Leg Hair drug test

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by pleasehelpmyass, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. pleasehelpmyass

    pleasehelpmyass New Member

    any solutions to help get my leg hair clean i know thats where theyre taking it from my legs
  2. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Weight, height?
    How much have you been using? Since when? When was the last time you smoked?
    When is the test?

    Sorry.... But we need some information.
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  3. pleasehelpmyass

    pleasehelpmyass New Member

    5'10 like 230lbs used to smoke about 3-4 times a week at night for about 9-10 monthso about a blunt between 2 people. stopped 2 weeks ago and i will be tested about early to mid december im assuming? If i wash my legs with clorox will that help anything, it may sound stupid but i really am deperate cause if i fail this than my life is basically over and im only 21 lol. PLEASE HELP MY ASS!!!
  4. Invaded Privacy

    Invaded Privacy New Member

    Nah man, not over.

    How do you know it will be leg hair, and not arm pit? Some people shave their legs. I understand some places just do body hair, although I don't get why, but does it HAVE to be legs?
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  5. pleasehelpmyass

    pleasehelpmyass New Member

    cause ive never heard of them taking it from anywhere else. I shave my pits on the regular anyway. If i shave them and it grows back in time will that hair be pure or still contaminated???
  6. Invaded Privacy

    Invaded Privacy New Member

    They may just go for legs with guys because it's easy. I imagine they would take arm, & arm pit just the same. But I have no idea where you're going, it sounds different than most pre-employ tests.

    If you have enough time to grow a decent amount of pit hair back, if it was me, I would let it grow and then treat it a little bit. I wouldnt just count on it being clean after 2 weeks. Although this is the conventional wisdom, and I want to believe it's true, I don't think it is known for a FACT. So..if it was me, I would treat a bit.

    Treating leg hair sounds difficult, although I've heard of people doing it. But I think a better scenario is the pits, with shaved legs. If you think you can get away with that, I have no idea.

    Sec has told us a million times that head hair is the #1 preferred sample location. Second to legs, arms, pits.

    So I'm not sure why your place is different. Although if I remember correctly, Jerry knew of a place around him that only did body hair as well.
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  7. pleasehelpmyass

    pleasehelpmyass New Member

    yea i shaved it yesterday it should deff grow back by the test. What kind of treatments do you suggest??
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    none. If you quit smoking 2 weeks ago, then you will be fine. No more THC will be deposited in your hair after 2+ weeks.

    By mid-December you should be peaches. ;)
  9. Invaded Privacy

    Invaded Privacy New Member

    Wow, Sec.

    While I really like hearing this, I'm pretty sure I've seen examples on this board of this not being the case for people. Perhaps it's just the differences in hair growth times. I'd have to dig up threads..they're certainly 2 or so years old. If I remember correctly.
  10. pleasehelpmyass

    pleasehelpmyass New Member

    thank you but should i bleach my leg and arm hair?
  11. Invaded Privacy

    Invaded Privacy New Member

    I don't know. But if you do, CVS or another store like that should have developer that is safe for your body. I believe it specifies body hair.

    Try to do a search, I'm just bringing this up from my memory of threads on here. Someone mentioned they found something 'body safe', it may have been a bleach box, or developer. Maybe call the beauty supply store first.

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