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  1. FlavNuke

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    I am thinking about setting up a grow room and I have some questions about lighting. What are the best lights to use? Will I see a huge increase on my electric bill? What sort of equipment will I need? Or is it better just to come up with a natural lighting solution?
  2. RollerGurl

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    There is really a whole science when it comes to lighting and growing. Depending on the lighting you need for your space, you will probably see a pretty steep rise on your utility bill. Whenever possible you want to use natural light as much as possible as to not draw a lot of attention to yourself.
  3. WildDrifter

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    If you want a real bushy growth at a rapid pace, then I would go with a 5-7K blue light. If you want a general plant bulb than I would go with a 1000 watt 4K neutral metal halide bulb. Your best bet is to do some searching on Google and that will give you a pretty good idea of what you need.
  4. HankMoody

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    This is a really hard one to comment on since there are so many ways to go depending on your situation. I think WildDrifter gave you some good advice, especially about doing your homework on Google. The more you read up on lighting the more you will be able to put together the perfect system for your setup.
  5. iGanja

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    It all depends on how many plants you plan on growing if its just 1 or 2 I would make a cfl fixture myself anything bigger than 4 you'll want a hps most likely but as far as I know cfls and LEDs keep your utilities down the most.

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