Lost weed stories?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Jaketacular420, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Jaketacular420

    Jaketacular420 New Member

    Alright im still pretty high from last night, and will probably smoke some more in a minute here... So bear with me here.

    Yesterday I hooked my friends up with a full bag, and got a half bag for myself. The guy said he ran out of baggies so he had to put it all in a cellophane. It contained one very large ass nug, one about a quarter of the size of the big one, and then a medium sized nug about half of the big one. I don't remember the exact weight it came out to be, but the big and the small bud were a full bag, and the middle was a half. The bud was extremely condensed, almost rock hard. So after talking about the shit in general, me and the 2 others who bought the full bag drove up the canyon and matched 2 bowls.

    It's amazing stuff. It has an almost subtle, yet destinctive minty taste and an even stronger minty aftertaste. Anway, I pulled my share out, put it in a small baggie I convinently had on me, and stashd it safely down my pants before heading down the mountain. We get to the car and drive down. About half way down the 2 other people found out that they didnt have the rest of their bud.

    It was too dark to go back and look for it so they decided to go back up the next day and look for it. Lol that would be terrible. Some small woodland creatures probably ate it...haha.

    So, does anyone have any good lost weed stories? And if so, did you ever find it?
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  2. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    when i was a noob and just started smkoing things were not the same
    and i was walking in my neighborhood to meet up and smoke but the weeds
    dropped out of my pockets! i spent 2-3 hours looking for it and it was in this cul-de-sac
    just chillen and i was picked it up and i was relived i found it good night.
  3. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    hah i dropped my baggie yesterday in a big bush and had to reach down thru spiderwebd to grab it. Was so worth it :)
  4. Chinchek

    Chinchek New Member

    lol not as bad as a new MP3 player falling in a deep emptied trashcan full of maggots... man that sucked.

    One day i bought myself a good amount of bud, more than i usually buy. I opened the bag on my couch and started to transfer them into my mason jar. A week or so later i was all out of bud and decided to clean up my room to keep myself busy, i kneel down to clean under my couch and guess what i found. ~1.5G Nug, how did i manage not to notice that dropping?! Anyways, it was whoa moment!
  5. MacMn

    MacMn New Member

    Ive lost weed on 2 occasions, the first time was when I had just rolled a joint and was about to smoke. I somehow misplaced the joint and couldnt find it for a week. I stumbled upon it behind a videogame case, I was so happy because my mom didnt find it before i did.

    The second time was on a trip to new york, had bought it to smoke in the city and it somehow fell out of my pocket. I looked through a few blocks in chinatown trying to find it but I never did. I felt bad because it was basically the whole plan for the day.
  6. snowboard_loser

    snowboard_loser Sr. Member

    ive lost so much herb in my day.
    one night i was hanging out with a couple friends from the town i used to live in.
    two guys were tagging in a trainyard and me and this girl were just smoking out of my bag. i was on vacation and picked up an o to enjoy over the time. i got caught up in the girl and the smoke, and forgot the bag on a traincar somewhere... never to be seen again.

    ive been to rhis one music festival a few times i've lost soooo much weed at. dropping bags dancing all over the place. the funny thing is though it's like karma. you always find bags around equivellent to what you lost it seems.
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  7. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    Someone lost their bud in a VCR the other day - lol, it's not over ;)

    Hmmm... I'm that type of person who doesn't tink she lost her weed until she finds it... months later. I have several tins and stashes (backups I guess, or just leftovers that I forget about whil using a new tin) and they just seem to pop up at the most convenient times.
  8. High

    High as a kite

    Dropped a small nug in my garage probably never gonna see it again, oh well I'm happy to share my 'ERB with the weed gnomes. :)
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  9. llLayll

    llLayll New Member

    Dang that sucks bro..Never lost mine hope I never do
  10. Jaketacular420

    Jaketacular420 New Member

    Haha that reminds me of a funny story actually. The same night I got that half bag I went to a local metal concert and of course ended up in the mosh pit. By the end of the show I remembered that I had a giant 1.5g nug in my pants and could not find it anywhere. I was tripping out when the lights came on and people started to leave because I could totally picture it happening; Lights come on and sitting right in middle of the floor is a nice BUD chillin. What would I do (what would you do?!) then? Walk over and try to pick it up before someone sees or just leave and pretend nothing happened?

    It was nowhere in sight and I had no idea where it could be so I just left with everyone else before the cleaning crew came in. Saddened that I just wasted $25 I exited the building. Sitting outside while my friends have a smoke I feel something on my ankle; looking down I see an out of place lump near the bottom of my pants. I crouched down and sure enough was my nugget :p. Haha so anyway, I just about lost weed at a concert for my first time.
  11. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    one time i was getting stoned and i went to the bathroom and when i came back i couldn't find my pipe, bag or lighter. i was looking around for it for a good week dude, and i still couldn't find it. i asked my mom if she knew where it was and she said she was just "looking" at my bag and she put it on the VERY top of my shelf...... where i couldn't even reach it. not only did i find my pipe, bag of weed AND my lighter, i also found my guitar tuner too.... so it was an awesome combo.
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  12. paperorpipe

    paperorpipe New Member

    I was doing laundry and when I was checking my pockets I found half a smoked joint, put it into a bowl and had enough for a full bowl. Seeing as how I was dry it made me smile and uplifted an otherwise bad day. :D
  13. sk8erdude87

    sk8erdude87 New Member

    When I first started smoking I would smoke at this secluded part of the beach where no one ever really went. I was smoking under a tree and somehow I dropped a little nug while packing a bowl. That was pretty much the last of my stash so I searched all over for that shit! But all the broken branches and leaves camouflaged it.
    And when I first got my medical card my friends got me so high that I passed out and then woke me up to smoke more. We went outside and were hitting the bong and I ended up packing a bowl and immediately spilling it. Since it was the middle of the night and I was too lit to bother searching for it I just packed a fresh bowl. When I woke up in the morning I went out for a cigarette and saw the weed sitting right in front of me. Ha! That was lucky.
  14. beko1987

    beko1987 New Member

    Myself and some friends were driving back from Swindon on the M40 (motorway) and one of my friends drank himself into a kipper, and felt sick. My friend pulled over onto the hard shoulder, and we all got out to be safe whilst he bugled his guts up in the hedge..

    Somewhere in all this, my weed dropped out. Wasn't too much, and I sure as heck wasn't going to go looking in the slow lane for it!

    Chalked it down to experience and moved on!
  15. ClockWarning

    ClockWarning New Member

    Found someone's lost

    So one night as university me and some of my boys were standing outside of our dorm hall smoking some cigs, debating how many blunts we should smoke. Well, another one of my boys comes outside to say what's up, and on his way back in he asks us (as he makes a kicking motion to the bag) "Looks like someone's bud, who's is it"? Well, he was kidding about that and went in. You see, he thought the bag was empty because he could see that well due to it being extremely dark out.

    Well, the three of us guys laugh it off with him and we continue debating our number of blunts. But then it hits me; what if there is bud in that bag? So I quickly walk over and pick it up and examine it. Lo and behold, it's approximately 2g of this nice dank. So I show it to my boys and I say, looks like we are having our blunts plus 2 more, haha. We all high five then we roll out and roll up.

    T'was a wonderful night and I thank the person who dropped their green gold.

    My first post by the way. New to the forum as a member but I've been reading the various threads quite frequently.
  16. alldayerryday

    alldayerryday New Member

    One day when I was just sitting in my bed looking at the new bud I just got, my mom randomly pulls in the driveway. So i hid it real quick in the little secret compartment where the wire goes on my iHome pillow (its a little pillow w/a speaker that you plug your iPod into).

    I totally forgot about my little hidden bag of bud.

    Just a couple weeks ago I had friday off, so i decided to clean up my room a little. As I was taking the sheets off my bed I felt a weird bulge in my iHome pillow. So sure enough, when I looked in there there was a little baggy of weed in there that was about 2.5 grams. My weekend had just gotten so much better. :)
  17. BC420

    BC420 New Member

  18. Ginger96

    Ginger96 New Member

    Ok well i see all of you talking about how you lose your herb. With me it's a whole other story. What i do is i take my bud out of my stash to usually to smoke some jays and always take to much out so i put the rest in a paper and fold it up and put it somewhere. Then i go do something and completely forget about it. Then months later i pick up the paper and I'm like holy shit there's a stale ass gram in here and then i get so excited that i found it. At the same time i feel retarted because no matter how hard i try to remember when I put it there I can't.:p
  19. Kranter

    Kranter Above the Ignorance

    I was at a friends house one day. We were smoking a lot! We had bout 5 grams left in a bag. We hid it somewhere in his room. We got so high, we could never find it.
  20. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    I was smoking in an awesome abandoned building near my house and it has a perfect table height of those fork lift pallets. They have a gap inbetween some of the boards and an eighth fell down into the middle of all of the stacks. Luckily I was able to find it and fish it out and finish my session. I remember looking down and was like "Where the hell did my weed go? I swear it was just there man."

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