Make weed smell better?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by speedy142, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. speedy142

    speedy142 New Member

    i just bought bud that looks pretty good but smells like mids. i normally get the bud for my friends and its normally pretty dank bud. i told my friend i got him dank but the smells just not there. is there anyway to make the bud smell more like dank or enhance it at all? ya ik its prob. a stupid question but im curious.
  2. NoSoupForYou

    NoSoupForYou New Member

    never know till you try it :] and as far as i know there no way to alter the smell. also ive had bud that smelled delicious and was lack luster.
  3. speedy142

    speedy142 New Member

    ya i smoked the bud too and it got me way higher than mids would but im trying to get the overall appearance of dank. i was thinking puttin lemon drops maybe? or putting like a lemon peel in a ziploc bag with the bud for a few hours?
  4. NoSoupForYou

    NoSoupForYou New Member

    interesting idea, but be careful not to let to much moisture reach the bud otherwise your gonna have to let the bud dry out to smoke it. maybe get 2 baggies, 1 small baggie with some holes poked into it to hold the weed and another larger baggie with a lemon peel and some drops and let it sit for a while.

    anyways what ever u try let me know how it goes.
  5. speedy142

    speedy142 New Member

    thats a good idea with the ziplock bag but ya i dont want the bud to get moldy cause its already pretty moisturized. but whatever i do ill post back to let u know how it goes
  6. jerzysanchez

    jerzysanchez Sr. Member

    my friend put an orange peel in his oz for a few hours.. like people said, don't let any moisture get on the weed. but it'll leave it smelling great, i'm sure.
  7. Kushy

    Kushy down

    When you get weed from a dealer that's still pretty wet, that means it wasn't fully dried and cured by the grower. That doesn't mean it is bad, but I would reccomend drying it out. Just leave your nugs near an open window for 30-60 minutes and all the moisture should be out.

    When I get a bag that is still pretty wet, it smells a little 'off' to me. Once I dry it out, it smells and smokes better. That may be the problem you are experiencing. Let it dry out a little and let us know if that fixes the problem
  8. speedy142

    speedy142 New Member

    ok thanks kushy. ill try that when my parents go to sleep. btw its like 15 degrees outside should the cold weather affect the bud at all?
  9. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Just be straight up with your friend. One thing in life that I learned: never promise, but say you'll try hard. And if anything, you're the one going through all the work to get him bud, so he should be thankful either way.
  10. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    I always say that when my friends feel like there isn't enough bud in the bag. "There's people in Africa that don't have any bud so stfu!"

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