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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Emarosa, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Hey Guys, just wondering if anybody here is into Lucid Dreaming. I find it really interesting and and I am trying to start. Any tips or advice anybody has will be appreciated.
  2. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    i remember when i was reading up on that. i never figured out how to do that, but i really wish i could figure it out
  3. Biggie NZ

    Biggie NZ New Member

    Yea bro i'm just starting out aswell. My longest one is 10 seconds because I keep waking up once I realize i'm dreaming. But soon i'll master it and start flying everywhere :)

    It is ESSENTIAL to have a dream diary where you record your dreams in detail either in the morning or after you've woken up in the middle of night. If you notice something in your dream that keeps reoccurring for example you always see your family car or something, use that as a trigger to teach yourself to realise your dreaming. Hope that helps
  4. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Thanks man. I'm having a hard time actually dreaming for now, i'll give the dream diary a shot.
  5. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    so let me try to get a better understanding. one thing i notice in my dreams is my inability to move fast sometimes. idk how to describe it. its kind of like im lagging. like i once had a dream i was running from someone. but its like my legs are moving slow and i cant run at my fastest potential. another time i had a dream that i was running from something. i fell down but was unable to get back up. its like in my dreams my movement is limited

    so if im dreaming and i have that limited movement thing happen, is it possible that i notice that and realize that im dreaming and then go on to do whatever i want? is that how it works?
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  6. ASapphireSoul

    ASapphireSoul New Member

    I started out early teens paying attention to my dreams and now I'm 20 and 7 out of 10 dreams, I know I'm dreaming. I've only found lucid dreaming to yes do whatever you want or to choose to wake up. If I'm running from something like you say you are or unable to move, I'm scared. I want out. I'd wake up. Go back to sleep and start a new dream.

    I haven't had a scary dream and chose to make it good. I'll Lucid Dream more often in a peaceful dream like I'm eating at a table, I realize I'm dreaming and start eating whatever I want because I know I'm not going to wake up a fat cow, lol.
  7. ASapphireSoul

    ASapphireSoul New Member

    So I'm getting better at Lucid Dreaming. I've mentioned 7 out of 10 dreams I know I'm dreaming.

    My tips if you don't read anything else is to:
    • mentally plan as you're laying down to remember you're dreaming.
    • don't plan to remember dreams if you're not waking up naturally. (by alarm) Save this for days off.
    • For what you can recall, start looking up symbols in those dreams . even if it's one thing, a color, if it was day or night. simple.
    • Before going to write in a dream dictionary, lay still when waking up, mentally go over the dream, then go to write it down.
    • ( #mce_temp_url# <-- READ Lucid Dream section on
    Sometimes all it takes is a silly enough of a dream to catch your attention and sometimes it's seeing a symbol you looked up before and suddenly, you're thinking consciously of what it means and then boom, you know you're dreaming. !

    Something simple they suggest to try is when you want to run from something in your dream, stop. talk to them/it.

    Eventually you'll be aware you're dreaming with one conscious choice at a time to make when dreaming. :sleeping:
    Maybe my story will help, Lucid Dreaming is possible and the bomb to do.

    Here's my story:

    How I started, I'm a night owl. When I'd finally fall asleep it would be sudden and not planned. When you skip sleep or stay up past when your body told you to sleep, your dreams become much more vivid and scary. So I would often get sleep paralysis from waking up so suddenly from these nightmares, you know where you're awake but can't move. This happens because when your sleeping, your brain is working and your body is in a relaxed state. When you suddenly awake, especially during your dream cycle, your body muscles are still "off" if you will.

    Basically, I would have to keep figuring out how to relax in this frozen state, how to get my body aware that I was conscious, and how to notice when I was really awake. See when I felt paralyzed, my eyes were open to me. But when I really woke up, my eyes finally shot open, I'd be out of breath, and my heart would be racing. I definitely interrupted the dream portion of my sleep cycle and I wasn't truly awake in that state, I was still dreaming.

    So it started there. I would get that sleep paralysis and over time it became a mental plan to avoid it. I'd go back to sleep right after getting it, knowing it would probably happen again. In paralysis, I would have to tell myself not to panic, lay still cause it can only take my body so long to notice, and feel for what part of my body I could move, even the slightest. It's always for me, my pinky. lol. Wiggling my pinky on one hand would mentally in my mind, wake the rest of my body up. Problem Solved. So this is my first form of lucid dreaming because sleep paralysis still has you locked in a dreaming state you're just very aware.

    So, now through that experience I figured out how to wake myself from dreams I didn't like. Before the movie Inception, of course everyone knew if in a dream you die you usually wake up. I don't have to kill myself, for me it becomes a, don't laugh, closing of my eyes and turning my head fast, I wake up.

    After that I would look up symbols to dreams that scared me, helped a lot in doing this and lucid dreaming. I wanted to change mine too if I were going to have vivid scary ones. Over time, I would be dreaming and see a bunch of animals. I've looked up a cat before, so the next dream i had with a cat, my conscious mind came in, and in the dream I'm thinking if it isn't attacking me then this is a good thing, start remembering how this cat is acting and what color its fur is..

    Then one day it caught my mind that hey, it's day time right now, it's never day time when I....I'm dreaming!
    Lucid dreaming is born from then on. You'll start catching it more and more and figuring out how to do things your way. I still am.

    I went to fly and then another problem. I couldn't stop floating. I was like a balloon, if I wasn't flying straight, I'd keep going up and up and eventually got scared and woke myself up. It sucked to have to do that.
    So now just recently I figured out in another lucid dream, all I have to do is point my toes down to touch down and not fly anymore. Lol, lucid dreaming is one crazy world.

    You still get caught off guard and get lost in a dream, but still your lucid self will come through. One more story.

    I fed into a dream about losing my sister. My sister is alive in real life, but in the dream here I am mourning right, these are one of those dreams that seem to go on for days and suddenly as I'm crying in the dream gathering her things I see the color red, always catches my eye now. I see a red birthday candle we weren't going to use since her birthday was so close. It said 13th, all of the sudden, I'm like, "My sister is only 10...this is a fckn dream" I make myself wake up, crying still from the shock that I could drop out of that world I thought I was stuck in without my sister and come back to the real world where she was still alive.

    Some dreams still get me. It isn't always going to be Lucid Dreams the second you start dreaming to finish, you catch it eventually. I'm still working on it.

    The only problem I face now is when I start to take too much control of the dream, the dream fades out and I wake up. Maybe I'm catching my sleep cycle at the end, or my subconscious doesn't like it? I hope there are other Lucid Dreamers out there who can help me now! Hope this helped anyone reading, thanks for reading,...i took a lot of time on this. yea..
  8. Biggie NZ

    Biggie NZ New Member

    BRO! you just solved it for me. I get that EXACT same thing when i'm running from someone, it's so fuckn frustrating. I'm gonna use this as my trigger to help realise i'm dreaming. thank you thank you

    And yes thats how it works. Although you can't just go whatever you want unless your very experienced at this.
  9. TheHighLife

    TheHighLife New Member

    Lucid dreaming sounds awesome
  10. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    i have the same sort of lagg effect. pretty strange. except normally its when i want to punch someone i dont like at school or something like that in my dream and i cant. best lucid dreams are when a fine girl is in the dream, and suddenly u find u CAN take off her pants... (not meanin to upset anyone, its just what i find i can control in a dream the best)
    i find the thing is to not concentrate so hard. as so as you realize you are in a dream, thats the moment you can control it. for me, i have been able to have lucid dreams since i was a little kid. never been hard for me. i cant control my surroundings well, but i can control my actions (albeit with limited brainpower - my metal capacities are very limited in dreams, its like running a computer on only one core when there are 4). also if i think of something, like a person or action, and dwell on it during the day, there is a larger possibility that it will resurface in a dream. any time i think of a certain thing in a dream, once im lucid, then it will affect my situation, even if its a "ooo, i hope this doesnt happen" then it happens. xP

    one topic that is often addressed is flight. this is the one time i get to have a bit more concentration. my flight requires large amounts of concentration, but i can never get higher above a landscape than i can imagine with immaculate detail. ur dreams are bound by ur reality and ur imagination.

    as for triggers, i have recurring themes like lobsters in a F150 (ive had that dream no less than SIX times, no joke) so i can learn to "conquer" my fear of a situation. also, when im relaxed to an extreme in a dream (the more i struggle, the more likely im to go laggy) i have more control. i can also edit time (i went back and had some uh, fun, with the same girl in the same spot (a magic carpet over a city experiencing an alien invasion) 3 times in one dream) so i can change or relive events in a dream.

    now, if u REALLY want a lucid dream, there are compounds in your brain that produce dreams that are also available in plants and are able to be distilled into an ingestiable product. the chemical in your brain that produces dreams is from the tryptomine family (there are more than one).
  11. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    well im glad my queation could help you out biggie. and thank you emarosa for making this thread. i used to be interrested in lucid dreaming but kinda gave up. now im going to keep at it. i just hope i experience the lag effect in a dream soon cuz i really wanna have a successful lucid dream. if it takes a long time and it seems like its not gonna happen, then i might look into some of those plants.

    but when i do get lucid dreaming down,, oh man ive got a long list of things to do lol

    i was also at one point interested in OBEs (out of body experience). might start looking into that again once i learn how to lucid dream

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