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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by reboot18, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. reboot18

    reboot18 New Member

    6-8 weeks without smoking.

    That is a fact. alterations and dilution is nothing other than a false hope that gets you fired or puts you in rehab for a year.

    Dont listen to the people who claim anything else works.,

    The reason why the people who fail dont post on this form is because they HAVE FAILED!!

    If yau want to pass 6-8 weeks is the rule.!

  2. residual

    residual New Member

    dilution is a prooven method if done correctly and the average user is completely clean between 3-30 days.
  3. reboot18

    reboot18 New Member

    30 days maybe if you drink no alcohol, exercise exhaustively daily and take no drugs that slow liver functions (liptor, crestor etc...)
  4. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Remember, there is always substitution

    Subbing has always worked for me ("several" years and counting), and had worked for countless others. Theres no better feeling in the world like toasting a tater on the drive to the "drop site", walking through the door with a nice stony buzz and a shid-eating grin to boot, submit the clean sample in total confidence, and walk out the door to go toast another one in celebration for the drive home (or to the job). Ahhh, life is still good. :D

    Have a nice day

    Substitution is the only solution to the pollution
    :bong2: ::bounce:: :munchies:
  5. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Good Advice

    Thank Goodness You're Here, And Now We Will All Stop Smoking Today, for Employment 2 Months Down The Road!
    You Are Right! Stay Clean 8 weeks.
  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Depending on how much THC metabolite you have in your system it can take between 0 and 105 days to get clean. The only way to tell is to test yourself. Using dilution techniques shortens that time considerably.

    Dilution techniques work just fine for most people. It sounds like you had a bad experience. Do you care to share it with us?

    We have people posting both positive and negative results. When dilution fails there are always good reasons.
  7. reboot18

    reboot18 New Member

    Sure, I will share my experience,

    I am (was) a daily smoker for 25 years before having to piss test.

    Staying clean for 45 days and still tested positive.

    Alterations resulted in gluton levels showing alteration. Which would have failed.

    I have to take yearly drug test and go for 8 miserable weeks before I have two clean lines on the strip.

    Water only slightly alters results (you might gain about a week but then Vit B to turn pee yellow and caritene is out of acceptable range)

    I have been there, so don’t discount my advice. I am only trying to help others.

    Sorry for the misspelled words but I think you get the message
  8. reboot18

    reboot18 New Member

    Don’t bother with the urinator thing, its unreliable and obvious to the nosey crotch nurse. Wires fall off and batteries fail

    I have once tried a flawless device that will freak you out.

    Its a stainless cylinder that you insert in your rectum (laxative first, then a lot of lube). It hurts for the first few minutes then you get used to it.

    a small tube runs out and you tuck between your legs.

    Open small valve when its time to piss and its perfect temp and quality. What a pain in the ass! But it works!
  9. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Sorry you are one of the few people that did not have any luck with it, if you did the dillution method did you follow the guidlines to the T? I have used it many many times and have always passed, with even doing a couple of onehits up to the night before the test and still passed.[ that is with the sonne's #7 though along with the dillution method and without] Sorry to hear about your bad experience
  10. fortee5acp

    fortee5acp New Member

    I also don't agree with you reboot. I tested clean on a home test after 15 days of abstaining and the pink line was good and dark. I just took another test for employment after being smoke free for 26 days and am 98% sure I passed. However I have taken three tests while being a chronic user in the past 3 years. In 2002 I was clean three days and used a detox drink the required water and several aspirin to pass. In 2003 The same method and last years was probably the best: I had a call for a interview on a monday, interviewed on wenesday and was told I would have to take a test on saturday morning, seeing as I had an 1/8th left at home which I wasn't about to throw out and knew I would smoke if it was around I rolled it all into three j's and smoked them all wed night. I then started taking aspirin 4 at a time with three glasses of water 4 times a day leading up to the test. Used black magic detox liquid with the required amount of water and passed at 10 am saturday morning and they used one of those cups that has the results on the side. 2 minutes after I handed the cup to the nurse I heard it get dumped and flushed so I have to say I am living proof that you can pass without being clean 6-8 weeks. And also I would not put anything up my a** to sub I think a condom tucked up tight under the old scrotum would be a lot easier and more comfortable.
  11. reboot18

    reboot18 New Member

    serious business

    I am not trying to conclude that some techniques described on this forum do not work for some people!

    However they do not work for all the people all the time. Or even most of the people some of the time.

    But lets face it, There is a lot a stake when faced with a piss test….losing your job, your family and your home. I make my contributions to NORML to help get these ridiculous laws changes …as I hope you do as well. Bush go to hell!

    I have had friends who have read these posts and think following instructions will guarantee a negative result. Then live care free until the dooms day of a failed drug test.

    Drug testing in the work place is serious business and fooling the piss police who make a living trying to catch someone who enjoys smoking a joint on there own time there business.

    This is a great forum of information…. Just make sure you read and come to you own conclusions on the best way to protect yourself!
  12. Bx4Lyfe_2005

    Bx4Lyfe_2005 Well-Known Member

    Reboot, your post are canceling each other out. Because logically NO test is 100%, and conversely, none of the methods are 100%.

    The methods, whichever one you choose to use are really just a guideline. Some can fail, and will...Under the right circumstances...the same as for passing. Dilution can fail if not done exactly or if you have a condition that will alter the test. Subsitution can fail of you are noticed pulling out a Urinator...Or even if you happe to be in thr presence of a sharped eyed penis

    Even abstaing isn't foolproof. Some people can't do they go back to smoking, and get caught.

    Your best best, Reboot is to get a "snapshot" of YOUR metabolistic rate. Buy some home tests, and pay for at least 2 lab test (gc/ms)...use 1 lab test test first, with no dilution and after a regular session. Then over course of sveral days over time, use your home test to see where you stand. When you get below the !0ng level, then get another lab test. You will then have a good rough idea it will take for you to "get clean" subtract at least 1 day for every two when you use the N2 method and Preload your Creatrine & Salt levels. Also subtract 1 day for every 3 days you work out 3 days or more for over an hour.

    You get the general idea, its a pain in the ass for sure... but the relief you'll feel knowing that you have full information how to be the crappy
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Hmm. That's the opposite of what you said here:


    Most definitely not true. You are generalizing from your own bad experience. We are looking at the results of hundreds of people's experiences.

    No one has claimed that dilution works for everyone in every situation. You can have too much THC metabolite in your system or you can screw up the technique. If your friends thought they were getting a guarantee they're the victims of their own wishful thinking, not the technique.
  14. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Sorry but I have a oneway asshole and it is exit only. :eek: that is why I use the Quick Fix when I have to
  15. ShoreThing2005

    ShoreThing2005 New Member

    Hawg, you are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!! I am glad I am a woman and can use another area that is entrance and exit to keep temp!!!!!!!! LOL :)
  16. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    :rofl2: You lucky dog you.......... :D I have always said a woman is sitting on a gold mine ;) .........And Congrats again
  17. OntheWagon

    OntheWagon New Member

    It's highly highly highly individual.

    I may be takin' a shot in the dark here, but I don't think so.

    Metabolizing THC metabolites (gettin' clean) is a function the body performs. The metabolites reside in fat tissue, right? All the water/fluids/flushing in the world ain't gonna help yer body burn fat faster (unless ya got lotsa time).

    Is it that difficult for folks to accept that this whole deal is highly individual?
    It's possible for some folks to get clean in weeks while it takes others months.

    Just because one individual cannot get clean in 2-3 weeks doesn't mean others can't.

    If yer clean, you can probably toke a doober and then be clean in 3-5 (notice the variance here) days. The person who comes clean in 3 days will most likely be able to clean up from chronic and / or regular use WEEKS faster than the individual who takes 5 days after smoking the joint clean.

    It is important to REMEMBER that if this ultimate question ("... how long does it take?") is so hard to answer because it's DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE!!!. This goes for both those asking as well as those offering answers.

    Reboot's (and others') attitude is subjective and only reflects Reboot's experience and individual body-size, body-fat %, and individual metabolism. I'd be curious to know, by the way, what Reboots numbers are concerning these factors.

    If one chooses to take the time to test clean sans dilution method and sans subbing, then one needs to brush up a bit on physiology, and (more importantly) one's own metabolism ALONG with ways to boost it!
    Hint: it can't be done in 10 days.

    Just a thought.
  18. suzy

    suzy New Member

    i still have many questions on following the dilution method to the T, i think they are posted under my thread "suzy needs help" and still haven't gotten all the answers that i was seeking. so if someone could read the questions i posted it would help me greatly. doing a trial run on the dilution method here shortly. just taking my daily dose of creation right now. i will start the trial run after i get all of the laundry together and started.
    i am starting to freak out so bad i can hardly stand it! and substitution is not an option, i found out that you are watched while in there, that and i have no one that is clean that will give me their urine, and i have no more money to spend on other things. so the dilution along with the total eclipse will have to do. today on the trial run i am not using the total eclipse, saving that for the real test. but , i will test myself before i go in and take the real test after drinking the TE tomorrow. unless i am "sick" and have to put it off for a couple more days............
  19. ShoreThing2005

    ShoreThing2005 New Member

    and substitution is not an option, i found out that you are watched while in there, that and i have no one that is clean that will give me their urine,

    Suzy, I thought you said that your boyfriend can give you a sample. Do you know from someone that works there that you are gonna be watched? The overwhelming majority of the time (as people have posted), you are not observed. Read the DOT website guidelines. It states that non-supervision is the preferred method unless it is a re-take. I know you are scared, we all were or are. Just try and stay calm and know that we are all here to help you. I know EXACTLY how you feel! :) The anxiety is something I don't ever want to experience again.Let us know how you made out and let me know if I can help you further.

  20. suzy

    suzy New Member

    well, then i thought about and remembered that he smoked a couple weeks ago, and i don't want to chance it. BUT............. i did a dummy run with diluting today, and it was NEGITIVE!!!! you don't even KNOW how much better i feel!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! thank you to EVERYONE on this board who has put up with all of my nervousness, and given me ideas and reassured my worries. now, i really don't think that i will go and test tomorrow just bc i have class from 10-12:20, and then a test in a class at 4. i just can't keep drinking and going potty all day with that going on. so i am gonna call in sick on tuesday, and do the test then. THANX SO MUCH TO EVERYONE! OMG I FEEL AS A HUGE WEIGHT HAS BEEN LIFTED OFF OF ME!!!!! and you aren't kidding about the anxiety, it has NOT been worth it by any means! UGH! LOL i am thinking i am gonna abstain for quite some time. good thing i am out right now. i won't have the temptation! i will post the real results on the result thread when i find out, thanx again to everyone!! grillmeats, shorething, hawg, and N2 : )
    yes, i did find out that they do observe. i feel so confident with the results of the diluting that i am not gonna join the sub club at this time.......

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