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    ok. i made this lightbulb "vaporizer" and i did the salt thing to get the white stuff out of it. but not all of it came out, and i tried a lot. so its not going to come out with the salt. i also tried scraping it out with a piece of paper towel attached to a paperclip. some came out but not all.
    Now, most of it is out. But there is still some left in there about half way up the bulb. If i "vape" through this, am i gonna die. or is that white stuff not gonna do anything. dying isn't really on the top of list of things to do so....go

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    I think youd be fine, but why risk it? Try a different 3 dollar light bulb and get all the white stuff out.
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    I'm pretty sure it's just talc or something to keep the intensity of the light down so it's not hella bright when you turn it on. try putting some over saturated salt water in there or just hot water and shake it up vigerously. Should be okay. :)

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    Right you are.
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    thanks you guys. and sorry for putting it in the wrong place.

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