mah doggie n me

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    One night, in the summer i was smokin on my ol' blue pipe. (R.I.P.) I was sittin outside, on the edge of the steps. My doggy Mossimo comes up and wants a pet, so I give him one, and smile at him. I take another hit and he nudges me, so I blow it in his face. so I thought, why not get him high? "Hehe," I laugh out loud. I take another and go right up to his face and blow when he inhales. He sneezes. I keep doing this until the bowl is finished, and I cache the bowl. After I put Ol' Blue away in its pouch, I pet Mossimo some more. For some reason he is oddly cuddly. :p Could he be a little high? Only he will know. A thought of going back inside crosses my mind, and i think about how much i smell. Getting caught isn't too high on my list of things to do, so i attempt to cover the smell up with the smell of dog. Thinking this is an amazing idea, I rub my hair and hoodie on his fur. I tell him, "Smell me like you," and stop to question the odd wording I just uesd. Oh well. Satisfied that I smell not like pot, I head inside after saying goodnight to my dog. After I'm inside, I start picking hair off my clothes...

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