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  1. sugratefulldime

    sugratefulldime New Member

    I had this idea for a forum for a while, and I don't know If it will work, but here it is!

    Its the make-a-strain thread!!!!

    If you could geneticly produce any strain you wanted, what would It be called? would it be sativia or indica? or both! be as specific as you whant, or as general as you want!!

    I will start out with this, pillow kush!!!!!!

    its 22% THC, and its covered with white hairs... and 100% sativia(sp)..

    very uplifting high, With huge fluffy nugs...... Smoke is very soft and mellow, And smells very light, not stinky, but like a rose or somthing.. If someone sniffed it with there eyes close, they wouldn't think It was weed....

    your turn!
  2. gabriel420

    gabriel420 New Member

    I always think about this when I'm high :D

    knock-out, 100% indica. dense, dark, skunky buds covered with resin. Just an insanely intense indica high, knocks you onto your couch and doesn't let you up for hours.
  3. Generic Name

    Generic Name New Member

    Love this idea for a thread!

    (Keep in mind I know nothing about growing or strains, but I know when people say they have chronic or trainwreck, its probably just good weed, not the exact strain)

    Mine would be called MMK. (Magical Mystery Kush)

    It's only 15% THC and has an enticing, climbing peak that would have you believe that you're climbing a mountain only to plunge of the edge, but with the plundge should come, you find you have a consistently mellow high as if the peak went straight to a plateau. It would be mosly indica with a bit of sativa, it would have orangish purple trichomes, with a seafoam green bud and a fluffy consistency (that makes it sound like coke when I say consistency, but rest assured, I'm talking purely about MJ, (despise other drugs)) and would smell of eukalyptis and summer.
  4. 777789999

    777789999 New Member


    black touch - dark sativa weed, dense bright green weed with jet black hairs growing from it. 29% THC and smells and tastes like licorice.
  5. imported_redeyejedi

    imported_redeyejedi - smokaholic -

    Yuck, I hate black liquorice... at least make it red :p (Or you could call it Anisweed, after the plant that makes that flavour)

    My strain would have to be almost 100% indica. I would call it A+, although that might be better for a heady, sativa strain... I would like it to be really light, almost chemical green colour, with a dense covering of golden trichomes.

    PS: One time I saw in a High Times magazine a user-submitted photo of their plant, they named it "Pink Panther", and it had pink-hued pistils, instead of red. It looked really pleasant.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY


    23% THC content. 100% Sativa. Covered in an array of colors ranging from green to blue to orange. Coated in "sugary" crystals all over dense, sticky nugs. Fruity smell, sweet and citrus both.

    Great idea for a thread.
  7. fuzzyninja

    fuzzyninja Lounge Lizard

    Cross between Thai and Kali Mist (two sativa strains)

    Name: Sky-Thai
    100% pure sativa
    30% THC :umm:
    This would be an interesting cross. Thai produces large buds covered in resin. Kali-Mist produces small ,light colored buds with orange hairs and is spicy. Hopefully I'd come out with a plant that has some of the knock-you-on-your-ass hits, yet would have pretty, spicy tasting/smelling buds.

    Luckily, I could actually make this once I have a suitable room to use as a grow room (in my own house.)
    That will be the day...
  8. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    Grandpa's Butt - Grand Daddy Purple X Butter Kush.

    Effect = Knocks you on your ass.:D

    You could also do Purple Butt - Any Purple Strain X Butter Kush
  9. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    27% THC
    80% Indica, 20% sativa
    Really dense and crystally, with orange hairs and a really heavy, piney aroma.
    This shit's creeper, but it'll shock you when it finally kicks in.
  10. sugratefulldime

    sugratefulldime New Member

    glacier freeze.

    50/50 indica sativia

    dense nugs with tons and tons of bright blue hairs.(Like the GatorAid)

    smells of pine, and lasts for like, 4 hours...

    very easy smoke, and can only done right with A bong with Ice in it :D
  11. leetyakuza

    leetyakuza New Member

    Ice Hawaiin Big Early Misty Durban Citrus Island X Swazi Skunk Silver Haze

    An invention that revolutionizes the world in the future I.H.B.E.M.D.C.I.X.S.S.S.H

    Contains extreme amounts of carcenogins but gets you stoned.
  12. Weekend Hippie

    Weekend Hippie New Member

    Mellow Yellow-80% Indica, 20% sativa. This very potent puncher is 26% THC, and a whopping 38% CBD. It is completly covered in yellow tricromes; each of which you can see in depth without even looking under a scope.

    The bud smells like a combination between the Venitian hotel in Las Vegas and the finest glazed donut you can imagine. A smoke that isn't harsh and tastes like butterschoch candy.

    Most importantly the doob delivers a very mellow indica high with a kick of sativa to keep it more active. Users will also experiance mild-moderate sensory distortians that are lucid.
  13. ZephyrEire

    ZephyrEire Guest

    Mint Haze
    80% Incida, 20% Sativa
    26% THC
    Big, fluffy nugs. Nice, defined leaves. The color is a very solid, cool green, but covered in white tricomes.
    Very distict mint smell and taste, adding to the smooth hits it delivers.

    Smoke as per your favorite method, but this inventor suggests a solid bong of nice, icy cold water :cool:
  14. godfather

    godfather New Member

    Mine would be something like: Insane MegaBud Brownie Blast (or IMB3, also F1 because it would be considered the elite of marijuana...hehe).

    Through years of research, this strain would be grown to be used in any marijuana food (hence brownie). It would be developed so that the THC bonds more readily with fats and alcohol, therefore requiring less weed, and lower cooking times. Smoked, this weed would be one of the best, and it would smell, and taste a little like brownies.

    The Stats:
    Indica/Sativa%: This strain can no longer be classified as Sativa/Indica, it has developed strong characteristics of both.

    THC: 25% (not as high as some high grade strains, but more efficient in delivery)

    Appearence: A deep brownish red with pure white crystals giving it a frosted look. The smell and taste of fresh baked brownies.

    The High: Amazing head high with an almost debilitating body stone, with moderate perception changes. Smoked it lasts approximately 6 hours. Don't eat it if you have to go anywhere the next day. Caution- Cooking increases effects drastically!

    Well, unfourtunately I'm a bit far away from having my own biology lab, and the knowledge to do anything with it; plus I'm missing a part for my improbability drive, so I guess this strain will have to wait a while.
  15. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    A Blueberry/Mazar hybrid. Sounds good enough to toke. ;)
  16. sugratefulldime

    sugratefulldime New Member

    get some strains in here!

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