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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Buds_Of_Steele, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Buds_Of_Steele

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    could you condense vapor from a vaporizor into a liquid?

    or would the THC go stale?
  2. 5drive

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    You always get some vapor condensation on a cooler surface. It's not just THC though, and it's not liquid. It's a gooey oil. It's the natural by-product of vaporization. What you're talking about doing wouldn't be practical, even if it's possible. Oil yes, liquid no.
  3. FunkySkunky

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    There are threads on here about harvesting very good hash oils from vaporizer whips. I think Troublemaker42 made a good thread or post... somewhere around here....


    You can make oils this wayy... Some take keif and put it in a very small amount of 99 alcohol. Try to dissolve it all and then let the alcohol evaporate or boil it off very carefully with ventilation.
  4. ReXBudMan

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    becuase of this thread i took apart my tubing from my vape just now. Iv noticed the residue buildup over time, its pretty used but fresh oil. I ran a ciggarette through it soaking that residue to the paper on the outside, then smoked the ciggi.

    Worked quite well, quite quite................................. well...
  5. Big Nate

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    I know it makes an oily sticky substance, but i've never tried getting high off of it. I can't imagine how terrible it must taste.
  6. Kushy

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    Actually, wandhash and vapor residue is very tasty IMO and has a pleasant smell. On the other hand, smoking pipes and bongs used in combustion smell like an asshole. Have you ever smelled a bong before? Horrible. Vapor whips and hoses however, have a pleasant incense/popcorn/pot smell to it and when you vape/smoke it, it's much more pleasant than smoking pipe resin (nasty)
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