Legal Weed In Washington State Will Cost $12 A Gram - $336 an OZ

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by ScrogBetty, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. ScrogBetty

    ScrogBetty Admin Staff Member

    Dang -- That seems kind of pricey... I guess not though, I just checkedWeedMaps Strain Exchange and the average going rate per Gram looks to be about $15 per + ... So I guess its a deal, what do I know- I grow my own.:D

  2. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    At hose prices the continue criminal involvement in marijuana is assured,,the feds have won that round,,legalization did not stop the black market,,it leaves too muxh profit margin for a plant you can grow outdoors for $40 or less a lb.

    The only way to remove a competitor is to under price them,,any other method will only underwrite the continued cartels profits.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I'm not concerned about the per gram cost. That's always ridiculously high. I've never bought anything less than an ounce, which usually cuts the per gram price in half. If the state stores sell an ounce for $170, they should be able to undercut the black market.
  4. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    $170 an ounce would reduce a local growers profit margin of appx 2300 a pound,,if he sells it as ozs and appx $1000 if he sells qtr lbs,,,they will have to turn it for under $100 an ounce if they want to remove the majority of entrepreneurs.

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