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    Ok, it is generally accpeted that the crap in smoke f*cks up ur lungs. My question is, when u stop, do the alveoli (sp) (little air sacs that let u breathe) grow back, after being fried? Or once they are dead they are gone forever?

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    lung butter

    Howdy Nickkers!!!

    Ok.. the alveoli dont wither and/or collapse from smoking cannabis. They can do these things, but it's usually not associated with smoking ganja. What happens, is all the pollutants, tars, and marijuana smoke residue collects on the surface of the alveoli, an ongoing collection of this debris can cause decreased alveoli expansion.

    By stop smoking, the irritant factor is removed, and the debris and residue will eventually slough off as the surface cells of the alveoli are replaced. I believe I heard once that a cigarette smoker of 10 years would have "clean" lungs after 7 years of non smoking. How this relates to cannabis I don't know, but it is food for thought.

    Here's what you can do to help:

    1) Exercise.. Keep those lungs inflated to max capacity, this increases surface area of the alveoli (by expanding) and it also makes them more durable. And it increases metabolism, which increases the rate of cell mitosis (reproduction)

    During strenuous exercise, if you start coughing up phlegm / mucous don't stop.. The more lung butter you can cough up, the less it can sit in the lungs!

    2) Breathing exercises you can do anywhere anytime:

    Purse your lips like you're blowing someone a kiss *smooooch* then inhale slowly and evenly until you cannot take in anymore air. Then exhale in the same manner. You can do this every few minutes for 10 minutes total (5 or 6 expansions) or every 10 minutes for an hour.. Or just whenever you can think of it... Don't do it repetatively, you'll get light headed and may pass out.

    If there is something like a surgical procedure, chest tube, or scarring of the lung tissue, alveoli will not grow back, they'll be replaced by scars. The ones you got are the ones you got, they can "heal" though.

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    DOn't worry

    Smoking anything can be hard on your lungs....but Marijuana has no where the effects that cigarettes must remember all that tar cigarettes contain really build up on your will be fine as long as you don't smoke cigarettes
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    Most people assume (it is "generally accepted") that marijuana smoke is as bad for the lungs as tobacco, but it's not true. Tobacco smoke has radiation, which is responsible for the development of cancer (not tar contrary to popular belief), while marijuana does not. Smoking weed will never give you cancer, and nor will it directly increase your chances of getting it. The nicotine in tobacco smoke makes your arteries smaller, making breathing a little more difficult. Marijuana smoke is an exporant, which means it opens up the lungs. It has been theorized that a marijuana smoker's lungs are cleaner than a non-smoker's, because the toker's lungs open and all the crap from population leaves. I know it sounds crazy, but consider this fact: People who smoke both weed and cigarettes live, on average, two years longer than people who just smoke cigs.
    I go from personal experience. I've been toking daily for a few years now, and my lungs feel fine. In fact I'm a runner, and every time I'm out there in a race with other people, they are always more out of breath than me. And I'm getting better....
    The only thing I have noticed is that when I get sick, I cough up a lot of stuff as opposed to when I didn't smoke - I'd never cough up anything. Other than that, I'd say my lungs feel better if anything than before I started.
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    This is kind of off topic, but its something Ive been wondering about...

    Do you have trouble breathing? Or do you notice any problems with your lungs that you didnt have before you started?

    I want to know if I have anything to look forward to.
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    Thank you q43!!!!

    Interesting question Tom.. I've heard more than one person say they smoke nothing but marijuana and have had no breathing changes at all.

  7. Nickkers420

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    Here's my story

    I'm a rower. And i started smokeing in Nov of 1999. Nothing heavy, not dail, but like on the weekends. We have off Nov thru Feb and I smoked through then. But when I got back I noticed my performance had decreased more than i thought it would and I found that I could breathe as well during work outs. Then in May of 2000 I got busted and stopped smoking and didn't start again til like this Jan. And now that crew has started again, I am noticeing the same problems. Oh and by the way. Once I stopped in May 200 I felt better and by the end of October 2000 my performace was where it should have been. And one other thing is I have never touched a cigarette, ever, so it isnt that. Anyone have some feedback?


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