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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by abelincon, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. abelincon

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    The other day I bought a vial of liquid THC from this guy I met at the bus stop. It's in this little plastic cup like you get from mcdonalds and its all clear like water and it doesn't smell like weed at all it doesnt really smell like anything. And dude told me that you are supposed to sprinkle it on some weed and let it dry out so that it crystalizes and coats the weed and you get super fucking wasted. So I did that and we got really baked and I had another great idea what if I just smoked that shit straight. But the problem is there isnt a way to get the flame onto the liquid thc in the cup and create smoke without melting the cup. So we were like fuck it and we got some paper towels and poured the liquid thc on there and rolled it up like a joint. But the problem there is that cuz it was all wet it didnt stick straight out like a joint it fucking sagged down and half of the paper fell off into the dirt. Plus that thing was wet as hell and I almost burnt my whole moustache off trying to get the thing lit. Is there an easier way to smoke a liquid or do you need to have like a bunsen burner and shit like they use at school? How can you take liquid thc straight to the dome??
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    i've been smoking pot for 40 years or more,,,,and NEVER even heard of liquid thc... how much did you pay for it? sounds to me like a scam,,,,,
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    THC to my knowledge is not stable in pure liquid form it crystallizes to quickly. You can of course extract pure THC using solvents such as butane, hexane, or any alcohol. That's what high grade honey oil and budder are: 90%+ THC.

    Your probably thinking of Hash Oil but that really isn't pure THC.There is also green dragon but that isn't clear so that wouldn't be it. You probably got scammed hard and the guy walked away laughing his ass off. Live and learn.
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  5. kushman80

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    You can smoke it through an oil dome, its an attachment for the bong. When I made BHO I smeared it on blunt wraps and joint papers and rolled like usual.
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    Ouch... Sounds like a fast way to make money at bus stops =D
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    i dont think it was a scam just because i saw a documentry on weed um i dont remeber the name but bassically in one part she like injected pure thc in her body and i am assuming it was liqud.. i could be wrong though..
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    I think your thinking of the documentary "Should I Smoke Dope?" by BBC, and I'm sure that's not what this guy has, even if you made or created liquid THC it would not be completely pure, sounds like you got ripped if you thought u got higher just by soaking your weed with what sounds like water your just fooling yourself :rofl:
  9. RollingGreens

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    yess thats the one im talking about.. where she travells through like amsterdam and tries all kinds of budd..
  10. Love4TheNugg

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    You for sure got ripped off. Liquid THC is one thing, you buying it off some dude at a bus-stop is another.

    He sold you water.
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  12. Brad420

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    How are you supposed to sprinkle a liquid? Is that even possible?

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