Mailing Marijuana: UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by faded, Feb 24, 2001.


Which service is best?

  1. FedEx

  2. UPS

  3. USPS (United States Postal Service)

  4. ground mail (mailbox)

  5. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Evan34

    Evan34 New Member

    How about you don't even try and mail it? If you are a social smoker you can easily obtain a 5-sac. Just really stupid to mail it....
  2. boxman

    boxman New Member

    what if you're not a social toker?
  3. boxman

    boxman New Member

    this is from a 1991 new york times i found on the internet. it says the characteristics of a suspect package.

    But postal inspectors say they open mail to search for drugs only when they have a reason to do so. Inspectors say they find "suspect parcels" by looking for certain characteristics in the packaging, labeling and addressing.
    "If there is a package that is tightly wrapped, has duct tape on all the seams and smells of talcum power, which is supposed to hide the smell of whatever is really inside of it, these types of things fit the profile of a suspect package," said Mike Flynn, a team leader in the inspection service's Washington Division.
    Suspicious packages are placed before drug-sniffing dogs, and if the dog rips and tears at the parcel that is considered probable cause for a Federal search warrant to be issued and the package to be opened, Mr. Clauson said. Packages in which no drugs are found are resealed and sent to their destination with a copy of the search warrant.
  4. benjammin21

    benjammin21 New Member

    i know a person that works at ups and they look for suspicious people mailing sketchy packages. him (and his coworkers and managers) have found packages and end up just takin it to smoke themselves. he found a quad the other day and his manager told him to just keep it...haha
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I'm sorry, but I can't believe UPS is searching packages and keeping the contents without informing anyone. Especially large amounts like a QP.
  6. boxman

    boxman New Member

    he might mean a quarter ounce
  7. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Yea I don't think I would ever risk mailing a QP haha.
  8. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I agree, but benjammin has yet to chime in and confirm. :)
  9. 704HauserStreet

    704HauserStreet New Member

    still desperate for some feedback here, especially from the few of you who seem to know what you're talking about.
  10. boxman

    boxman New Member

    how about this:
    jars filled with weed but labelled as herbs(oregano, thyme etc.)
    put in a bit of those herbs to give it some scent(not necessary)
    if the x-ray machine picks it up it looks like herbs (hopefully)
  11. boxman

    boxman New Member

    704hauserstreet why did you groan?:confused:
  12. 704HauserStreet

    704HauserStreet New Member

    Because it's apparent that you must not have read any of this thread.

    What good will a glass jar do when the package is being X-ray scanned? The answer is none. It's way more complicated than just covering the smell from dogs.
  13. thrice twice

    thrice twice Stoner

    question 1: Yes a half oz will fit fine in a bubble mailer. Just make sure you lay the bud as flat as possible.

    question 2: Don't think they are more scrutinized unless theres something obviously up with it. Don't think it takes any long.

    question 3: Use either a fake or real, but don't put your own. And make sure you have the address your sending to right, cause you don't want it even going back to the return.
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  14. benjammin21

    benjammin21 New Member

    it was a quarter ounce not a pound..sorry for the misunderstanding haha. he thinks it was some dude just trying to test it out to see if ups would work, because he was sketchin out and the package smelled like straight up coffee. but i know they found a larger amount earlier in the year, i think a half o and some of the employees split it.

    most of the employees are college students or in their late 20s. id take some for myself if i worked there. the kid i know always lets his boss know that he found a package, and the boss is cool with him keepin it i guess. i smoked some of the last quarter o he found.
  15. TaylorSays

    TaylorSays New Member

    Honestly, I would not. However, if you must, do not put a return address, and mail it to "The Residents", do not put their/your name on the box.

    Be safe.
  16. 704HauserStreet

    704HauserStreet New Member

    thanks a ton for your input. i just about have this whole plan finalized. the only question mark left is the return address thing. I know that my friend is planning on using NO return address, and I realize that if he were sending me a large, 3-dimentional package, it would be pretty suspicious.

    But in the case of a bubble mailer being sent Priority, does it make that much of a difference whether or not there is a return address? If he uses a fake one, is it likely that some USPS worker is going to verify it???
  17. thrice twice

    thrice twice Stoner

    I would always put a return address. Not having one is odd, as most letters and packages have them. Use a fake one, but make it look real. No one is gonna check it unless they have to send it back.
    Send it priority for a better guarantee of time. First class can sometimes take 16+ days if it gets routed wrong.
  18. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    I avoid this thread because it is like arguing about how many Angel's can dance on the head of a pin.

    But for the love of jeebus, can't you at least check the USPS website? There was this little thingy - 9/11/01 - perhaps you have heard of it? And shortly thereafter there was a little Anthrax scare, you know, people mailed packages with a white-powdery substance to various people. Important people in the media and government.

    Because of these two events, mailing packages was significantly changed. For example, unless it qualifies as First Class, you cannot simply mail a package - you have to take it to the PO and present it to the clerk. Much of this discussion is a dog chasing their tail.

    All this debate over return addresses, fake addresses, and spoofing the system ignores the human factor of the person delivering the mail; the postman. Mail to both my PO Box and Home have been handled by the same persons for the last 20 years - and they know all my neighbors, prior neighbors and who is who. If your cunning little plan expects the person delivering the mail to be oblivious, then you are ignorant of the postman's life. Faking addresses and such is likely more suspicious that any other element where the rubber meets the road. The fact that the package is suspiciously addressed will be detected by the person who delivers the mail 6 days a week to that address and has done so for 20 years.

    Trying to create the legal defense of ignorance - misaddressing the package, not opening it for days (this is the stupidest concept in this thread) and portending ignorance of the sender is exactly what can get you busted - by the person delivering.

    I know the lady delivering my mail by her first name, and I know her husband and kid's names, and she get's a nice gift card every year if she tosses the junk mail for me. I always say hello when I see her, and if I was expecting a "special" package, I would get more service than normal by mentioning it to her.

    Either you have the balls to mail it, or not, but all this spy-vs-spy thing is a useless waste of energy. Be on a first name basis with your UPS driver, Mailman and FedEx guy and none of this is an issue.
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  19. 704HauserStreet

    704HauserStreet New Member

    Let me start off by making it clear that when i say "a friend" I really mean a friend (and not myself). I'm not the one that's going to be mailing the envelope and it's not going to be delivered to MY house. I'm not sure what kind of a relationship this friend of mine has with his mail carrier, and quite frankly, I don't really care. Either way, he's going to be sending back some product for himself and for me. He will be addressing it to his own home here, using his own name. The only thing "suspicious" about the envelope would be a false return address from California that a mail carrier in Connecticut is unlikely to recognize. Aside from paying him for my share of the green, I have nothing to do with this scenario. I dont need to worry about "having the balls to mail it" or not, because if worse comes to worse, I'm not the one that will be getting the love letter. My friend is the one taking the risk. He knows it, and is still more than willing to go ahead with the plan. That being said, I'd like to help him out with this, because there's some killer green in it for both of us, and we don't see a lot of that out in the woods here.

    Also, I've read every bit of info on priority mail on the USPS website (several times over the last few days). I wouldn't be posting here if I was able to find everything I needed from there. I realize that shipping priority requires taking the parcel to the post office. That's half the reason I'm concerned about the return address in the first place.

    That being said, my friend has no address in California. He lives here in New England with me. He'll be in CA for a few days, during which time he will mail the goods across the country. I'm still not sure whether you're suggesting he use his real return address or no return address, but if both the return and recipient addresses are from Connecticut and the package is being mailed from California, I'd think that would be every bit as suspicious as using a fake.

    I'm sorry for offending you with my ignorance of the postal system, Bart, but I would appreciate some helpful suggestions instead of irritated responses that do little aside from point out how dumb the rest of us are. I really think you could help me out here, too.
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  20. The_Dankee

    The_Dankee New Member

    From a legal stand point the USPS first class mail is protected by your 4th Amendment. They do not have a right to open or search any of your items without serving you a search warrant first. If you send it USPS overnight then it's not protected by the 4th Amendment, only first class mail.

    Fed X and UPS don't have that protection. Because they are private businesses any items you send will not be protected by the 4th Amendment and will be subject to their business principles instead. Meaning they could pull it off the belt from the smell of marijuana, open it and keep it if they pleased.

    I used to work for UPS and could smell weed in a couple packages a month. We'd all have a laugh about it and send it on the way.

    Now the real question... does UPS and FedX care? Probably not, they are in the business of delivering packages as quick as possible and not really interested in the law of what's inside. Or at least that's the impression I got when I worked there.

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