Lithium and Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by MJane, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. MJane

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    Question for Mamabudz

    I noticed your thread below re: the adverse effects of wellbutrin and marijuana. In that same vein, do you have any information on the possible, if any, hazards of taking lithium and marijuana? Thanks so much!!! :wave:
  2. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Marijuana and Lithium:

    Marijuana used with lithium may:

    1. increase apathy, drowsiness, and sluggishness,
    2. accentuate lithium-induced tremor, and
    3. may increase risk of psychotic behavior

    Number 3 seems to be what to be of the greatest concern to us but on reading more it is never clear what psychologist and psychiatrists mean by "psychotic behavior". In fact psychiatric symptoms reported as "psychotic" in common use suffer from a lack of uniformity. Overwhelmingly definitions point to behavior that is unnacceptable socially which is a matter open to wide discussion. After all, to many, smoking weed is an unnacceptable socila behavior. Is it htne by definition a psychotic act?

    Numbers 1 and 2 are actual physical responses to the medication Lithium and should be taken into account.

    Be careful...toke responsibly.

    By the way, bi-polars are quite sensitive to SAD (seasonal effective disorder) and this is the time of year for many in the bi-polar community to swing into a depressive mode as the days shorten. Just being aware that your body is responding to a the change in the seasons can be helpful to know at this time of year...

    ... Have a cookie ;)
  3. MJane

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    Your knowledge is appreciated mama....and I'll take you up on that cookie offer. :D

    Again, thank you!!!!
  4. sarahmax79

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    Seasonal Affective Disorder is coming to light as another new disease, for which ther is a medical treatment; I for one am darned tired of having every human emotion, feeling, sensation and reaction relegated to a medical condition for which there is a pill.
    Granted there are sick people among us; Doctors, Big Pharmas and little corner pharmacies all prey on us as do the big chain stores. As a quick item, did you know that Shopper's Drugs was (is) owned by a big tobacco company? Can't remember the name but will look it up and post.
    Not every human reaction to the changing world around us requires a pill. Most drugs prescribed by doctors are untested and untried, despite the published studies that back them up. The words that accompany the prescriptions are buffed up to make them sound officially important, but when they are filtered for actual knowledge that might advise a patient as to the efficacy of that drug, nothing is really of more imoortance than the smallest of small print, the side- effects! READ THOSE WITH CARE. They are more important than the often negligible preferred effects, which may be absent.
  5. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Re: SAD

    An excellent treatment for SAD is light (& moderate exercise) ... not a pill but actual "lights"...

    Grow lights used for indoor horticulture ~ or as they are described in the War on Drugs "as used in marijuana laboratories"~ work wonderfully well :D

    ...just a thought to have with your cookies today ;)


    Mama Budz
  6. sarahmax79

    sarahmax79 New Member

    Re: Re: SAD

    Good thought, and a natural adjunct to positive thinking. Yes, I have read that sun lamps do more for SAD than other treatments, and that's good news. I object to the proliferation of harsh chemical treatments for natural human reactions to a world that is overcrowded, polluted, wasteful and misguided by corporations that insist on selling everything to everybody. More attention to the things God already gave us might make a lot of difference.
    Come to think of it, I don't know any horticulturists who suffer from much; maybe they get a little sleepy at odd hours, but that's not an illness...
  7. ~T.H.C~

    ~T.H.C~ New Member

    why has no one told me about his?
  8. mindshadow12

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    I take Lithium and smoke weed.
    It seems to be pretty safe to me, however I've noticed that I don't need to smoke as much to get high, and when I do get high, it seems to be a much more intense high than I experienced before. I seem to feel really dizzy whenever I do it, and like I said, I feel a much more intense high. I have only been on Lithium for a short amount of time however, and dizziness is one of the initial side effects.
    But to me, it seems like a good combination
  9. Jewellee

    Jewellee New Member

    I have been taking Lithium, Abilify and Medical Marijuana for over 4 years and when I stopped smoking weed is when I had a manic episode and that happened in 2008.
    I have not had any side effects I find that it helps my anxiety immediately and allows me to feel more comfortable in public places. It certainly help my depression alot by not letting me feel too low and rather giving me euphoric feelings. When my mind races and I smoke it slows the pace down. I usually have mild visual hallucinations which are less noticeable when I smoke. Wikipedia has some good information on Cannabinoids effects on those with Bipolar Disorder.

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