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  1. joniluvsu

    joniluvsu New Member

    Can anyone out there tell me how to liquify marijuana so that it can go through a feeding tube? Any help is appreciated.
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  2. High Mom

    High Mom New Member

    Get a coffee grinder and grind it to a powder, then whisk it with a blender into a liquid of choice. Or, look in the cooking section for cannamilk.

    You ARE doing this with consent, aren't you?
  3. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

  4. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    you want to make some "budder". This is a simple thing to do: 1) get any quality cannabis, 2) then mix with
  5. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Budder isnt liquid.

    Sure its runny at warmer temperatures, but it wont 'flow' through a tube.

    The closest thing to liquified marijuana would be hash oil.

    Still, very viscous.
  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    You can extract the active cannabinoids from marijuana with whole milk, 1/2 & 1/2, or cream. Look in the culinary section for instructions.
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  7. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    Research Bhang preparation. Its tradition in India. It is a milk based preparation.

  8. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Have you considered a really potent tincture. The amount of alcohol per dose is minute and it would go in a feeding tube.

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