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  1. klepto

    klepto Sr. Member

    anyone with a Palahniuk boner doesn't know what they're talking about :D
  2. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    I like Dan Browns books. Some don't call him a quality author, but he keeps me entertained nonetheless.

    I've been reading a bit of Noam Chomsky lately, he's a very intellignet and insightful individual. I enjoy his works, especially as a logical liberal. I'm also reading a book that combines all of Che Guevara's diary entries into a generalized story. It's tough to explain, but the author basically took all of the important, relevant diaries and put it into one book. Very interesting actually.
  3. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    I'm 56 and read 3-4 books a week and have done so as long as I can remember.
    It might be better if you were to ask to list writers we enjoy instead of book titles.
    That way you can check more than one book by a writer and get a better idea of what he's like.
    Some of the writers I like have also writted books I wouldn't line a bird cage with.
  4. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I'm 53 and like Buzzby and quester I have read all my life. Some weeks 6 or 7 a week. I can't imagine a life without reading material.........;) There are quite a few here who I consider well read......

    I know there are some who can list them in short order, but I'm not one of them.........

    Some Where In Ded Land..................
  5. Frostb1te

    Frostb1te New Member

    To Kill a Mocking Bird, Z for Zacharia, all the harry potters, to kill a mocking bird, Night, The outsiders, Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacturer 7th edition, and more
  6. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Stephen King:
    The Shining

    Of Mice and Men
    Fight Club (awesome book and movie)

    a fuck load of other ones, just cant remember :bong2:
  7. Gonzo

    Gonzo Sr. Member

    The Brothers Kamarazov
    The Shining
    To Kill a Mocking Bird
    House of the Scorpion
    The Kite Runner
    Scarlet Letter
    Interview With a Vampire
    The Things they Carry
    The Cobra Event
    Jurassic Park
    The Lost World
    Andromeda Strain
    The Stranger
    The Great Gatsby
    The Catcher in the Rye
    The Pearl
    Lord of the Flies
    Into the Wild
    The Hobbit
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Count of Monte Cristo

    Fuck I never realized how many books I have read. This is just the list of the books that came to mind, I have read a lot more books but I can't think of them from the top of my head right now. Some of those books I had to read for school like the Shakespear books but who doesn't.
  8. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I'm 53, and like others have read too many to list. I am currently reading
    Benjamin Franklin First American, and would recommend it to anyone. Fascinating guy and fascinating time in our history.
  9. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    I've read How to be Invisible ( JJ Luna freakin sweet) 48 Laws of Power 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction (all Robert Greene), The Art of War (Sun Tzu) Rich Dad Poor Dad (Kiyosaki), The Millionaire Next Door (Thomas Stanley, William Danko) all of these are very practical self help books no nonsense and sometimes amoral
  10. el zorro

    el zorro New Member

    I just finished reading Story of your life and others by Ted Chiang. Good sci fi.
  11. Little Mary Jane

    Little Mary Jane Sr. Member

    Most recently finished Sula by Toni Morrison. Picked it out of my to-read list kind of randomly and loved it.
  12. ericbearclaw

    ericbearclaw New Member

    house of leaves - mark z danielewski
    snow crash - neil stephenson
    a small death in lisbon - robert wilson
    harry potter
  13. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    There are way too many to put on here but I'll list some of my favorites (in no particular order):

    Fight Club
    Le Petit Prince
    A Tale of Two Cities
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Harry Potter Series
    Confederacy of Dunces
    Farenheit 451
    Lord of the Flies
    Pride and Prejudice
    Wuthering Heights
    Fox in Socks
    The Hero with a Thousand Faces

    These are just the ones I can find on my bookshelf and I'm sure there are much more.
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  14. RagTagMopTop

    RagTagMopTop New Member

    great list, dude.
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  15. muttdawg509

    muttdawg509 New Member

    I'm almost 31, I have been reading frequently since I was a small child.......I can't possibly name all the books I have read, HOWEVER, I really enjoy true crime books, serial killers, the mafia (I'm somewhat of a mafia history buff) gangs (just getting into bikers right now, just read the Sonny Barger autobiography)
  16. MattyBlunts117

    MattyBlunts117 Sr. Member

    if you count when i was younger and school:

    some goosebumps
    most of the animorphs
    first 4 of harry potter
    most of matt christophers sports books
    the giver
    big shot, city streets
    durango street
    a christmas carol
    the giver
    scarlet letter
    scarlet pimpernel
    julius caesar
    wuthering heights
    the jungle
    autobiography of malcolm x
    tale of two cities
    the great gatsby
    animal farm
    lord of the flies
    romeo and juliet
    of mice and men
    the old man and the sea
    grapes of wrath

    there are more but this is what i can remember for now, ill add more as i remember them haha
  17. Riccardus1516

    Riccardus1516 New Member

    Well here are a lot, but not all...

    Gulliver's Travels
    Catcher in the Rye
    Lord of the Flies
    The Great Gatsby
    Ethan Frome
    The Brothers Karamazov
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    The Call of the Wild
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Young Goodman Brown
    The Crucible
    Henderson the Rain King
    The Fountainhead
    Around the World in 80 Days
    Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass

    Harry Potter series
    Dune (and the 5 following books)
    Ender's Game (and the 7 following books)
    Series of Unfortunate Events
    Dark Tower series
    loads on Stephen King (inc: Salems Lot, The Stand, It, Needful Things, Different Seasons...)
    House of Leaves
    The Third Policeman
    Angels and Demons/Da Vinci Code
    a handful of Michael Crichton (inc: Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Timeline...)
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and all the sequels)

    And a lot more that I don't immediately remember!
  18. emilyblunt

    emilyblunt Member

    The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood
    The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
    Veronica Decides to Die - Paulo Coelho
    The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
    Le Horla - Guy de Maupassant (short story)
    Masque of the Red Death - Edgar Allan Poe (short story)
    11 Minutes - Paulo Coelho
    Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
    The Music of Erich Zann - HP Lovecraft

    These are the books I love to read over and over and over again.
    Out of all the avante-garde ghost writers, I love HP Lovecraft the most. I even inked myself with the necronomicon symbol. I love reading books!
  19. 420purplemoon

    420purplemoon New Member

    Man, I read a lot of books, but I'll list some of my favorites:
    True Notebooks by Mark Salzman
    The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfs
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Ralph Steadman
    Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
    Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis
    The Endless Summer Roger Irvine

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