Looks OK but smells like ammonia

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by nerphroll, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. nerphroll

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    I've had some weed for about 12 days now, it was a bit moist when I got it but it's slowly drying out. There's no mold visible, and the high is great. The past few days it's lost its nice pot smell and has become a bit more pungent, like ammonia. Is this part of the aging process or is something astank? :silvermj:
  2. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Guess noone's got an opinion on this one.
    There is no visible mold. Maybe the smell is just the way this weed smells. Doubt it though. I broke it up some more and am letting it dry in a more open setting. We'll see if the smell can go away as any potential mold dries up into spores. If not, I'll just use this stash for culinary endeavors instead.
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  4. nerphroll

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    Thanks hauptmann, those links were good reading. Turns out that just having left my weed out overnight in the open in a cool, dry room has nearly vanquished the ammonia smell and the buds are noticeably drier. No visible mold still, looks like I got to them in time. :D

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