Makign Hash Oil with Vodka

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Owskie, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Owskie

    Owskie New Member

    ok i know Vodka isnt potent at all, but i guess thats what im using..... somebody on the boards told me it worked. So imma give that a try.
  2. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

  3. Owskie

    Owskie New Member

    okay can you name a drinkable alcohol that can be used... dont say everclear.
  4. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Maybe you could try 151.

    Vodka, regular Rum, Whiskey, etc. isn't strong enough.
  5. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Nope 151 proof won't work either. Everclear really is your best option. Isopropyl alcohol also works pretty good, you can buy it at your local home improvement store.

    Heres a link I found a little after posting:
  6. Owskie

    Owskie New Member

    Everclear is illegal here in michigan.
    and all that other **** scares me lol
  7. ChronicMasta

    ChronicMasta New Member

    u can make a drinkable end product if u use mezcal.. its like a high proof tequila and tastes decent.. but for oil u need everclear or grain alcohol or something that is 151 proof or higher..
  8. Owskie

    Owskie New Member

    where can i get grain alcohol. or what is
  9. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Everclear is grain alcohol. Grain alcohol comes from the fermentation(conversion of sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast) of grain. I think as long as you don't live in Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, or California it's perfectly legal. Making hash seems like it takes way to much time and effort for me, not to mention the amount of herb it takes to make it worth while.

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