Mailing Marijuana: UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by faded, Feb 24, 2001.


Which service is best?

  1. FedEx

  2. UPS

  3. USPS (United States Postal Service)

  4. ground mail (mailbox)

  5. other

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  1. faded

    faded Guest

    Does anybody know of a safe way to send actual weed through the mail without getting caught? Please respond!
  2. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Thread Moved...

    To Protecting Your Rights.
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  3. Quiksilver

    Quiksilver Guest

    well, for starters I would make it airtight, which can be hard in itself. And, additional question, if you sent weed in the mail and those unscrupulous postal workers went through it looking for money and found it, could you be charged for anything? Niteshift?
  4. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    We had a good thread on this on the now deceased forum.................

    It's a bad idea...........

    Aside from the normal possession charges you'd get, you can add on charges for postal crimes and, if it crossed state lines, add on some more serious charges.

    "Airtight" containers rarely stay that way, plus the residue smell often gets picked up on the wrapping material etc. Dogs alert on microscopic particles.

    Bad idea.
  5. Pimp

    Pimp Guest

    What if you put an unidentifiable return address ? And put it in a mailbox on a street corner...

    And whoever your sending it too could deny any knowledge on the deal. I mean they couldnt prove that you knew about it...could have been a wrong address or some ****.

  6. Megaweapon

    Megaweapon New Member

    Controlled delivery...

    If the person signs for and accepts the package then they take claim for whatever is in there, Then the cops will probally waltz back up to the house with a search warrant and arrest the person and tear the house apart. You really gotta ask yourself if this is really worth all the risk to you and to the recipient.
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  7. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    "What if you put an unidentifiable return address ? And put it in a mailbox on a street corner... "

    Fingerprints, among other things.
  8. mirage

    mirage Banned

    if your that hard up to find herb sheesh, every town has a dealer even in the amish towns
  9. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    "if your that hard up to find herb sheesh, every town has a dealer even in the amish towns"

    That's what I keep asking. Why take the chance at seeing how many criminal you can rack up?

    In the now lost threads, there was one about a guy wanting to bring pot on the plane. He was going to Miami! Like pot is hard to find in Miami.
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  10. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    If you seal it in one of those vacum sealers you will be OK.

    Not that I have ever done it, but how does this sound.

    Vacum seal the weed with one of those food saver machines. Then vacum seal it again in another bag.

    Then wash the outside of the bag with water and soap, don't worry its sealed tight in double vacumed bags.

    Then place the actual packet, in between a magazine, place that magazine in another magazine, then place the magazine in a padded manialla envelope, and mail it out.

    Use gloves when handling the package, and mail normal US POST OFFICE mail ground.

    I can't imagine why it wouldn't get through. Personally I would never risk it, damm marijuana smells so strong, and dogs are trained to smell it from miles away.

    Just my 2-cents
  11. CheebaKing

    CheebaKing New Member

    Now there's a good idea, vacuum seal. No smell smell out :) I would also probably spray colon all over the magazines and bag just for kicks. Even if that does raise suspision, i doubt that's probable cause to open it and search.
  12. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    Well replying to this totally stoned, sorry for typos

    I dont think spraying it with cologne is a good idea, I think then you would attract attentions.

    Double vacumed sealed and washed in soap and water is all you need... nothings getting out of that DOUBLE vacum.
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  13. RIP JMorrison

    RIP JMorrison New Member

    Also a thing to think about

    Isnt it illegal to go through someones mail? So if the people at the post office look through it and find marijuana, cant it be dismissed (is that the right word?) because its like a cop searching someone without consent and a warrant?

    And I dont think the soap and water will do anything, just put the marijuana in 2 vacuum sealed bags, on bag with the marijuana sealed, then the next back packed with strong smelling coffee beans, seal that and then do everything The Dude said. And voila! No detection. And if it is detected. Heh your screwed if you get caught.

    But why mail when you can buy?
  14. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    I don't know if this is true or not, but I've heard that Federal Express doesn't use dogs to check their packages. I've heard vague rumors of people receiving pot by FedEx, but it's always my friend's brother's roommates friend's boyfriend or something like that.
  15. Huge

    Huge Guest

    That would never work. The only way you could somehow do it, is if you put it in an air-tight bag, and sterilize that. Then throw it inside a tupperware container, put the container in an airtight bag (exercise your foodsaver talents), and then sterilize the whole package. That would be the only way it could remotely work. But I still wouldn't do it. You don't know what process the package goes through. Just get in the car, and boot it over. You'd probably spend more money on foodsaver bags :D ).
  16. jsmoney

    jsmoney Guest

    Don't use UPS

    Whatever you do, don't send it UPS because they search every package. Maybe for bombs or something i don't know.
  17. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    Coffee beans don't do it.

    Actually, dogs learn pretty well. If they make a few finds of drugs with coffee beans as a masking agent, they will start to look for the coffee beans as well.
  18. jsmoney

    jsmoney Guest

    How my friend got weed through the mail

    I was talking to my friend about his vacation to Europe where he was telling me where he went into the harsh bars in Amsterdam and he told me how he mailed some back to the US. What he did was he laid the weed out flat in a plastice baggy between two pieces of thin cardboard (from a cereal box) and sent it regular surface mail. He mailed himself like a quarter back using regualar mail.
  19. faded

    faded Guest

    I took some weed, not much, a little less than 1/8 on the plane when I moved from Ohio to Puerto Rico, and nothing happened, I had it wrapped in like three plastic bags and it was in my suitcase in between all kinds of clothes....

    The reason I sooo desperate for weed is because here in Puerto Rico I don't know too many people, and I don't speak too much spanish, so finding weed is virtually impossible for me... My friend said she could send it and I wanted to find out if there were safe ways... Looks to me like it was a bad idea. But she still wants to we'll see and I'll let you guys know what happens.
  20. perplexed99

    perplexed99 Guest

    I wouldn't recommend doing it, but my cousin has done it many times successfully (he's had pot sent to him in England, the Middle East, and elsewhere, each time mailed from Canada). Here's how. Grind up the pot really fine and place it on some wax paper. Fold the wax paper and flatten it. Seal the edges of the wax paper with scotch tape, and then place it in a birthday card. Put the b-day card in an envelope and seal it. Make sure you don't put anyone's correct name on the envelope (use a phony name) and omit the return address. Again, I wouldn't recommend doing it, but if you're risky enough to try, this method has worked successfully for my cousin many times. One caveat, though: my cousin always had the pot mailed to him at a non-residential address (usually a youth hostel), so if it's sent to a residential address, you're taking a greater chance of getting caught. Good luck.

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