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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Peggy Hill, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Peggy Hill

    Peggy Hill New Member

    What's in a "magic potion"?

    Well, in Vale Solution it's 26g of SUGAR (nearly 7 teaspoons), 475mg CREATINE, and while I don't remember the specific amount, it was 588% of your dv of Vitamin B. And the directions require you to drink 24oz water before, 16oz of the drink, then another 20oz of water...that's 60oz of fluids (just under 1/2 gallon).

    Bright yellow pee is cause for your tech to note something odd, whether it's substitution, dilution or another form of adulteration. Why risk it?!

    You can make this at home!!!!

    What's in gatorade? Go to wikihow and you'll see a homemade recipe for an electrolytic drink: sugar, baking soda, salt.

    What about goldenseal? Well, it's a diuretic. Coffee/tea are also diuretics....are you picking up what I'm putting down here?!

    It's all the SAME as good ol' h20 and the other minerals listed in N2's classic dilution method. Don't waste your money....anyone who tells you they "worked for me" did nothing more than spend $40+++ on sugar and water.

    A niacin flush can in fact be deadly and it does nothing other than burn the shit out of your body. The ONLY thing that will eliminate THC from your body is time and abstinence. Exercise helps, but you can't speed up something the body isn't going to let go of so easily.

    Peeps, I know I'm scared of smoking and testing. Read my posts - I'm terrified! But Vale Enterprises (et all) are profiting on your fears. Be smart, abstain, and follow N2's and S2's methods and save yourself the money for lunch at your new job.

    Oh, and get yourself some test strips...the guy on ebay sells in 1, 5, and 10-packs ALL less than the cost of ONE test from your neighborhood chain. He sells other things, too (sewing stuff, etc) so there is no shame in buying. There's no shame in getting from CVS or Walgreens, either - if you have the guts to buy tampons, condoms, or even laxatives from the pharmacy this should be no different. If you're too young to legally have a credit card then MAYBE you shouldn't be risking your health and physiology with illegal substances.

    (now stepping down from my soapbox)
  2. SmokeyGuard

    SmokeyGuard New Member

    First let me say, you are RIGHT ON with the home tests... This is your best way to see where your going to end up after the real test.

    I also agree with a lot of these detox drinks (AKA Magic Potions) there are common ingredients with the homemade dilution tips from this site.

    But there are also some differences. These drinks/pills are scientifically engineered and have adjustments for variables.
    A-SIZE: The Stat! Flush (I took) recommends that people over a certain weight take an additional 5 pills.
    B-TOXICITY: They also recommend that you don't consume over 32-48 oz of water (depending on your size and toxicity levels)
    The Home-brew method has no predetermined adjustments to deal with either of these factors.

    Another overlooked fact is that when you purchase Creatine, Vitamin B, Gatorade/Pedialite, Aspirin, Rolaids and salt, etc. you really aren't saving dramatically vs a premixed?

    The Stat! Flush pills I took cost $25 vs the $15-20 for the do-it-yourself technique. I can tell you these work, as I pee'd a home test dirty, took the pills, pee'd an hour later and got my THC line. Can't argue with results. (Well, I'm sure some will, but with what merit?)

    I have seen enough of people on here (present company included ;) ) try to go at it alone, with home-brews that end up over-diluting. Why risk it to save $5-$10?

    I know this mentality hasn't made me popular among some on here... But despite the "hype", let's keep things in perspective.
  3. Peggy Hill

    Peggy Hill New Member

    Let the debate begin!

    Ok Smokey - what was in the Stat pills? Salicylic Acid?

    Purportedly (and what has kept me coming up negative on the home tests) is that aspirin interferes with the test - causing a false negative. I took roughly 24 aspirin (81mg low dose) which I believe caused the line to appear on my test. That, and of course so much water that my kidneys thanked me for the bath :)

    I think learning the ingredients reveals a lot about what is being bought. Particularly where yours said to take more if you are heavy. If you still have the box, please share!

    I will not fight with you - you've been a great comfort this past week - but I will challenge the theory that something "special" helped. Just trying to "flush" out the truth behind the marketing!

    PS...I had aspirin at home but baby aspirin cost $1.99 for 36 pills at the store. Ditto with the tums (I take for calcium).
  4. SmokeyGuard

    SmokeyGuard New Member

    Peggy, You and I have been friendly this whole time, so I hope it wouldn't turn into a fight now. I can appreciate your research and hope it yields what your looking for. :)

    Like I said, the results speak for themselves 2 tests (within an hour), first pos for THC, second (Post-Stat!) Neg...
    Converting to a neg result with less than 32oz of water is something the home-brew system usually won't offer (thus putting the user at risk of over-dilution).

    Let me see if I can find the box and give you more info on Stat!
  5. Peggy Hill

    Peggy Hill New Member

    Like I said - I will not fight with you. I will, however, challenge something if I don't fully understand. I hope your kid does as much with you, too, on the mysteries of the world and life in general. :)

    But I am highly curious to see what is in these potions, since I was thoroughly disappointed that a friend spent $80 on 2 bottles of Vale only to find I could have made the same thing at home.

    Debate isn't fighting. If you recall, my bro failed using Strip whereas others on this board seem to use it with success.
  6. SmokeyGuard

    SmokeyGuard New Member

    I don't know you, but I would guess that people that do say your an inquisitive, intelligent young lady! I LOVE to debate with intelligent people!

    I also love fighting, but usually only with people who aren't willing to view things from any other perspective besides their own...

    I am going to try to dig up the paperwork that came with my Stat! and see what "makes it tick". It may just be the same "natural supplements" that others contain.

    Whatever it is, it worked for me!

    My son's four and his favorite question is "why" (like many at this age). So I'm sure that he's on course to question the unknown, especially anything his mother and I say. :)
  7. SmokeyGuard

    SmokeyGuard New Member

    Here's the ingredients listed on the bottle. If you can figure out the purpose for each of them, then you should be a chemist!

    Barberry Powder - 250mg
    Celery Seed Powder - 250mg
    Dandelion Root Powder - 250mg
    Gentian Root Powder - 250mg
    Milk Thistle Powder - 250mg
    Uva Ursi Leaf Powder - 250mg
    Cornsilk Powder - 250mg
    Butchers Broom Powder - 250mg
    Tumeric - 10mg
    Ginseng - 5mg
    Cinnamon Powder (amount not provided)
    Grape Skin Powder (amount not provided)
    Creatine Monohydrate (amount not provided)
    B-Complex (amount not provided)
    Magnesium Stearate (amount not provided)
    Gelatin (Capsule Shell)

    Hope this helps in your search for the truth!
  8. Peggy Hill

    Peggy Hill New Member

    young? Hardly (just turned 4-0), but I don't believe there is anything chemically available today that SAMHSA or NIDA hasn't yet picked up on in the drug testing world. I am skeptical about asprin and the EMIT, but I've used it and have *seen* the results (negative).

    Knowlege is power - and in my case, too much knowledge has kept me from sleeping properly in over a week. :)
  9. SmokeyGuard

    SmokeyGuard New Member

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of legal herbal supplements floating around the US. I doubt their going to test urine samples for all of them, and then try to prove that they were taken to void a screening.

    My father told me ALL respectable women should be referred to as "young ladies", and I won't tell you what he calls the rest! ;)

    In college, a professor told us a quote about knowledge. It's been a couple of moons ago, but I think was:
    “All wish to possess knowledge, but few are willing to pay the price.”

    You have paid your dues on this topic through lack of sleep!
  10. Peggy Hill

    Peggy Hill New Member

    Off to bed early in the minute chance I get a retest call from my future/potential employer to retest. All it says in my offer is "confirmed positive" as reason to rescind the offer but I will take no chances and besides, I'll be nearly 2 weeks clean by tomorrow :)

    I didn't realize that coffee (caffeine) erodes creatine in the body, and the funny part of that is I've been dumping creatine in my coffee in anticipation of SVT testing along with my UA.

    So far what I've found is the ingredients you listed are mostly diuretic in nature. How much did you have to drink (I'll recheck the thread later). Some are for cramps and bloating (woman grin) and some are fillers.

    Thanks for taking the time - it would be nice to get a sticky going of the ingredients for most of this stuff if only to see a trend and/or key herbs that beat the test better than others. Surely there's a chemistry/nutrition/holistic student here who can add and educated word or two on the subject.

    THANK YOU SMOKEY for indulging me tonight. When do you start the new job? I'm *hoping* to get a happy call from HR tomorrow or Tuesday and until then I will not be calm or comfortable. A call either way would calm my nerves since the one thing that normally would is off my list for now. :D
  11. SmokeyGuard

    SmokeyGuard New Member

    Confirmed Positive and Negitive-dilluted are 2 different things, so that's good news!

    LOL on the coffee. What I have read is to avoid all stimulants on test day.

    As for the Stat! pills, I drank somewhere between 24-30 fl oz on test day. Not too much!

    I have already started training on Fri. (didn't make co. happy that HR scheduled training before getting background and screening back). I go back tomorrow and get my results of the Escreen and finish up training.

    After the screening results come back, it's back to my familiar green friend!

    If I can be of any more help to you in your search for store-bought detox truths, I'll be glad to play devil's advocate for them! ;)
  12. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It has two ingredients that actually do something to help you pass a UA. The rest is just stuff to make you think you're getting something special for your $25.

    One major difference is that you can use the home brew 5 or 6 times for that amount or money. I take B-Complex all the time, so that's no extra expense. Salt is basically free. The only thing I'd need to buy is Creatine and there's enough in a bottle to cover many tests.

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