Legal Herbs?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by SteadSoldier13, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. SteadSoldier13

    SteadSoldier13 New Member

    Hey, I'm a young guy and new to the site, it is a kick ass-site though, and I was wondering what is up with legal herbs. I searched all over the site looking for what makes marijuana a legal herb, couldn't find anything out. Does it has something to do with the state or county you live in? I been smoking herb for a while now on the lowest level of the food pyramid, (the consumer) and every time one of my friends gets caught with herb he is thrown in jail for awhile and assigned work crew. As far as I knew, all herb was ILLEGAL. So, my question is, what makes legal herbs legal? I've never heard of a legal herb until this site. Why are they legal? Is it even marijuana, or a replicate? And if it is a replicate, does legal herb of the same quality as illegal herb get you just as high? Please post your responses, I desperately need info on this matter?
  2. titty

    titty New Member

    As I understand it "legal herbs" are just a bunch of herbs that look like marijuana but have no THC in them, so they are legal

    K0TT0NM0UTHK!NG New Member

    They dont get you high, thats basically why they are legal.
  4. j20

    j20 New Member

    What is "Legal Bud"?

    I was clicking around on Monster Smoke Shop and I saw - What exactly is legal bud and why is it legal? :confused:

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  5. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

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  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    "Legal Herbs" are legal because they contain no illegal substances. They might have some mild psychoactive effects but they are nothing like marijuana.
  7. SteadSoldier13

    SteadSoldier13 New Member

    Alright, thanks for the advice. I though legal herb was strong so I assumed it still had THC in it, thus it should be illegal. Never knew people would start selling bud without the main ingredient, damn.
  8. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    legal herbs are blends that look and sometimes taste like marijuana

    as far as getting you high i dont know if they do or not

    but ther is absolutly no marijuana in them thats what makes them legal
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  9. Dont SNITCH!

    Dont SNITCH! Banned

    its bud that is sooo shitty. ssoooo bad, that its legal!
  10. 420godfather

    420godfather Sr. Member

    ...if by , "bud" , you mean marijuana , you're wrong. They are legal because they don't contain any illegal substance. Hell , I've had bud that was shitty and bad , but it was still illegal! ;)
  11. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    This is why we need to find better sponsors. Sponsors that want weed to be legal. If weed is legal, no one would buy their shitty fake grass and they'd be out of business unless they started selling real weed like every other person in the country would start doing...

    Anyways "legal herb" is fake stuff and not weed at all. the ywill say it gets you high because they'll say anything to make money.
  12. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Please show us where they say it will get you high?

    Legal Bud Combo Deals - Herbal Smoke Shop

    Go ahead, I'll wait. :)

    I can understand if somebody is naive enough to think the herbs are a substitute for (and has the same effects as) cannabis, that they would get their panties in a bunch and bad mouth the company. I personally would be very quiet from embarrassment myself. :rolleyes:

    If you use the herbs for other reasons than "gee, I'd like to get high without breaking the law...I know! I'll buy these legal buds and catch a buzz just like smoking weed!", for instance to help quit smoking cigs, then amazingly....They aren't such a "rip off".

    Smoking herbs has been around for thousands of years, just as smoking cannabis has.

    Interestingly, Erowid has a write up about Wild Dagga (an herb sold by our sponsor) that shows there are effects to some herbs. Whether that effect is a mood enhancer or aphrodisiac or whatever.

    Bottom line is the legal herbs aren't the same as cannabis. But that doesn't make them useless, either. :shrug:
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  13. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    Ok plains, you've successfully defended them. Yet you and I both know their main goal is to trick kids that read High Times into thinking they can buy weed out of the magazine. Kids have no idea they'd be better off smoking lawn clippings from their front lawn instead of that "herb" that god knows what kinda of chemicals and other addictive shit has been sprayed on them to get you to come back for more, just like cigarettes.

    and yes wild dagga and drinks like yerba mate do work well yet they're nowhere near to cannabis and my MAIN point was that these companies do not wish to further the legalization movement. If weed is legal who would buy their product? Nobody.
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  14. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Not only do I not presume to claim any understanding on what you know, I don't claim to have any insight on what their "main goal" is. I would hazard a guess that making a profit is in the top 5, though. ;)

    If I were running this particular business that advertises with us, I would have different advertising for different demographics. At a potsite it would be different than say at a stop smoking cigs site where I would advertise it as a substitute for tobacco. An organic site, the natural aspects and history of herbs...Haven't really obsessed enough about it to check out their advertising elsewhere, so can't say for sure this is what they do though. :shrug:
    If only we had advertisers lined up so we could pick and choose those that fit "our" thinking/opinions. If that were the case I would have nothing but legalization and medicinal coop advertisers.

    Money is needed to pay for the site to be up and running. This particular company is willing to exchange money for advertising their wares. Seems to me they are supporting legalization right there. :shrug:
    They are helping to make possible a venue for individuals (whether it is here,, high times or where ever) to interact with other individuals concerning cannabis, the war on drugs, etc.

    I understand you disagree. :)

    Again, I wouldn't presume to speak for everybody that smokes herbs. I bet there are folks that do it for other reasons than to try to get "high". Just as there are cannabis smokers that don't smoke cannabis for the "high".

    Big world out there. Lots of unique individuals. :chokin:
  15. ArTee63

    ArTee63 New Member

    I have to shamefully admit I have tried this. The curiosity was too much so I purchased some. The product I bought (Hawaiian Gold Bud) kind of looked like marijuana. It most certainly did NOT smell or taste like it. Needles to say, it didn't do for my head what I wanted it to.

    Bottom line, while it might LOOK like some tasty bud, it most definatly is not anywhere close to the real thing.
  16. milkykitty07

    milkykitty07 New Member

    Legal Bud, Has Anyone Tried It?

    Hi, I recently ordered some Hawaiin Bud from an online smoke shop,, I was wondering has anyone tried this stuff before? Does it really work? Do you get high? Thanks for any response.
  17. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    It's not Marijuana. Legal bud is... Legal bud.

    If it was like Marijuana, do you think any of us would be risking our lively hoods and lives for Marijuana when there was a perfectly legal alternative?

    Yes, it gets you high. No it's not like marijuana.
  18. SquaLLio

    SquaLLio New Member

    Legal Buds?

    I'm just curious if anybody has picked this up from local smoke shops or ordered some online? If so what did you guys think?
    A buddy of mine from back home said he ordered some and was amazed with the results. So I decided to drop a few bucks and give it a try.
    I do have to say that I am impressed myself. I also ordered this stuff called Salvia Divinorum. That stuff is an absolute trip. I've never tripped that hard in my life. It was sorta exciting...haha...was needing something to spice the day up.
    It's crazy to me considering all this stuff is completely legal. Just some herbs mixed up to create different effects. It's pretty cool.
    If you haven't tried this stuff and are interested. Check this site out, they are very professional and I received my order insanely quick. They also have alot of other interesting exotic stuff on the site. Lemme know what you guys think.

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  19. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    Yeah, it sounds good.. but it's not weed. I haven't personally tried any, but I've done some reading online, and read that they were shit. To me they seem overpriced and like a total rip off :shrug:.
  20. milkykitty07

    milkykitty07 New Member

    Me too soldier

    I just bought some online myself still waiting arrival. I just want some legit testimonials from ppl who've actually tried legal herb. I'll let u know how it goes when I try mine.​

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