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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Mr_fuzz1012, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Mr_fuzz1012

    Mr_fuzz1012 New Member

    Hi guys im new to the forums. ok well i am trying to get clean as soon as i can so i can get a job and start toking again :) i am 6'1, 240 pounds, im 17 and pretty big. i dont think my metabolism is very great and ive been smoking for about 8 months now. during the summer i smoked almost every day and since school started ive been smoking almost every weekend and sometimes on the week days but never more than once on week days. i stopped smoking last sunday meaning i smoked saturday. so i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice about how long it may take me to get clean. im not sure exactly what to classify my self as to what kind of smoker i am (light, moderate, heavy) so i was wondering if you guys did. also i am trying niacin because i have heard it works and heard it doesnt so i am experimenting myself. my plan is to take 500 mgs in the morning and 500 at night for 5 days straight and drinking nothing but water. im going to test myself once these 5 days are over. so i would like to get anyones input on my situation and what you guys think about niacin as well. thanks guys. :newbie: lol
  2. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Niacin = MYTH

    Niacin is a myth. It does nothing to help pass a U/A.

    People who've taken niacin and later passed a U/A wrongly credit the niacin when the real hero was the copius amounts of water they drank with the niacin, which only served to dilute the concentration of THC metabolites in their bladder so the screen registered a negative. Its all about the water.

    Also, taking too much niacin can have serious health consequences..
    Overdoing Niacin Can't Thwart Drug Abuse Tests and Is Risky<o:p></o:p> - Psychiatric Times

    Think Twice Before
    Taking Niacin to Pass Your Next Drug Test - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

    There is no product that can rid the body of THC. Only time and exercise can do this.
  3. Mr_fuzz1012

    Mr_fuzz1012 New Member

    well i hear all kinds of thing about niacin working and not and im trying it out for my self. im not taking that much.
  4. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    500 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night for 5 days in a row is quite alot, considering the recommended allowance is only 15 mg.
    For your experiment, youre dealing with two variables - the amount of niacin ingested and the amount of fluids consumed. For any scientific experiment to have any validity, you can only change one variable. You cannot change two or more variables. Therefore, your experiment will not establish that niacin allows you to pass a U/A.
  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    also, you have no control subject to compare. In other words, you have no one who is exactly the same as you, NOT taking niacin. There is no way to discredit or credit the niacin. You could say that you were going to stand on your head for 20 minutes each day for the next 5 days because you heard that would help you pass a drug test and if you did that, there would be no way to prove that standing on your head helped you pass or caused you to fail either.

    If taking the niacin makes you feel better, then take it. That is all it would be good for, but at least it is good for something, right?
  6. drweb

    drweb Banned

    You heard wrong. You may as well be taking Flintstone Chewables. Niacin isn't going to help and can only cause problems when taking more than the recommended amount. But it's your body.
  7. 15toCurrent

    15toCurrent New Member

    Hello, Mr_Fuzz!

    I understand the desperate need to clense yourself and to do it quickly! Unfortunately I do have to agree that too much niacin is simply not good for your body...

    Niacin Side Effects - How To Prevent Niacin Side Effects

    However, speaking to you politely and not in a condescending manner, I would recommend reading N2's dillution method. He describes everything in a very clear cut way and without spending money on the "magic potions". (Thread under Urine testing).

    I wish you the best of luck! And don't forget to post your results (good or bad) once you test!! It is quite helpful to the rest of us (who are panicking right along with you) to state where you were tested and how long it took to get the results...

    Again, best of luck to you!!
  8. Mr_fuzz1012

    Mr_fuzz1012 New Member

    well i kinda fucked everything up. i smoked last weekend at a party lol. damn im retarded! well i have my doubts about niacin now and everyone seems to say it doesnt work so i guess i give up on that. i have no choice but to dilute before a drug test :(. i would just much rather clean my system completely and THEN start looking for a job but thats to good to be true huh? btw thanks for everyones feed back
  9. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Exercise will help speed up the THC excretion process. The reason THC takes so long to completely exit the body is because every time you smoke, the metabolites get embedded into the fat cells of your body. Naturally, exercise burns body fat, which contains THC metabolites. Sticking to your normal daily life will eventually rid the body of these metabolites because though you may not be "exercising", you still walk around atleast a little bit and burn a small amount without trying, but exercise/working out will definately speed up the process
  10. Mr_fuzz1012

    Mr_fuzz1012 New Member

    ok well i havent smoked heavily since about 3 weeks ago and im wondering if i may be getting close to being clean. i smoked 2 weeks ago on saturday about 4 bowls or so and last saturday about .5 nug. i was wondering if you guys think i should be getting clean pretty soon. i havent been looking for a job because i dont want to do a drug test and fail. what do you people think?
  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    test yourself and see. We can only speculate. If you test yourself and see, you will know if you are clean or not.
  12. Mr_fuzz1012

    Mr_fuzz1012 New Member

    ok i will. i just need to get money to buy one lol and yes i know there like 5 bucks.
  13. ZourDiesel

    ZourDiesel New Member

    Now dont let me stir you in the wrong direction but this guy named steve I kno claims he took niacin non flush and said it worked and he said he smoked the day before i dont see any reason why he would lie he even gave me 2 and said thats all i need and to take them the day of the test but i lost them!!! taking 1-3 pills throughout the day wont hurt you but u will feel it if its not non flush.. My best friend Steven also took the detox drink for 30 dollars and said it worked but he said he probably couldve passed drinking water steve also drank lots of water before he passed with the niacin which brings us back to the dilution theory I asked a Doc at rite aid if niacin helps burn cholestrol and he said it does ive personally taken niacin 2 pills a day for a week i might have skipped a couple and quit smoking for 3 days and passed a 6 panel probation test and oral swab by rinsing my mouth with bleach and drinking half a cap full for the 6 panel but I wouldnt recommend it unless your gonna get locked up for a long time or get fired!!!! but you have 2 quit for 3 days atleast i failed once smoking the day of my test the day of the test i dint take niacin so it had to be the bleach and ofcourse i drank tons of water i have a test to start driving semi on the 23rd im gonna quit tomorrow and take cranberry pills and goldenseal and niacin if i can
  14. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    What if you or "Steve" ate Halloween candy before taking your test and passed, are you going to come here and tell everyone that the Halloween candy caused you two to pass?

    Bottom line is it was the water that caused you and your best friend pass - not the niacin nor the $30 magic potion.
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  15. ZourDiesel

    ZourDiesel New Member

    that has nothing to do with candy so you just made your self look stupid and i said it was most likely the water :eek: this guys a genius folks... if everyone could just pass by drinking a lot of water no one would fail a drug test I got tested the day I was smoking and drank a ton of water and failed the so called cheap 6 panel so maybe it wasn't just the water you probably don't know the difference between sperm and semen so next time you come here trying to make me look stupid save your self the embarrassment
  16. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Now there wasn't any reason to be so harsh. lew maybe missed your mention, in a long post that had no breaks (makes it a little tedious and difficult to read) All you needed to do is quote your post and highlight the portion where you did mention that you also drink a lot of water.
    Zour Diesel said as much, but not in those words.

    You see, this long post has 4 sentences, separated mostly by exclamation points, few capital letters, no paragraphs to separate ideas. Makes it very difficult to read, let alone separate out information and ideas. Just for the record, there are rarely Doctors at Rite Aid, so you probably asked a pharmacist, who is less than experienced in drug testing.

    Bottom line: Be nice or be gone.
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  17. ZourDiesel

    ZourDiesel New Member

    yea a pharmacist
  18. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    Gasp! You don't talk to moderators like that. Haha. Lew was just making a point. Niacin really doesn't work and it's really bad for you and as a moderator, long time smoker, and member here for nearly 5 years he should know what he's talking about.

    I'm thinking about making a document on my desktop that has the answers for the most frequently asked questions and just copying and pasting. haha. I feel like I see this question everyday and it could easily be answered by just looking around the site for about 5 minutes (no offense).

    ANYWAY... the easiest way to get clean is to stop smoking, exercise up until 2 or 3 days before your test, relax for those 2-3 days and drink a lot of water/cranberry juice the night before-the day of the test. Otherwise there is no other way. Don't take niacin, don't take any supplements (they don't work) just give yourself at the very least 2 or 3 weeks of not smoking and exercise, preferably more like 4 or 5 weeks to be safe. Cheers
  19. ZourDiesel

    ZourDiesel New Member

    i guess im fucked becuase i only have 12 days
  20. rasta farmer

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