Mailing Marijuana: UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by faded, Feb 24, 2001.


Which service is best?

  1. FedEx

  2. UPS

  3. USPS (United States Postal Service)

  4. ground mail (mailbox)

  5. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. nipplering

    nipplering New Member

    ive had friends mail me some bud from amsterdam, its kinda a luck thing, they just put a quarter of really nice bud in one of those bubble mailers and they wrapped it up alot for the smell, it got here fine, there aren't drug sniffing dogs at all post offices 24/7 its just by chance if they are there and pick out your package, just dont put your name on the envelope and you are fine, but if it doesn't get there, youve lost some cash....
  2. NeedTaPass

    NeedTaPass New Member

    I didn't read this whole thread...(damn it's long..)

    But I pulled this off once

    First, I sent it fed ex. And I put some incense in with the weed. I made sure it was in several envelopes so even if it were to bust open there were several layers and no one would have any reason to suspect a thing.

    I wouldn't do it again though.
  3. Skibum5226

    Skibum5226 New Member

    My friend dose this all of the time and he has been sucesful. It would be interresting to get a quad of some killz deliverred to you.
  4. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    Some suggestions

    If you do wanna send pot in the mail, try and avoid doing these, because they fit the criteria of the "drug package profile" as described in the book Marijuana Law.
    • The package is sent from or to a known "source state" for drugs
    • The package is sent from one individual to another individual
    • The mailing labels are hand written
    • The return address is ficticious or inaccurate
    • There are unusual odors coming from the package
    • The package is heavily taped to seal all openings
    As mentioned before, don't send mail that has pot in it using a private mail carrier (such as FedEx or UPS), because they can search the mail if they please without a warrant.

    The Supreme Court has ruled that mail send first class using the US Postal Service is protected under the Fourth amendment. So they cannot search it without a warrant. It also has to be a federal warrant because states don't have jurisdiction over US mail.

    However, they can do a mail cover search of the mail, and they don't need a warrant, or any reason to do that. A mail cover search is simply examining the covers of the mail, and documenting whatever's written on it.

    Finally, if you do send the mail first class, and it meets one or some of the drug package criteria, they may get a drug sniffing dog to check for drugs, and if that dog alerts them to the presence of drugs, they can get a warrant and search the mail. The inspector can also get a warrant based on other suspicions (excluding the dog).
  5. dj atom 12

    dj atom 12 New Member

    :D lmfao Somebody's been in my books again.
  6. Smokey_Red_EyeZ

    Smokey_Red_EyeZ New Member

    What happens to...


    If a pacakge is seized by customs or the mail carrier, then what happens to the person that is recieving the package?
    you say what happens to the people that send it but what happens to the people that recieve it?
  7. Beatlejuice

    Beatlejuice Sr. Member

    I would imagine there are two possibilities. The first one being nothing happens, they just take the package and turn it over to proper authorities. The second one being that they re-seal it and deliver it and bust your ass as soon as you sign for it.
  8. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Hmm...this is sorta relevant. My scales got confiscated a few months ago during a bust, and as I use scales for alot of stuff (legal and otherwise ;)), I needed a new one. They aren't sold in the small town I live in, either. So while visiting relatives in another state over winter break, I bought a cheap metal postage scale, and shipped it to myself. USPS opened it and looked through it for some reason, but the scale came just fine. Good thing there was no bud or para. in there though, as I deffinately would have gotten busted for it.
  9. delishous

    delishous New Member

    Ummm...I did actually Fedex myself some once upon a time ago. I put it in a ziploc, squeezed all the air out and sealed it shut. Then wrapped it in aluminum foil, and then placed it in the middle of a vacuum sealed ground coffee bag-then resealed it. I also had the Fedex box full of other items as well. No problemo. I did it at the time because quality was scarce in my home state and I was traveling on business.
  10. DaDornta


    All I know is that all the shady deals I've heard about using the mail involve P.O. boxes...usually shipped to fake buisnesses. It's all much to risky if you ask me.

    Two guys across the hall from me in my dorm last year used to get weed mailed to them outta CA. It came in jars of peanut butter, im not sure how it was packaged inside the jars...but over the course of a semester they got probably half an oz or so mailed to them. The candle thing was also mentioned by them.
  11. DaDornta


    Re: What happens to...

    Well, I hear you get a letter saying that it was siezed. If the letter asks you to come and pick it up--DONT GO...oh, and never sign for anything, thats why you ship regular USPS ground. Signing means you are expecting a package, and know its for you. Even private courriers like UPS and FEDEX make you sign...

    If you use a private carrier, you waive your rights to have your s*it searched...they can open it anytime they want to see whats inside.

    If sent USPS, they have to get a warrent and have reasonable cause in the first place...

    Once you get a package, write "Return to Sender" on it...and stash it in the trunk of your car or somthing for a few days. Also, make sure no one follows you to the mailbox or post office, and also if they try to get you to signs at the post office--walk away.

    If you absolutley have to mail it--get it sent in small, mailbox sized envelopes and have it sent to dead letter box. If you dont know what that is, you shouldnt be sending illegal stuff.

  12. Beatlejuice

    Beatlejuice Sr. Member

    Does this mean that if you send it ground with a regular postal service (Canada post in my case) you don't have to sign for anything?

    I thought that you needed to sign regardless if the package was too big to fit in a mailbox or mail slot. And if you're not there to sign for it they leave a sticker on your door telling you they dropped by. Is this only done by private couriers??
  13. strange_blaze

    strange_blaze Sr. Member

    A friend of mine has mailed weed over seas twice in the last little while and it was recieved both times, no problems. It was sent in a large bubble wrap envelope, wrapped in a coffee filled bag (small, only about 2 grams was sent each time) and only a card in the envelope. A fake return address was used once, and the other time no return address.
  14. DaDornta


    My girl sends me care packages every now and then via regular mail ground and no matter the size (some are huge boxes) i've never had to sign at the post office. If it's like extra fast overnight to your door, then will have to sign.
  15. Sallad

    Sallad New Member

    Wear thin winter gloves, and make all purchases of each type of materials needed for the shipping, at different locations throughout the city. And while packaging the pot wear a painters suit (those paper suits you can buy at any hardwear store) and at each step of packaging, spray the entire surface with black spray paint. Then both of you get a mailbox in a different town, or a far end of the city you live in.

    How about that?:p

    I've gotten packages all the time through the mail, only stuff coming in from the US has to be checked over, but that's because the government wants their piece of the pie, in duties.
  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I know people that ship things from Oregen and California to Arizona. I'm not sure on this, but I know most places don't check out every package, especially if it weighs under an ounce. They only ship 1/2 ounces at a time, but it always works. You can put it in a bottle of shampoo or inside a jar of peanut butter. Buy some Smell-Proof bags (headshops have them). They work great. Don't use things like FedEx, just do regular mail and regular mail schedules. They only get suspicious when you keep requesting a tracking code to check on the package. A friend of mine did this and he kept calling to see where it was. FBI showed up and asked him if the package they were holding was his. He said yes and they put him in cuffs. Just be smart about it, and stick to small amounts. You can always use those envelopes with the bubble wrap inside. They are lightproof and work great, no one checks those, not with the amount of mail being sent out and in each day, especially at the US postal service.

    Could someone check on the thing about "checking packages due to weight" and if there is a certain weight which requires either a scanning, dog sniffing, or inspection.

    Also, leaving no return address or a fake one helps. You don't have to worry about fingerprints unless you're in the database already (i.e. if you haven't been convicted and/or booked for a crime you're cool, unless you are a total sketch I guess).

    Money orders are the best for sending the loot, too many bills might be weird, and if the money order gets lost at least no one can use it and you can cancel.
  17. FitShaced

    FitShaced New Member

    send a box with all kinds of foodstuffs in it, like stuff you cant get where you live at.then follow one of the above mentioned ways and put it in the box too.put it real deep in it so even if they do look they have all that other crap to sort thru.if you get caught, deny deny deny, say it was the post office that put it there or something :laugh:
  18. Chase

    Chase New Member

    too easy. find out the name of someone who used to live at the place youre sending it to and address it to that person. Tell your mate when he gets it to take it inside but not open it for a couple of weeks. If the coppers come over just tell them you were going to return it to the sender. Obviously use a fake return address. A friend of mine has been ding this internationally for years.
  19. ResinGlazdDonut

    ResinGlazdDonut New Member

    I read all 8 pages and every single post on this and its left me semi-paranoid and semi-educated

    My friend wants to send me an ounce, what would be the best way to do this? Theres so many good ideas but which is the best? Also, i read that sending fed ex is a bad idea, what would you guys recommend?
  20. DreD

    DreD New Member


    I've been sending since 3 Years now, mainly europe but anyway...

    Do as follows:

    -Pack the dope in 5g bags that close quite good.
    (if it is hash, break it up)
    -Put content into a bigger bag, or newspaper, or whatever, and add coffee(!)
    The coffee nutrulizes the smell, dogs don't get ****...
    -put all that in a pack, with this small buble-plastic-stuff on the inside.
    -Bring to postoffice,(I recomand to go there in a moment when u are not stoned...)
    -ask to weight, (u should already know aprox weight, still it's safer)
    -pay for stamps

    How to pack:

    Use: -rubbergloves
    -printed adress
    -tape or glue to atach
    -and most important, NEVER EVER LICK THE STAMP!!!
    use a sponge, otherwise they've got u'r dna
    -No return-adress

    If you should figgure out that the pack didn't arrive, usually, they don't persue it since: for a couple of 100g or somthing like that they are not going to use theire labs and ****...

    Apart, if mail man notices, denie knowledge of package, and make him/her explain how he noticed!


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