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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by stoop14, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. stoop14

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    Hi guys, new here and need some help. Here's the situation...

    My Boss is offering a group life insurance policy to all the employees at my company as a benefit... I found this out on the last day of September. I haven't smoked since. All that is said and done, I am scheduled to have a blood and UA test for the life insurance underwriting in 3 weeks from my last hit.

    After doing a little research on the UA they do for life insurance testing, I found that they may or may not test for THC as it depends on the life insurance company.. (they test for other crap in your pee... cocaine & nicotine, etc etc)However to be safe, I just quit cold turkey since the news. (THC here only, nothing else).

    A little about myself, I'm 5'9, 23 years old, lean build, and fluctuate weight alot between 142-146lbs on a weekly basis (I believe I have somewhat a high metabolism). I eat pretty healthy and aside from what I've read from this forum I do drink a ton of water on a normal basis already.

    My habits.... I smoke about an 1/8 of high end kush through a small pipe which would last me about 10-12 days for the stash... been a daily kush smoker ever since graduating college still taking the hits after work and weekends as well. (SoCal bud!!)

    So my question is this... aside from exercising (I used to be a distance and track runner so I can easily toss on some shoes and run a mile no problem everyday from here on out) and other methods I've read on this forum.... assuming that they MAY test for THC.... is 3 weeks good enough? I have the option to reschedule the appointment with the paramedical as well and can possibly push it another week back... making it maybe 4 weeks... but for now its scheduled in 3 weeks.

    I know these questions have probably been asked a million times here..but I figured since this is a UA for a life insurance test it could be a little differnt than a "full on drug test" but any insights, thoughts, experiences, tips or comments are much appreciated. Thanks. :)

    Btw...Here is a hyperlink to a site that kinda shows what they test for in a UA life insurance test. Urinalysis Results

    Also... the guy handling the life insurance thing for my work specifically told us not to eat anything the night before the test 6PM...and to take the test in the morning ... and told everyone to drink a shit ton of water water water water and water the night before...
  2. Peepseo

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    You may be okay with low body fat and high metabolism in 3 weeks. Im heavier so if it were me I would use a detox kit just to make sure. Others can offer their opinion, but I like to play it safe. Who knows. As you said they may not even test for it. ;)

  3. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    NEVER give urine sample to an insurance company. Whether its for medical insurance or life insurance. ALWAYS sub with synthetic urine for these tests.
  4. stoop14

    stoop14 New Member

    Well... on this drug testing site i read online it said.... "Labs know what the temperature of a fresh urine sample should be and they also know that a sample should have blood particles in it of the blood type of the person being tested; so it is riskier to try and evade the urinalysis test by using a urine substitution."

    So how would substitution work if they already have my blood sample?? Kinda fishy maybe ... lol ?
  5. Raja Gaj

    Raja Gaj New Member


    I'm going through the same thing right now (see my post about the teststik/3).

    However, in my situation, I am pursuing my policy through the same carrier (totally voluntary) which i have my auto and homeowners policies through. I self tested after 21 days and came up negative (tested at noon being somewhat diluted w/ water and coffee) and tested the next day using 1st void and was positive. I called and rescheduled because ironically, I came down with the flu and you are not supposed to give a blood/urine sample for insurance purposes when you are sick. So i bought myself about another 2 weeks. Double bonus.

    A friend of mine has a cousin who is an insurance agent and she confirmed that they WILL test for THC as well as other drugs. Not sure if this is the same for all insurance carriers though.

    By the time i take my test i will have abstained for 40 days so I'm hoping i'm good. If I am still testing hot, I plan to dillute. I don't think they will be as stringent on the urine being diluted as they would for a pre-employment drug screen. Remember, they are testing for health related illnesses primarily.

    I would not substitute since they will also be going through your medical records, and if anything doesn't jive, I'm thinking you'd have bigger problems than just taking the higher premium for being a stoner.

    Just my $.02.
  6. Tiki420

    Tiki420 New Member

    I got a home test kit from Walgreens for $16 plus tax. You can test yourself at home, and even mail it into a lab anonymously to have them test it - already included in the price.
  7. stoop14

    stoop14 New Member

    Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it. LOL, how ironic, funny thing is, I'm a health insurance agent myself (my job), but my company is breaking into the life insurance shindig... and low and behold we get life insurance policies for free..... but yeah, I think i may push it back another week to 4 weeks to be safe .... and dillute alot. I don't want my boss to be like "wtf why is his premium so expensive?" ... I think I will spend the 16 bucks for my home test. :D
  8. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    The main reason you do not want to use your own urine is because they are looking for pre-existing conditions. They find something and they don't have to cover you for that. You get stuck with the bill. Why have insurance if they aren't going to cover you?
  9. danyboy

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    Well 3 weeks may be enough to clean your system out and test clean. But to be sure use a home drug test kit you can find at walgreens or CVS just to be sure. Remember use the first piss of the day. There are things you can do to help rid the body of thc if being tested regular like eating a high fiber diet, taking a fiber addative such as metamucial( makes the matabolites cling to the fiber and send it out the back door). Taking vitamin b-12 ( no not niacin but b-12) helps add creatine to the body if you must dilute. There are many factors in doing things to help prepare for a random test. If you need further help check out this site Pass Your Drug Test - Pass a Drug Test Guaranteed! . I used there information to pass my drug test. I was skeptical at first but checked myself with a home drug test after using there system and passed with no problem.

    [Mod note: Danyboy, while we have loosened up a bit on the linking of commercial sites in your posts, you ahve posted this site in three of your 6 posts. That frenquency of linking a commercial site can be seen as spamming. If "pass Your Drug Test dot com" wants to purchase an ad, then they are free to do so, however; you don't need to give them free advertising compliments of Any additional links after this note is posted will be seen as spamming and you will receive an infraction. - sec]
  10. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member seem to be avoiding my questions. I have asked you in 2 other threads with NO response. It seems as though you must be a sales rep for the company you list promoting the website since you don't want to share the so call "formula" you claim to cause a person to pass a DT right after using. Again....inquiring minds want to know. Do you really want to help a fellow smoker or do you want a sale on the site?
  11. danyboy

    danyboy New Member

    I dont work for them but part of the deal was if I passed to make some good post. I have to respect that but I can tell you these guys are good and can help you pass. I passed noproblem with drugtestfriend give them a try.

    ......If you need further help check out this site.....
    ......Testing positive has a lot of different factors, from the amount of consumption , potency of the marijuana to hight and weight....
    .....they have a live person to speak with and a free consultaion. You might want to give them a call.....
  12. lew scannon

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    But the number is not toll-free. Why waste the time and money calling a non toll-free number to gather the same drug testing information that can be gathered online for free?

    And why waste $30 on a book containing the same drug testing information that can be found online for free? :rolleyes:
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