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  1. SmokinSomSourDiesel

    SmokinSomSourDiesel New Member

    This is a question for anyone, do yall think Virginia will legalize Marijuana by 2012? I've read on other sights that you can get medicinal Marijuana, but there are no dispensaries, well, at least none that I have heard of......
  2. superman420

    superman420 New Member


    Here are the laws for Virginia regarding MJ.
    No mention of Medical MJ on this website.
  3. TheGood

    TheGood New Member

    i live in virginia and i highly doubt it will the cops around here are fucking gay. Where in virginia do you live?
  4. superman420

    superman420 New Member

    It has nothing to do with the cops. The cops don't make the laws. Its the state legislature that will legalize it.
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  5. SmokinSomSourDiesel

    SmokinSomSourDiesel New Member

    I live in Glen Allen, near Richmond
  6. TheGood

    TheGood New Member

    I live in richmond
  7. TheGood

    TheGood New Member

    I know i was just saying haha.
  8. VApot

    VApot New Member

    I live in Chesapeake (hampton roads) not a lot of cops around here, and theres not alot of crime in the first place so any drug you want to do you can basically do if you can control yourself and not make someone call the cops.

    My sister lives in richmond, she got pulled over for DUI, but she also got a posession charge.
  9. TheGood

    TheGood New Member

    About 7 of my friends just got charged with possesion in richmond recently. They were asking for it though smoking at night near a high school.. sometimes i wonder why i hangout with them.
  10. HellbillyPothead

    HellbillyPothead New Member

    Hey VAPot - I'm in Chesapeake too! Don't you remember a couple of years ago the cop that was killed during an illegal raid because a police informant stole plants from Ryan Frederick? That was in Chesapeake! Cops around here are not the friendliest when it comes to MJ! I got a littering ticket one night for throwing a cigarette out my car window when exiting my neighborhood. When I went to court there were probably about 25-30 cases for the same officer which started with some stupid ticket reason for them to be pulled over, then the cop searched the cars and wound up with about 75% of them having possession charges!

    There is a state congressman who has been trying to decriminalize mj in VA but I can't remember his name right now. He always gets blasted by the religious right though and it can never make it out of committee.
  11. andrewc

    andrewc New Member

    Medical marijuana is legal for cancer and glaucoma, but dispensaries can't advertise and you just normally get it from any pharmacy. It is little known and has been legal here since '79. I'd love to get pot at CVS! And no, I doubt VA will legalize before CA.
  12. Moneymaker

    Moneymaker New Member

    i honestly hate living in VA because they will never legalize MJ. Honestly i dont ever see it happening. And the cops where i live are assholes too. They have nothing better to do than bust kids for any and everything.
  13. superman420

    superman420 New Member

    No, they are only busting you for doing things that are against the law.
    Have they arrested you for buying a Big Mac or getting a Slurpie at the 7/11?
  14. Sierra Twist 11

    Sierra Twist 11 Active Member

    It's extremely unlikely. Our state cannot even get decriminalization, so legalizing marijuana would have a very tough time getting passed. Plus, crackdown wise, Virginia is one of the worst states to live in for us ganjah lovers. :(
  15. Fkn.Lv.Hemp

    Fkn.Lv.Hemp New Member

    I live in VA too! I am on probation as we speak. So lets do something about it!!!

    If you are serious about getting marijuana legalized, then we have to try and make a change to our federal laws. There will be a protest on 4/20/2012 in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial.. PLEASE ATTEND. We need your voice! If you're serious about making a change then do so. If you have a facebook there is a page for the event:

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    Also I want to mention the well known activist Arlene Williams aka "Ganja Granny" will be attending this event. Her website "" has been mentioned and shared on this forum several times.

    [​IMG]Time to make a change.
  16. superman420

    superman420 New Member

    You'll be dust in the wind by the time MJ is legalized in VA.
  17. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    from everything i have read and researched, the southern states are the least friendly to cannabis.

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