Legal Issues Of Growing Cannabis For Medical Dispensaries And Patients, Help!

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Silverbackman, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Silverbackman

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    Doesn't irony have a cruel twist to things. ;) :p So swim's mom has now pleaded with me to find her all the legal information regarding growing and selling cannabis to medical dispensaries..... 100% LEGALLY. This is very ironic because she always tortures me with her reefer madness views on pot whenever she sees me smoking, and how bad and how much of a poison it is, LOL! Funny how now she sees it as the best opportunity to get our family out of debt and pay for our college and medical expenses. I guess even though she won't admit it verbally, she has seen me smoke all these years and noticed how benign it is, so I guess it's an ego issue that she won't verbally say how safe pot is. Or maybe she has some inkling trust in government even though the facts don't support them....well she is somewhat of a catholic fundamentalist after all, lol.

    Anyways.....swim has a 50 acre plot and mom wants to grow some on it in order to sell to dispenaries for a much reasonable price than what is found now a days. So I need to know every know-how about it. So of course I'm going to print a copy of prop 215, and obviously one of swims should get a medical card/renew it. What else should I have just in case?

    Obviously we need a good lawyer just in case, right? I mean yeah Obama said he would stop raids against marijuana clinics....and yet if you guys remember a few days later a clinic in san francisco was raided (yes I'm from nor cal). So how can we really trust what Obama says, when he didn't come out against those raids and punish them or whatever? Obama seems all talk, especially when it comes to the medical cannabis movement but whatever.

    The thing is, we want to grow outdoors. We have the perfect land and climate for that and it's the natural the to do so. In fact I think mom would consider growing only if them swims do it outdoors. But the problem with that....a problem probably only found in the US and a few other conservative that the DEA and other law enforcement normally patrol from the skies for outdoor marijuana growing, right? I suppose we can use some shade but we really want to use sunlight to grow. In that way we don't have to have high electrical costs too....which also attracts pesky cops. So what should I do....oh I should point out that the land I am talking about has a lot of trees and cover. So would growing in the trees be helpful or basically eliminate the peeping toms of the DEA?

    Also, how easy or difficult is it to sell to dispensaries now a days? As long as you have all the licences and such, they will usually pay for a certain quantity right? After all the cannabis industry seems to be booming business now. And of course there is craigslist for individual patients. Not sure whether Ebay allows selling medical cannabis, probably not....even if they live close by.

    Thanks to all in advance who read and give advice.

    [Admin note: It doesn't matter how valient the cause, growing is growing and selling is dealing. Both topics are not allowed here. Your best bet is to go to the GardensCure and ask your questions. - sec]
  2. $moKeDanK

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    first of all, dispensaries tend to not buy outdoor grown weed. they do in some but a friend of mine sells pounds to clubs all the time and every single one he has been to does not except ANY outdoor grown weed. if you grow outdoors, tell them its indoors. i know people who do this succesfully all the time.

    completely legit and legal grow ops are still being raided in california, attract as little attention to your grow as you can.

    good luck
  3. Mikeebud

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    High electrical costs are irrelevant what you have 50 acres to produce marijuana, It's counting your pennies when you got a million bucks.
  4. $moKeDanK

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    very easy way to go to jail for years. keep it legal. nothing more then the limit.

    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    Well, growing outside in the open might not be completely safe, I would reccomend building a greenhouse of some sort. It would provide good cover and would also help provide better conditions for the plant to grow in..
    (sorry if that last part breaks the rules a bit, mods, if i got over the line then tell me so i can edit it.)
  6. Buzzby

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    It is 100% illegal in California to grow bulk quantities of marijuana for sale to dispensaries. The dispensaries are legal. Large-scale grows are not.

    California law provides for caregivers who grow pot for registered clients. It does not provide for farmers who sell to the caregivers.
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  7. Silverbackman

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    But what if you have a medical license already? I know there is a plant limit in each county, so I'm assuming that if say the person has a medical cannabis card they can grow up to 100 plants (depending on county) and share/sell those with other patients and dispensaries. Wouldn't that be legal, as long as you do not go over the limit?

    That's a good idea, I wonder how much money a greenhouse would cost to make. Will it really provide enough shade for the peeping helicopter toms of the DEA and other pesky law enforcement? Will the screens on the roof and walls shield what is going on inside while still providing enough sunlight?

    Thanks for these heads up. If swim decides to grow in a greenhouse....well that's at least somewhat indoors if they really like that. So do you know how much in demand medical cannabis is for clinics and dispensaries? Are there enough grow-ops now that the demand is less....or is the demand more, especially since many grow-ops have been raided?

    What are some ways to attract as little attention as possible to grow-ops?
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    This topic should be continued in the GardensCure. Growing isn't a topic that is discussed on this website, neither is dealing.

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