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Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Knuxx, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Knuxx

    Knuxx New Member

    So, im growing a single plant. The lights I have are a 15 watt curly flourescent bulb and a 40 watt tube flourescent bulb. is this enough light? Noob question I know but, feedback is appreciated
  2. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    The 15 watt CFL (Curly Fluorescent Light) sounds good, but that 40 watt sounds suspiciously like a 48" T12 bulb.
    No matter, for a single plant a tube fluorescent only gets the 10-20 watts over the plant used. The rest is too far away to the side.

    Most department store light bulb sections will have 13 watt flood lights with a CFL inside, three of these in a circle around the plant will kick hard for the first month. Five would grow even faster. No shadows with a light circle, way better than single light overhead, its only noon for an hour, then the sun is from the sides.

    Get the plant growing well before getting the bud lights, this experience will help you choose from all the conflicting information out there concerning budding.

    Right now you just need 50 to 100 watts of CFL with REFLECTORS and the plant will grow, more is better with CFL, that much we all agree on. I like a different color, but since it all works, go with what you like from here.
  3. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    What ever lights you decide to use, be sure that they are in the (red / far red & blue) of the natural light spectrum, cannabis grows best with in vegg. & flower in the red/blue of the light spectrum.

    And as it was already said above, the more light you give to the plant, the faster it will grow.


  4. Vivtingg

    Vivtingg New Member

    Stoney, The frequencies leading to red and blue light are at opposite sides of the visible light spectrum. Red light is 4x10^14hz and violet light is 8x10^14hz. All the other colours of the rainbow are in between those frequencies.

    Cannabis prefers light with high frequency and low wavelength - at the violet end of the spectrum. If you use a light far-red/infra-red, the cannabis will concentrate its growth on the stem. This will result in the long spindly type of plant you'd often find in a dark room.
  5. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    I have based my information on 6 years of growing some very fine buds, and the reading of a few very reputable grow books, by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal

    As well as input from quite a few experienced growers of cannabis.

    Where did you get your information from ? was it from a reputable book or an experienced cannabis author ?

    I guess I should have said that cannabis grows best with a even combination of light in the red & blue of the natural light spectrum.


  6. Faultline

    Faultline New Member

    It's quite surprising how well the curly florescent tubes do work. Get the highest wattage bulb you can get. Get a bulb that claims to be color balanced close to daylight.

    A real advantage to florescent lights is that they are reletivity cool, so you can move the light very close to the plant without causing damage. Keep the light as close to the plant as you can.
  7. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    Got the popcorn, munch munch.

    Before I got my test room going I once destroyed 24 adult plants. What brings this up is the method of death.

    I was of the opinion then that higher frequencies would make higher pot. I filled the budroom with 3600 watts of 404 nm violet light and 400 watts CMH. The CMH could not make up the difference and the entire crop curled up and died. That is when I built the test room.

    The ancient greeks were wrong, hard thinking and logic by themselves do not supply all the answers, reality sometimes turns left when our thinking is going straight.

    I claim to use different colors than others in my veg, this is only partly true, I use red and blue same as everybody, just different ratio's corresponding with different intensities. Cosmetic for the most part, I like how the plants look with my lights.
    The lizard lights may put me in the minority, but maybe not, they're getting fairly common anymore.
  8. craygirls

    craygirls New Member

    can you show the plants pictures to us? 15 watt curly flourescent bulb and a 40 watt tube flourescent bulb.what's the main colours for your pants growth? cause i think RED 660,630NM Promotes Vegtables/ leafs GrowthThis range includes violet, blue, and green bands. Peak absorption by chlorophyll occurs, and a strong influence on photosynthesis. red must is main colour,about 80% thanks!

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