Maine Medicinal Cannabis Activist Wins High Bid For Dinner W/ The Governor

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    A medical-marijuana trade group surprised attendees at a legislative auction Thursday by outbidding party leaders to win a pricey dinner for four with Gov. Paul LePage.
    The auction, to benefit the Legislative Memorial Scholarship Fund, raises money for scholarship awards of up to $1,000 for one student from each Maine county attending a Maine higher-education institution.
    The winning bid, said Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine lobbyist Paul McCarrier, was $1,000.
    "That was a whole scholarship," said Rep. Stacey Guerin, R-Glenburn, who ran the auction and said McCarrier "made quite a name for himself."
    But, he said, it wasn't to lobby LePage. McCarrier said he bid on behalf of a group member and LePage supporter who has been "bugging" him for a while to get him a meeting with the governor. He said that member will remain anonymous until later this week.
    "The guy grew up extremely similar to the governor," McCarrier said, referencing their mutual backgrounds of poverty. "That's why he wanted to meet him."
    LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett said the governor is fully booked in April, so she doesn't know when the meeting will happen.
    Expense, McCarrier said, wasn't an issue for the group member, so when bidders, including House and Senate Democrats, had the bid up to $875, he blurted out his bid. Then there was silence.
    "I think we got it up to $850," said Ericka Dodge, spokeswoman for Senate Democrats. "We were tempted to keep going, but we figured the marijuana folks deserved it."

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