Mailing Marijuana: UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by faded, Feb 24, 2001.


Which service is best?

  1. FedEx

  2. UPS

  3. USPS (United States Postal Service)

  4. ground mail (mailbox)

  5. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Wow. Be careful, you never know when some cop might come on here and try to set you up.
  2. A Stoner

    A Stoner New Member

    Find a dealer, your in fucking Detroit.
  3. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    "There is to be no discussion of selling drugs, or marketing of drugs, in any way, shape, or form. This rule is in place and must be enforced to protect the future of the Community. Violations will result in an infraction and/or banning.

    Requests for hook-ups are not allowed on the public forums, period. This can include, but is not limited to, asking to meet up to smoke together, asking for a dealer in a specific area, asking for an email or phone number, broadcasting your contact information, etc. If you wish to meet another member you may send that member a PM or utilize the many instant messenger services (that you can include in your profile) and request to meet on an individual basis. strongly urges everyone to use discretion and common sense when thinking of meeting online acquaintances."

    this is straight from the posting guidelines.
  4. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Yea, but he says he is a businessman, so that means everything is ok. Right?
  5. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    i can pretend to be anything i want to over the internet. hell i could say i'm a 23 year old porn star looking for a hot date. care to believe me and find out?:rolleyes:

    even if he is a "businessman", trying to make sales on the forum isn't allowed

    i'm not trying to be a MOD or anything, id just hate to see a new member get band for breaking the rules there first day...
  6. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    My humor can be a little off beat. My own opinion is that that guy is up to more than being a businessman.
  7. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    after re-reading it...i can see the sarcasm in it. that's my bad

    they need to instal a f*cking sarcasm button!
  8. pinkflamingo

    pinkflamingo New Member

    My friend is mailing me some pretty soon. The friend lives around 2 hours away from me and is mailing it through USPS. They are going to put it into a club-container, ziplock it, then probably put it into a stuffed animal or something like that, then into a box and mail it to me with no return address. It is going 2 hours, in the same state, and then going to an apartment building. These are the questions I have.

    1. What is the probability that this will work?
    2. Should we continue through with it?
    3. It would only happen once so does that affect the chances of me getting caught?
    4. If the package is too large then I will have to go to the front office to get it. Does this add more danger to the equation or should we just continue as planned?

    Thank you all for your time :)
  9. atrillix

    atrillix New Member

    Sent some on in envelope

    Im on here cause maybe someone has some experience, my girlfriend dropped off about 2 grams wrapped in ziploc baggy inside a letter complete with return address and my address it was sent locally i live 45 minutes away from her at the moment, its been about 3 days and it hasnt arrive i may be paranoid, but if the cops were gonna show up they wouldve done it already... is this just classic federal slow pace-ness? or should their be worry?
  10. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I would be a little worried. As the consignee, you can not be held responsible for what someone else sends you. However if her return address is on the envelope she can be charged. I would still be nervous and not be home when the mail gets delivered. I doubt that the cops or mail inspectors would spend the bucks staking out your house to bust you for 2 grams.
  11. geronimo123

    geronimo123 New Member

    all i know is this and every other legal bud site is u buncha bs its like when you look at a mcdonalds burger its fat and juicy looking in the pics but when you order it it is not the same all this crap is soaking wet spice type crap when dried out it loses more than half its weight and in the pics it looks like actual kind bud when you get it its compressed sugar watered down garbage plus getting a shipping number is nearly impossible and the phone number they provide is never answered wtf better off rolling up sum hay and smoking it for the price they charge and false advertising oh well lesson learned can suck sum monkey nuts and all the other sites like it....adios muchachos
  12. punk97531

    punk97531 New Member

    After reading this entire thread, shipping illegal substances across state boarders in the contiguous US is does not appear to be that risky legally. You may however lose whatever illegal product you're shipping, which is a small price to pay if you're going through the trouble of mailing illicit substances (expensive!)

    Provided that the shipping party is very cautious when shipping their goods out (no fingerprints/DNA/etc), uses fake/no shipping info, uses a shipping method that does not require signature by the receiving party, and the receiver does not open the package at the exact time of acceptance of the package neither party could possibly have any legal repercussion. This is because only the act of sending was illegal, that is the act of trafficking and the receiving party is not liable for items mailed to him or her. The receiving party should then wait for some days, keeping the package in its unopened state, so that if the cops do happen to show up they can simply show the officers the unopened package and say they weren't sure what it was and didn't know the sender. The act of receiving a package of illicit materials is not probable cause for general search of any property (home/car/etc) because the mailer has not yet done anything illegal, or given probable cause to believe that they have.
  13. Sleeved

    Sleeved New Member

    I've read through every single post on this thread so far and there have been a lot of great users that have given some very valuable advice. I'm going to post what I've learned through MOM.

    First time I sent about 7 grams via USPS. It was my first time and was in a rush so I didn't take the precautions I should have but either way it made it from the West Coast to the Midwest. I just had it in a ziploc baggy that I had rolled up and got most of the air out of. Cut out the middle 200 pages of some shitty hardcover book and stashed it in there. Put it in a small box with other affects (boxers, tshirts, some Axe deodorant) and shipped it via USPS with a false (REAL but not mine) return address. Walked right into the Post Office and paid cash, sent via Priority Shipping (2-3 days). I got it on time and the weed was inside it just like I packaged it.

    I have since refined the process by using vacuum sealed bags and more effective packaging. I forget what user posted about the "hot-zone" but he was totally correct. You need to make sure your package does not look out of place to draw extra attention. Use a return address that is real but not yours, if you have the ability to print up a sticker or something that looks more official then do that. I always use my real name and address as the receiver. I use priority mail so it will be delivered to my mailbox and not my door. If the postman comes to my door asking me to sign for a package I'll immediately refuse and say that I didn't have anything sent to me. You can get caught with any method as it is all based on chance. The package with your name on it could be the one that splits open on the conveyor belt and sends weed all over the place, or gets spotted by an observant employee who notices that the container is all taped to shit and smells like coffee because you didn't read any of the posts before mine. The best way to shield yourself is to minimize your chance of getting caught, and allow for the possibility of getting caught by taking steps to alleviate the blame if your package was to get spotted. The basic principal is to decrease the chances of that happening by making your package look and smell just like any other package that would pass through that facility. Ten packages are in front of me, 1 is all taped to hell with happy birthday stickers all over it and it smells like rubbing alcohol and peanut butter, and the other 9 look plain and neat, which am I going to choose as the one with contraband in it? Use your brain and the odds will heavily be in your favor, but understand that you can get caught regardless.
  14. Frenchie

    Frenchie New Member

    remember, fingerprints and handwriting analysis can easily get you caught. get caught lying about anything to a federal prosecutor (or federal cop, i think) and that could get you 5 years federal time.

    best bet is not to do illegal drugs, next is if you do, dont send them by mail. but if you do that, dont give away who is really sending it (fingerprints by touching, dna by licking, or return name and address) and once delivered, dont open it for at least 24 hours, 72 if you want the probable cause to expire for a warrant. once a warrant is signed though, there is a week or ten day window where it can be served. so waiting that out is an extreme way to be safe. damn, i cant remember now, its been so long.

    oh, and dont have you computer on and this page displayed or cached on the hard drive, you should be reading this on private browsing... there are so many loopholes, that eventually, you will get careless and make that simple little mistake... good cops are thorough and easily catch most their prey... i say most because i have met a few badguys who were very smart and very thorough, very few.
  15. john smith223

    john smith223 New Member

    ok people my friend has tried shipping about 6 grams through usps priority box wrapped many times in sanwhich bags and stuffed in the middle of a can of peanuts. he shipped on thursday and has not came in yet and hes getting paranoid. he shipped it from out west to the midwest. it is possible it could still be in the mail but no idea. his questions are if they found it would they not even bother with just 6 grams? and it is a real return address, its a hotel out west and hes in the midwest now.. would they even bother pursuing this?
  16. El Boz

    El Boz New Member

    I've read through this whole thread and found no one or anybody that knows anyone that was busted for mail delivery. If so, please speak up and explain.
  17. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    None of these people are around these days. You won't get an answer.
  18. Frenchie

    Frenchie New Member

    when I was a cop the post office contacted our Division and complained of finding a package of green that tested positive. In order to have a righteous bust the name on the package and the person who opened the package needed to be the same. also we were not going to leave the package in the mailbox or at the front door. We also we're not going to put surveillance on the house for many hours, it just wasn't worth the time. So with that in mind, if a package what is to arrive at the house, put it up on a shelf and leave it there for at least 72 hours. Then I would have the option of opening it or removing it to a second location and then opening it. generally speaking it is not worth the time but not all jurisdictions are the same.
  19. ziggleborg

    ziggleborg New Member

    Ok so. I'm going back to my home state to see my fam while my mom's in surgery and I've got a friend who I can buy from. I have yet to find a dealer where I live now so I was going to purchase a fair amount there and then mail it to myself. Do you think if I package it with some of my belongings I'm shipping back (clothes, movies, video games) that it might help conceal the scent better? What size box is an ok size before it's too big to have 'contraband' in it? I live in Washington so it's not like it's a big deal once it gets to my house.
  20. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Tokemaster General Staff Member

    It’s not hard to imagine a day and age when medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers like can ship chronic smoke from legal state to legal state… However, were not there yet.

    That being said – in a day and age of easily disguised concentrates – sending dabs / shatter through the mail is ridiculously easy. However as the above post stated, discretion is key.

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