is emotions, drinking alcohol really brings that out). marijuana is the drug for the fifth circuit, so the first one that is on the right side and which is supposed to seaparate you from reality without changing it.
    and he supposedly did research that showed that when people do 'creative' drugs, their right side of the brain is much more active than usual.
  8. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    Vladimir: you wouldn't happen to know the title of this book?
  9. yuri420

    yuri420 New Member

    What's the author of The Right Side of the Brain?
  10. DiabloPotHead

    DiabloPotHead New Member

    This whole "I'm left, or right" is bull****. Your brain equalizes it, so it depends on what your interests are. It's all on preference, and that's determined by how you were raised (parents or otherwise).

    Now, they did a study on nutjobs where they cut the equalizer in half. They then showed signs of bieng left or right brained, but otherwise, you just prefer it.

    Just learned that in science class :)
  11. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    They? Who exactly are They?

    And what is a nutjob? Please be specific in your answer, you will be graded.

    Just for giggles, could you provide the ISBN of the textbook you use in your class? I'd really like to check your sources on this hypothesis.
  12. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    The book I'm reading
    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards ISBN 0-87477-087-4
    It describes there being a linkage (larger and better developed in women) between the right and left sides of the brain. They did tests with people who had actually had that linkage severed in their brain's. Theye were flashed two images simultaneously. They were asked to identify the images. However the images would be different. The logical, and verbal left brain would respond with what it had seen, a knife. But when the person was asked to reach behind a curtain and select the object that they had seen with their left hand. (brain is cross wired to body left to right right to left) they would invariable pull out a spoon (what the right brain had seen). They would pull out the spoon. And when asked what they had in their hand they would look confused and say kinfe. The reason for this being that the right brain was aware that it was holding a spoon and had seen a spoon, but because the left brain is the center of language the right brain would be unable to articulate what it saw.
    In another test split brain participants would be instucted to construct a spatial puzzle with thier right hands (left hemisphere not good at spatial reasoning) the right hand would fumble and fail. The left hand would keep trying to help and would be knocked away again and again by the right until the participant had to sit on his left hand to keep it from interfering.
    Your brain is a complex thing with very specialised areas and functions.
  13. DiabloPotHead

    DiabloPotHead New Member

    In response to Mamabudz

    "They"---> The madmen running the asylum, psychiatrists.
    Nutsjobs---> The mentally ill in the asylum

    I've got some work to do, but when I get the time, I'll post the info.
  14. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Well, with clarifications like that how can we doubt the veracity of those findings? :rolleyes:
  15. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    Does anyone ever watch "the nature of things"
    They did a special called "passion and fury the emotional brain" it was a 4 parter, but I missed the first one about love, I did however see the rest and it was pretty darn cool.

    Basically the human emotional system is compised of two parts, the limibic system whose primary organ is the amygylda, and the pre-frontal cortex. Basically the limibic system houses our more primitive survival instinctis, it is the thing that reacts to a sittuation first, but there is an interaction with the prefrontal cortex, the prefrontal cortex actually has the "last say" so to speak, but in some people the frontal cortex is under developed, these people are more likely to have anger/agression problems, phobia's, and poor impulse control. Because in a situation that trigers the primitive brain it will overwhelem the prefrontal cortex.

    The show on happiness interested me the most. There is actually an association with the primary part of the prefrontal cortex used and happiness. People who balance left of center are conisstently more happy and people right of center are less happy and more likely to be antisocial. People have a basic set point that fluctuates over day's, weeks, or even month's but it tends to average in the same area. People can "push" their brain more left (and therefore happy) through mental training such as meditation. At the end of the show, they put a monk into this realy advanced MRI machine that could actually map blood flow in the brain and had him enter a state of blissful meditation, the pre-frontal cortex lit up with so much activity that it was well over the previsouly established scale.

    Cannabis I think does a similar thing, I think however it is important to still train, because smoking pot to make you happy is the same thing as taking happy pills, IT is makeing you happy, so you develop no copeing mechanisms or abilities to make YOURSELF happy.
    Granted I love pot, but I think it should be used responsibily and not as a mood enhancer, and people should learn how to control their negative emotions.
  16. munky135

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    just as a random interjection: carl sagan had a theory that marijuana doesn't stimulate the right-brain, but reduces activity in the left-brain; thus leading you to use almost only the right-brain. he said that like 20 years ago, so it could be complete crap, but i just read it in a book and figure it somewhat applies to this discussion.
  17. smoking_guru

    smoking_guru Member

    I think marijuana might actually accelerate your brain activity. That might explain why time goes slower, no? You think faster, without evern knowing it, so time moves slower. When I'm high, many logical and creative things make more sence, from science to art. I can explore new ways of thinking about everything, in depth, rather then skimming over the surface of thoughts like I normally would.

    Also, marijuana might connect both sides of your briain better, to your body, and to the world around you. Your reflexes are heightend, for sure, but in a subconsious way. Like you catch something thrown at you, but you didnt see it coming. Or you catch something falling, your hand just shoots out and grabs it, without you telling your hand to do it, your subconsious mind dose.

    Another thing, your brain takes up the most energy, more then any other organ in your body. This could explain "munchies" and why you get very hungry when your high. With your brain working much faster, and time going slower, you need more energy inside you.

    I speak from personal experience, I don't have any scientific evidence to prove any of this, just opinions.
  18. booooooobs

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    yo man i feel like i need to ask you if you just found god as i recently have been touched by god (i know it sounds bogus man but you really had to be there to understand) but i just recently got off of 2 minor consumption charges and am just got back to getting happy since october but every time i get happy now i have just been drawing for the first time (since 5th grade) and my shits tight and i cant even draw that well, you know what i mean? i have kept a journal of all my epiphanies (ive never kept a journal in my life) and theories and there's been some very interesting connections and this is all happening when im sober too, i had precognition... i randomly thought of a scene to a movie which caused me to conduct an experiment and enlightened me at 2:07 and the second portion of the experiment happened at 5:55 and i turned the t.v. on and the very scene i had thought of earlier was on the screne that's not the strangest part...I was also doing my Psychology homework and the next problem i had to work on had precognition in it and that's when i was weirded out if you guys wanna hear some of my ieas let me know because it is exactly like he said UNEXPLAINABLE and I HAVE BEEN so care free about insignificant problems in my life and so happy about everything else... I will most def read that book DAVE

    If anyone else feels me please hit me up at evnicholls@yahoo.com

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