Liquid for a hookah

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by ShishaMan, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ShishaMan

    ShishaMan New Member

    I've smoked a couple times through the bad boys, but I was wondering if you could put a liquid other than water in there for, say, a specific taste? I know alcohol would absorb THC, so that's out of the question obviously. What do you guys think might give a hinting, good taste, or if it would matter at all with a different liquid?
  2. robinsmv

    robinsmv New Member

    i know people who have used fruit juices in thier hookahs to either enhance the flavor (like smoking apple through applejuice) or add a nice little hint of grape or orange. you could also try wines, they dont have that much alcohol. something ive done in the past is crush up altoids and put them in the water to add a cool mint flavor.
  3. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    It is like a bong....juices, gatorade, beer, etc. will suffice. Don't be stupid and use something like milk though or soda. It does not effect the taste that much but enough to recognize a difference.
  4. ShishaMan

    ShishaMan New Member

    Alright, thanks. That mint idea actually seems pretty cool...probably gonna try that later.
  5. SimpleGreen

    SimpleGreen **********

    Mint Listerine + Water. ;)

    (Preferably the kind without alcohol I guess, but I don't notice a difference either way)
  6. I love hookah

    I love hookah New Member

    well just from my expierience its fun to put alchy in the vase like vodka or jager, but thats only when i use actually shisha not bud. The alchy though with a tobacco bowl does get you intoxicated though
  7. I have heard of flavored water being used (not yet done it myself). My friend says it is great.

    I personally enjoy the taste of weed, and I do not really see a need to go out of my way to make it taste different when it already has a good taste.

    Dont get me wrong, I like experimenting with new things, (Flavored rolling papers/blunt wraps, flavored strains etc) but I cant see myself using anything other than water, and maybe a few ice cubes in a bong.

    I would try flavored waters, or vitamin waters. Gatorade, may be something if you really want it to taste different!!!;)
  8. Illumination

    Illumination New Member

    I've never smoked weed with a hookah, but I've smoked from one many times with friends and the best liquid I've tried in one is Sprite. The lime/lemon flavor was very subtle, but you could feel a little bit of the carbonation in your mouth.
  9. Propisition215

    Propisition215 New Member

    Stick to the basics, Water or Juice. Adding an Extract or Oil is o/k, but it depends on which one.

    The best though is putting ice cold water and smoking the largest bowl you can, but thats just me. I love weed, and I don't really like all the sparkles and flashing lights or The wierd flavors.

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