Making a Camelbak bong.

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Determan, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Determan

    Determan New Member

    I have a camelbak i never use anymore so i thought it would be really cool to use the bladder/hosing to make a bong that would go in the back. I want to rig it so that one could walk around with the camelback on their back and take hits. So I would have a cool bong, that is disguised as a camelbak which could also be used to store my other pieces and my stash.

    Im not sure exactly the best way to do this, so anyone who knows how camelbak's work, any suggestions are appreciated.

    P.S. If I actually get this thing to work ill be sure to post a pic.
  2. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    One of those water things for bikers/hikers? Always wanted one of those!

    Interested to hear out it comes out!

    ...have a cookie;)
  3. Raised Fist

    Raised Fist New Member

    I never had one, so I'm just gonna throw out a big guess.

    Is there a way to get out the water pouch thing? If so, take it out, and put a small hole going into it. take another tube that can go into it. put a bowl on the original tube. make sure the second tube doesn't go into the water, which would be the biggest reast this wouldn't work, because if my understandings are right, its just a water pouch, so water could go anywhere. Unless you want to make your own or tear up the current one and put support walls in it.. ;)

    I'd like to see this work, I just have little hope :(
  4. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    ****!!! I just wrote out instructions for this then it turns out the pic i was going to put was the wrong type so it deleted it :bawl: :bawl:

    I be back with instructions
  5. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    Version 2.0:

    Step 1) Remove the bladder from your camel back
    Step 2) Now build a bong ( hooka style only)

    >Hooka style bong< Get a sobe bottle style bottle and a cork to fit ( preferably rubber) If the cork is a bit to small wrap it in black electricians tape. Now drill 2 holes through it insert some thing liek a pen tube into 1 and your bowl into the other. Put a surgical tubing from the bowl to the wattter. And then your mouth tube comming off the pen. Thats it now you have a bong.

    Step 3) The lighter.

    Go to the hardware store and buy a micro torch ( wind resistance for on the go toking) and a bbq starter. Take out the push button from the micro torch and hook new wires up to the bbq starter.( make sure they are long enough for you to hold it as you walk. Now make sure that the lighter still lights stuff. You are going to want to wrap the bbq striker in black tape, because if you dont you can get a nasty shock. My brother found out the hard way:devil:

    Step 4) Now you have your perfectly funtioning lighter. Figure out the best placement for it( probably so the flame goes straight across the bowl about 1/4 inch above. Then get some super glue and put glue on any peice of the lighter that touches the bottle. After it is dry wrap it really good in black tape for added strength.

    Step 5) Now you have a complete bong ready to go all you need is some wya to keep it stable. SIMPLE! wrap a small towel or shirt or whatever around it and stick it in. And your done! you now have a toke on the go bong.

    >Added notes<

    Make sure that the bong bowl is pointed slightly away from your head, so you dont start any unwanted fires.

    If i were you in this case i would choose a metal bowl over a glass one because most metal ones come with a screw top that has a hole in it. This way you dont loose any bud.

    If anyone has any questions please ask. If sumone wants help on building a flame shield for added protection against burning your hair just post it here and ill figure sumthin out.

    Good luck and happy tokin :chokin:
  6. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    Sorry i forgot to add pics.

    Lighter assembly
  7. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    Bong assembly - camel back

    One more thing. **** i forgot lol.... Ohya!

    You dont have to use a micro torch exactly as i showed. But you do want one that has the flame coming out of the side like that one.

    I think thats it, if i think of sumthing to improve it ill post again
  8. Beatlejuice

    Beatlejuice Sr. Member

    I've owned several Camelbacks and Camelback imitations. First off, I don't think it is a good idea to make a bong out of rubber. It will taste like poop, might melt, and probably isn't good for your lungs. But if you are deadset on exploring new territory, my suggstion is:
    They have these plastic things you can stick inside the camelbak to allow the inside the dry out. They are kind of like a whisk-shaped coat hanger. You could permanently stick one in to keep the volume at its max. Also the part where you will the bladder is very soft plastic as well, so it will probably melt if it comes near any part of the bowl or flame.
    I don't really think this whole Camelbak bong can be done well, but prove me wrong!
  9. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    I think that as long sa you could fill out the bladder so that it doesnt cave in on its self it would still be useable. It would jsut be a lot of work securing a bowl on a flimzy rubber peice. Thats whyi sugested the glass one. Much easier and durable
  10. dr. dank

    dr. dank New Member

    i was thinking.. you could use the drinking tube as the hose, then get another hose and stick that out of the top of the thing. the second hose could then have a bowl and a little heat resistant gripper piece, and it could be long enough for you to hold in front of you and hit it whilst walking..

    i dont know if anyone else can comprehend that but it seems like a good idea in my mind..

    i made a picture!
  11. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    Thats what i was thinkin at first, but then you would have to walk around holding a bowl out in front of you and then you wouldnt be able to toke as you ride your bike!!! Man, that would be awesome, toking as you ride!!
  12. cpkevin

    cpkevin New Member

    Toking while you ride, then when you crash, walking home baked and cut-up from falling into a fire hydrant!:rolleyes:Cool idea though.
  13. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    Its not liek your going to do any kinda down hilll ****, It would just be road, or non agressive trails ( the only kind to do when ripped cause they dont take much energy:D ) Haha ive only crashed 2wice while ripped and riding. Once was because the bush wouldnt move out of my way and another because i was trying to avoid prickles but ended up hooking my handle bar into a chain link fence flying over my handle bars and landing into the prickles i was trying to miss:rolleyes: .

    I dont think you would realy have to worry about being cut up anyways, 1 the glass is thick, 2 its wrapped in a towel and 3 the camel backs are pretty tough canvas. I fell backwards onto my old bong that was in my back pack ( on my back) and didnte get cut.
  14. cpkevin

    cpkevin New Member

    Not the bong, I meant from the pavement or something. The only thing I've ridden in while high are cars and buses. Nearly fell flat on my face trying to get on the bus to a seat!

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