Legal Herbs?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by SteadSoldier13, Sep 21, 2007.

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    The Places and People forum really isn't the place for this. Please give some consideration to proper forum selection for you posts.
    Don't be afraid to use the search feature, comes in pretty handy at times. There's a thread going in Glossary of Terms forum about legal buds. There's plenty of info in there about them, merging threads ;)
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    thank you all i wes going buy some of that shit-------guess ill do wirthout
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    actually herbal smokes are blends comprised of many commonly smoked herbs such as wild dagga, kava kava, Damiana which all are referred to as mild cannabis to answer your question yes they will get u high and some blends contain salvia extracts which in fact get u very high...its not marijuana but it'll make your head feel silly ;)
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    So will sniffing glue. I'd just like to warn people that just because something is legal doesn't mean its safe to ingest.
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    True, but unlike sniffing glue, these herbs will "make your head feel silly" without causing nerve and organ damage. These herbs are perfectly safe, if only minimally effective compared to marijuana (with the exception of Salvia, which will tear you a new third eye if used properly). As I've said before, I encourage anyone interested in these legal herbs to look up the ingredients on Erowid, then ordering everything individually from a botanical supplier like Bouncing Bear Botanicals. You'll get a better quality product for MUCH cheaper that way.
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    Do any legal buds really work?????

    Greetings all, I just joined the Forum as I have a UA next week followed by random UA's(killer job). In a nutshell I will be quitting.:mad::mad::mad::mad: I wonder if any of these so called "alternatives" actually do anything. They sure look good, but I don't buy it. I know they don't have the active ingredient I seek. I did try some Saliva Divornium(sp) a few years back and that got me a little wacked out. Just looking for some alternatives. Thanks for any and all info. What a bummer my introduction and my quitting all at the same time.

    My bad, should have posted this in the 420 lounge/Tank. I read lots of other posts and it is as I feared!! I guess I will order some Saliva Div and see how it goes. Killer Site!!! Sorry to step on toes!
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    chingas....maybe this will be of service to you......

    From the Posting Guidelines......

    We're really not supposed to say because we try to keep the topic on marijuana. So called "Legal Buds" fall under the category of "off topics" and shall be moved to the Tank probably........Sorry....

    Some Where In Ded Land.....................;)
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    ded is right, offtopics shouldn't be discussed.
    I'll merge you with the more extensive Legal herbs thread though. Please read through this, and the posting guidelines :)
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    Just read this post. ive seen the ads in mags on online too. was like wow thats cool but then thought about it for a second. This cant be real. on some of these posts people were like how can they sell this fake weed. Well becouse real weed is illegial and theres a market for immatation weed. You can't blame the people selling legal herbs. and yes they do claim its legit and legal. Also a fool and his money are soon parted. As for some claming that It gets them High thats great. Probley mosty in your head but hey what ever gets you off. I most worried about people buying this and trying to resell it as real smoke to people then getting them self in real trouble. If I was sold fake buds no mater how good they looked I would be getting more than my money back. And hey a sponser is a sponser. This sight promotes the good herb but it cant be run on happy thoughts alone. Is there a sight that sells legal crack? if not theres another great idear for yall.
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    legal bud

    Has anyone ever tried the legal buds that are advertised on this site and elsewhere? Do they get you high or are they mind altering in any way? Is it bull**it or what?
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    Is this actually weed?

    I was on legalbuds and they have really good shit on there to buy, but they claim it's 100% legal and for Jamaican Gold it's only $46.99 for an ounce.

    How can it be legal? How can it get delivered to your house? And how is it so cheap?!
  15. watchyoursix

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    Easy, its not marijuana.
    Its just other plant buds compressed together to look like bud, smoking it probably does nothing.
  16. LiVeRpOoLFTW

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    ITS A TYPE OF CABBAGE i saw a website rip-off .com or sumthing was very fake
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    Legal Bud?

    Does legal bud give you that nice high illegal bud gives you, or is it some cheap ass scam to get people to think it's as good as the real stuff?
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    if these legat "buds" are junk why does this site promote and advertise for the companies that sell that garbage?
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    Legal buds just play off their product to consumers who may be in urgent need of something to smoke or people who are just getting into smoking. I have never tried legal herbs but I highly doubt they get you high such as marijuana does considering these plants ARE legal and not intended to replace the high off weed.
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    I know these have been discussed here before but I'll give SWIM 's experience with them.

    SWIM tried Salvia 15x a few years back. It will NOT get you high! It will make you TRIP they said! SWIM did't know about lesser concentrations or pure leaf but 15x made SWIM flip into another reality. Again, it was not a high and it's is nothing to mess around with if you aren't prepared they told me.

    Recently (when what SWIM preferred wasn't available for a short period of time) SWIM purchased 40 HBWR seeds, 16 p*ppy pds and some krtatom, 20x powder.

    SWIM really has get the correct HBWR cleaning and intake method down cause SWIM VIOLENTLY vomited their guts out that night. The trip was there but the sickness accompanied overwhelmed it they said.

    Ppy pd or opm tea is relaxing but SWIM thinks it made them mostly semi nauteous. All SWIM did that day was lay in their LuvSac (big ass bean bag) and close their eyes on and off throughout the day. Not mainly because of the nauseousness but it didnt help they said.

    SWIM had an ex friend try the Kratom first. He said it was like a clear invigoration high that made you want to be active. He was also a coke head so SWIM likens it somewhat to his drug of choice. SWIM really couldn't give me a good report of their experience, it wasnt very notable they told me. Again, SWIM assumes they need to get the delivery process correct.

    SWIM just purchased a SSV so it might be interesting for them to purchase some Kratom resin and try that. ;)

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