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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Pup420, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Pup420

    Pup420 New Member

    So I heard that it's possible to light some smokable things with a magnifying glass and the sun. I'm sure that part is true. However I was wondering about the effectiveness of it. I'm sure that part of it depends on your ability to focus and how intense the sun is when you do it.
    Has anyone ever done this?
    How did you like it?
  2. gabriel420

    gabriel420 New Member

    Someone did that with mine once, can't remember who tho. I've got a sweetass handblown glass magnifier, the lens doesn't have any rim around it or anything. I usuall.y just use it to check out nugs but i remember someone used it to smoke a bowl at my crib. It works.
  3. daincrediblee

    daincrediblee New Member

    its my favorite way!
  4. sk8erdude87

    sk8erdude87 New Member

    I've never tried it but I heard it works perfectly fine (like burning ants as a kid) plus it's all natural and you aren't inhaling any butane or other chemicals from the lighter. I'll probably give it a try tomorrow or something but I'd imagine it takes a bit longer though since you have to focus the beam and then wait for it to heat up enough to start burning. Plus it doesn't work at night (obviously) so I think I'll stick to lighters.
  5. green420

    green420 New Member

    Some of my friends are very expert in this occasion. Though I have never done it, it seems to me interesting............
  6. 420AltoCalle

    420AltoCalle New Member

    Magnifying glasses are the best!

    Not only does the magnifying glass eliminate any chemicals that might be inhaled via traditional means of ignition, it also comes in handy when your lighter gets wet (like on a canoe trip) or if you want to save weight (for long distance hikes). Plus, you'll never run out of fuel (unless it rains), and it's free and green! Do it at your next outdoor smoking session and your buds will surely be impressed - it's a great conversation starter.

    With the right lens and the right amount of light you can ignite a bowl or spliff instantly. Factors like cloud cover, time of day, and lens size can all influence the time it takes to spark your herb. I have found from personal experience that a 5X keychain magnifying glass that you can buy on Amazon for $2 works perfectly. A credit card magnifier is OK, but the spot can be very difficult to focus. Large magnifying glasses yield a larger hot spot and are better suited for lighting something like a water bong or gravity bong where more fire is better.

    The best time to make use of this method is on a clear day between the hours of 11am-3pm, with a slightly smaller time frame for those in the far North and a slightly longer time frame for those in the far South.

    It's a good idea to be mindful of the small point of light since you can burn yourself rather easily. While I find the magnifying glass is a great supplement to traditional means and is by far my favorite method to light up, it does have its obvious limitations which is why its important to have a traditional back up flame handy.

    Just one small disclaimer - don't stare at the little spot of light for too long. You'll hurt your eyes!

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