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    i tried the search it didnt help me at all, i looked through a few forums didnt find what i was lookin for, can you use acetone (isnt that nail polish remover?) to extract thc????
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    Yes, but it is not nail polish remover, you want 100% acetone. There should be tons at school or college if you can't find any. It's cheap and they should have tons to clean glassware with so don't feel too guilty about stealing a little for a batch of oil. 100% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) will also cure your ills.
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    I think I once read that nail polish remover shouldn't be used. Try looking at the growing section though. Do a search there, they have everything you need to know on hash oil.
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    Don't use nail polish remover, that isn't pure acetone and may leave some trace amounts of crap you don't want.
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    You can buy denatured ethanol at most hardware stores, it works just as well as normal ethanol and it all boils off, only it isnt fit for consumption so it cant be sold as an alcoholic drink and doesnt have tax which means its alot cheaper. I have been told it is safe to use:)
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    That's hardly a reliable source dude, just be careful if anyone tries that!
    [edit] - Opps, the "source" I am refering to is wherever you where told it was safe, not the hardware store!
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    Ethanol is not fit for consumption in hardware stores or chem labs because it has a little benzene in it so that you can't drink it. Benzene is poisonous, you don't want to do up a batch of oil with ethanol that "isn't fit for consumption," if that wasn't self explanatory.. Your_cat_is_dead I am sure that 100% rubbing alcohol can't be very much more expensive (if at all) and it ain't got no benzene in it.
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    I found this on another site: dont blame me if you die as a result I dont agree with all of it (for example the part that says "dilute it with water or rubbing alcohol or some **** that makes your head spin when u accidentally breath it in and is pretty wattery")
    But im going to try making some oil sometime...

    All the **** in my process is real easy to get. I made sure its **** you got, mostly in your kitchen, recycle bin, bathroom, basicly your ****ing house or apartment or cardboard box if thats where you make your drugs at.

    Materials needed-

    1. Any kinda air tight jar to store hash oil

    2. Work area that isn't too stuffy ventalation wise

    3. Good amount of Nail Polish Remover with main ingredient acetone(or straight acetone from the hardware store works too, but my mom don't have a hardware shop under the bathroom sink)(if you only got a medium amount of nail polish remover/ acetone dilute it with water or rubbing alcohol or some **** that makes your head spin when u accidentally breath it in and is pretty wattery)

    4. Two jars with lids enough to fit your **** in floating in the nail polish remover

    5. A small light preferably halougen desk lamp that gets hot and can be moved around quick and easy.

    6. An old shirt, filter, coffee filter, paper towel, napkin, anything that will filter out large **** and let liquid pass through.

    7.(opt) One of your jars will probably have a lid you can do your light bulb home hash oil cooking at. If not you will probably want a small dish or bowl or whatever. Doesn't ****in matter man. This is all for fun. If you're a tight ass, you'll want a pyrex peetree dish if you're me you'll be lazy and wanna get high and just use the lid from the ****in glass jar thats all ****ty and smelly. Here's a good idea. Use a clean ashtray(non-smokers can kiss my ASH!)

    8. Some Weed, Hash, A dissasembled bowl(as much as you can get it, if its glass it will still work), a head piece, some resin on foil or anything else with some res on it including a hacked up piece of some potheads lung(hey man recycle ****er!)

    Ok. The recipe i read and did on here got ****ed up. I altered it and it worked. Then i perfected it for the most lazy druggy ****. Even worse than me. The only reason i'm even righting this now is because i'm on speed. So anyway most of the recipes on here including the hash oil one are written for rich ****ing chemists, which i and most of you are not. I needed a ****in dictionary to understand this bull**** proccess this last guy did so here's my easy one.

    Step 1. Take your resin source and put it in a jar

    Step 2. Pour enough nail polish remover(acetone) in the jar until the resin source is completely covered and able to move freely.

    Step 3. Cover the jar.

    Step 4. Shake the jar as hard as you can to get that ****in res mixed in that liquid. Stop every like minute or when your hand gets tired to open the top and vent the air pressure. When it seems the liquid can get no darker move on to Step 5.

    Step 5. Take the second unused jar and make a funnel with the filter object I told your ass to get in the materials list if you were paying attention. Stretch the funnel or whatever across the mouth of the jar and then let a lot droup down into the jar.

    Step 6. Pour the **** you've been shaking through the filter.

    Step 6a. Squeeze all the liquid out of the crap in the filter into the filtered liquid jar.

    Step 7. Dump the resin source out of the filter back into the jar used for the mixing. Repeat Steps 3 through 6a all over again.( Don't make me write it again)

    Ok you dont need your resin source anymore so do what you want with it. If its your headpiece put it back in your bong. If its foil, wrap thanksgiving dinner, if its your bowl put it back together, if its a glass piece, put it in a case, etc.

    Now you should have twice the amount of filtered liquid right? Cause you soaked your res source and filtered it twice? Ok? Time for cookin before smokin

    Ok this could take some time could not. The guy that wrote the original said to let the mixture sit and it would evaporate quickly until it got as thick as cooking oil and then it was done. That guy was an asshole. I let it sit for 3 hours and the level didnt change at all. So he said you could cook it down at low heat and that would be fast. NO IT ****IN ISNT. I cooked it forever. I was supposed to cook it until you couldnt smell the acetone( and i guess it wasnt supposed to be flammible). Well i discovered this method works best and is most efficent.

    Step 8. Make sure you lid your jar of filtered liquid and shake it for just a bit to be sure all the hash is in there. Pour some or all, if you can, of your liquid onto a realatively enclosed flat surface as mentioned in the materials list, like a big jar cap or some ****.

    Step 9.Not a lot of people like rasins, but i love the **** you can do with UV cooking. Take the light and get it as close to the liquid as possible. I mean within less than an inch. it will start to smoke. Don't worry this is very good. The liquid will get darker. Repeatedly check the liquid to see if it still smells of acetone. Take small samples and see if they are flammable if you can't smell at all. You should notice brown oily ovals cicling around the top as the acetone burns off. Store in airtight bottle. Distribute with eyedropper or just use a straw or hollowed out pen with your thumb at the other end like when you are bored in a restaraunt.

    Step 9a.( NOT RECOMMENDED)- this is purely theory. Nail polish remover(acetone) is flammable. hash oil is not. if you are in such a rush and dont care about hash quality you could try burning the liquid in the filtered liquid jar until it wont burn anymore. I tried this and it tasted bitter when i smoked it though and didnt get me as high probably because thc evaporates when touches by a direct flame.


    Hash oil is not flammable

    It isnt a great idea to touch a bare flame to

    Try soaking a bud, cig or joint in it. Use sparingly.

    Best way to smoke is vaporizing. Not great in long term effects. Put a few drops on a piece of aluminum foil. Light under foil to make it boil and vaporize. inhale steam. suggested by using straw or hollowed out pen held between teeth.
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    Try this

    I have been using this simple method to extract thc and it has worked well for me. So give it a try!
    Materials: two glass jars, coffee filters, 99% isopropyl alcohol, glass plate, razors, and material with thc.
    - Grind up your choice of material; bud, leaves, stems etc.. it all has thc so it all works. Of course the better the materials you use the more potent the product will be.
    -Place the ground up material in a a coffee filter and place the coffee filter in the jar so that the edges of the filter hang over the jar. The pour some alcohol over the material and let drip into the jar. Take the filter and place it into the other jar and pour the used alcohol over the buds again. Do this at least four times.**-->( IMPORTANT: make sure to use the 1 to 3 ratio for the alcohol and material. For every one part of material you use 3 parts of alcohol)
    -Next take the alcohol (it should be a greenish yellow color to a pale yellow. Pale yellow is what you are going for this just means it is nothing but thc with little of anything else) pour it through a new coffee filter to strain the alcohol one last time.
    -Then pour the alcohol onto a plate and light it on fire to evaporate the alcohol. (make sure you have sufficient ventilation and take all precautions. It seems dangerous but it really isn't I make a batch everysingle week.

    You can even use shwag or commercial bud for this and it still comes out good.

    *** Note when you leave the material in the alcohol for longer than 5 mins you start to breakdown the plant and extract not only THC but other stuff like Chlorophyll. This explains why those of you on here who let it sit for 24 hours and get that dark liquid. True hash oil aka honey oil is not dark but light almost the color of honey.
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    I just did this with a small amount of high mids, some stems, and some shake. I got all of the alcohol to boil off, but I used a steel or tin lid to some case for burning it off; there is still a good amount of yellow goo hopelessly stuck to it until I get some more alcohol.

    I haven't tried smoking any of what I scraped up yet. I'm not sure what it will produce, but it looks pretty juicy.
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    So what is the best way to inbibe this delicious golden treat?

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