Making a pipe out of actual metal pipes...

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by deadmoap, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. deadmoap

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    Since there's no way I can get zig-zags, or any other rolling paper, my only other option is a pipe. Since I can't get a "real" pipe, my only option is to make my own. The only way I know how to make my own is with pipes from home depot. I know that I can only use iron and brass... right? And I'm supposed to blow torch them to clean them? I imagine that blow torching them might uhhh... well it might clean any dangerous chemicals off but wouldn't it make the pipe smell bad afterwards? And pipes were meant for drinking water to run through... wouldn't they be clean enough already? And also for the screen, I'll have to use one of those screens you put underneath a focet. There's nothing wrong with these, right?

    I've thought up a lot of ideas for a pipe... some of them might not work through. The most basic one I can think of is having a regular shaped pipe... a bowl going down to an elbow to a tube where you put your mouth. The screen would go in the bowl and the weed would go on top of the screen and the smoke would go through the screen... simple.

    Another idea I had was to bascically do a "backwards" pipe. Smoke rises, and much of the precious smoke in the above example would rise out of the pipe, unless I was taking a hit. I thought that I could take a bowl, put a screen in it, put the weed in it, then when I light it, I'd have a seperate peice that I'd put over the bowl. It'd be a tube that fits nicely over the top of the bowl and when I'm not taking a hit, the smoke would rise into the pipe and less smoke would be wasted. What do you think about this?

    One more idea I had was to make a wet pipe. I'm not sure how I'd do this though. I'm not exactly sure how I'd get the smoke to go through the water. I could make a chamber for the water in the pipe. It would be something of an extended version of the above example with a water chamber. I'm just not sure if the smoke would go through the water.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. krtbear

    krtbear New Member

    I'd suggest, more or less to check out the 'method of use' forum man. I really have no experience on this subject, but im pretty sure there are plenty of topics like this on the method of use forum. Plus, im not sure this is even the place for this topic, so im I doubt you'll get much useful feed back. Hope you find what you need, take it easy.

  3. LagartoRey

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    I dunno, I'm no expert, but smoking out of metal always seems a little iffy. What I've heard is that you can get some rather undesireable fumes when smoking out metal stuff. Maybe I'm wrong, but investigating other materials would probably be a good idea before doing anything with iron or brass.
  4. LegalizIT!

    LegalizIT! New Member

    Get a lug nut and a screen stick the screen in the lug nut. Put you weed in and its insta bowl you can add this to whatever your making or just smoke with it by itself.
  5. kissthesky

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    To make a "wet pipe" or what is commonly known as a bong, you need the smoke to exit the bowl into water, so you have the bowl extend down int othe water, then create a seperate closed chamber over the water, so that when you suck on the top of the seperate chamber, a vacuum is created. If you do this properly, the only place that the vacuum could be relieved is through the bowl, so when you light the bowl and suck from the top of the chamber with water in it, the smoke is filtered through the water and then goes into your lungs. I hope i explained this right.

    As for the pipes being safe for drinking water, that doesn't mean that they are rated safe for exposure to flame. There are always ways to get papers, they cost $1.00 at any drug store, and aren't to hard to come by.

    ESDFSFD New Member

    here is a good website with instructions on making a bong for like $5.00

    you could probably use different parts than what is specified to suit your needs or to accomodate the materials you have on hand or can easily obtain.
  7. NeoArcadian

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    OK, my mom sells these kind of things, construction things that is, for a living.

    There is a kind of metal that you need to steer clear of. It is called galvenized metal. Whenever it is burned the galvanized finish on it burns and is extreamely poisonous. Also, steer clear aluminum, obviously. If you can find it, look for stainless steel pipe. It is hard to find small enough, with the right attachtments, to make a pipe with but it is much safer and doesn't rust or poison you.

    You know though, you might just get an older friend to buy you one, if that sin't an option though just do as said in the aboveposts and such. :cool:
  8. Zanzabar

    Zanzabar New Member


    You are completly stupid if you just use house hold or industrial piping. There is so many other fumes you can inhale plus man all the other ppl that probably checked out that pipe and then bugs and ****...ew dude. God if you ABSOLUTLEY cant get a pipe heres my suggestion.

    Get a toiet paper roll,piece of tin foil about 1"x1", tape.

    Cut hole in end of toilet paper roll. Shape tinfoil over pinky. Place tinfoil in hole. Poke holes with a needle. Tape the sides up.

    There thats a easy and swift to make steamroller.
  9. troublemaker420

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    For someone who is critical of smoking out of metal, you're kind of a hypocrite don't ya think? After all, aluminum is metal, and thats what foil is made out of. What you described is one of the harshest ways to smoke pot. I know...I've resorted to that in my younger years, before I learned that aluminum is a questionable smoking method, and that my high was ruined by a sore throat and achy lungs. Check the methods of use forum.....there are MANY MANY ways of smoking using nothing but household materials that DO NOT INVOLVE ALUMINUM. Not only is aluminum supposedly risky from a health standpoint, its harshness is unmatched by any other method I have tried.
  10. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    Why cant you get a real pipe? I am underage and I walk into smoke shops and get em all the time. Thats how I got my bubbler. Just try different shops or the same shop at different times.
  11. purplebuffalo

    purplebuffalo New Member

    i lust made a sweet pipe out of a copper tube i hammered small at the mouth piece end and wedged it into a brass fitting. i own a plumbing store so pipes were never a problem finding. There used for high pressure and very high heat water, steam, and gass. Putting a flame to them shouldnt be a problem becasue fumes released into water would never fly well. also use some medical tape or something for a heat gaurd on the stem.
    Ill post a pick of mine soon becasue it works great.
  12. iceman2.0

    iceman2.0 New Member

    when i dont have rolling paper i get a pen cut the top and bottom off so its hollow then i get alluminium paper and make a bowl on top and theres my pipe

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