Let's wipe the slate

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    Now stop. Rewind the clock.
    There's too much heat in the boiling pot.
    Took too much time. Used too much lime.
    All too sour this woman and whine.

    Pour some sugar on me,
    Don't be bitter, better be sweet.
    All this cooking causing too much hate.
    Let's wipe the slate, it's time to bake.

    Bake us a cake and ice it nicely,
    Sprinkled with goodness and dusted lightly.
    Knock us up some cookies and pack 'em with punch.
    Send us on a journey with scrumptious munch.
    Take us on a trip without leaving our front room.
    Never leave the sofa yet roam on the moon.

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays.
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    Volatile compound

    Back up fool,
    I'm a volatile compound,
    Best don't be around,
    When I count down.

    You shouldn't race up in my face,
    Now it's time for you to be erased.
    I give chase with a lethal spray,
    But it didn't have to be this way.

    No longer flying, just skipping round the floor,
    So I spray you a little more.
    You should have followed when I led to the door,
    Instead of fighting your incessant war.

    Time to die, die!
    Little fly, little fly,
    Time to die little fly,
    Die little fly.

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Stompin' Speedball

    You make my heart bounce,
    Like a speed ball,
    When you whizz me-
    Around on the dance floor.

    My pulse races, at mighty paces,
    To the rhythm of the beats and the basses.
    You set my mind on fire, a real live wire
    And my words stream like a river,
    Of ever flowing prose, and on and on it goes.

    I feel the power,
    Of boosted confidence,
    My subconscious,
    Bombarded with compliments.

    I can do anything with you by my side.
    And there's nothing that I'll ever need to hide.
    You set my mind on fire, you real live wire,
    And I feel myself delivered,
    From each of all my woes,
    And on and on and on it goes,
    And so the feeling grows and grows.

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Through the Haze

    Early morning
    Through the haze
    I can see it's gonna be
    One of those days

    Though the sun shines
    Mind's a maze
    And I feel I'm running
    Slightly out of phase

    Full concentration
    Just to breathe
    Every little motion takes
    Another hefty heave

    Get a move on
    Time to leave
    Timing is essential with
    It's intricate weave

    The day ahead of me
    Seems a chore
    Just get done with one thing when
    Appears one more

    Endless corridors
    Open doors
    Each just like the next and
    The one before

    Time flies by
    Days roll to one
    Dream your life away wishing the
    Week was done

    It's the weekend
    Time for fun
    Alas it ain't long enough and thus
    Begins another one

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Close your eyes, slip inside,
    Miracles you'll find, rolling round your mind.

    Find the darkness, and shine your light.
    Equilibrium, feels just right.

    Feel the stillness in your motion,
    A silent explosion,
    Feel the highways of your body,
    Pulsing with life.

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Jigger01642 New Member

    Soul Funked Up

    We are soul Funked up.

    You and me we're, funky souls.
    We're on a roll, our ritual unfolds.
    Time's right now, right here my friend.
    We've done it before and we'll do it again.

    Soul Funked up can't get enough,
    Really should stop, but top me up.
    Slower and faster, try to stick withem.
    Who is the master, who's glued to the rhythm.

    We are soul Funked up.

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Amazing Mayonnaise Maze

    Pulsing beat enducing trance
    Stomping feet can't help but dance
    Catch her with a sideways glance
    There's always room for some romance

    In amazing mayonnaise maze

    Cyclic motion semi robotic
    Feeling almost supersonic
    Blended like a gin n tonic
    The moving groove of electronic

    In amazing mayonnaise maze

    A structured sound a solid base
    To send you into outer space
    You're looking for the greatest place
    It's the puzzle on your plate

    The amazing mayonnaise maze

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Trippin Onna Riddim

    Gaze into space
    While you're throwing shapes
    Like the coloured light
    From a prism

    Bouncin off the walls
    Like the echoes of your voice
    When you know you're
    Trippin onna riddim

    Driftin away from
    The worries of the day
    When you're locked in
    Psychedelic trance

    Feelin the vibe
    Of the hyped up tribe
    As you lose yourself
    In the music

    Ridin the wave
    Like the old skool rave
    Feel the power
    Embrace it and use it

    Coming soon Years of Thursdays
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    Stick Our Skins Together

    Cause I want you
    And I need you
    Every night
    In my dreams I

    Roll you all around
    And lick you up and down
    Set your soul on fire
    With a burning desire

    Let's stick our skins together
    And drift into the sky
    Let's dream this dream forever
    Forever side by side

    Cause I smell you
    And I breathe you
    In the air that's
    Surrounding me yeah

    There's ignition
    You're my mission
    Always hoping
    And wishing

    We can stick our skins together
    And drift into the sky
    Dream this dream forever
    Forever side by side

    It's the things she cooks
    On the covers of books
    Yeah the things she makes
    But it's me who's baked

    Let's stick our skins together

    It's the colour of her eyes
    When they're red not white
    The inner workings of the universe
    By dawn's first light

    Let's drift into the sky

    There will be a revival
    Cause I'm one of the survivors
    But I think I'll need a fiver
    To get by.

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