making hash with stems

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Asphyxion, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Asphyxion

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    i've heard that you can make it, but some people said you cant. does anyone know the real answer, and if the answer is yes then how many stems would you need to make a good batch?
  2. Yana Usdi

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    Yes and no

    It depends on the stems. Main stems and larger stems would likely have little worth, but both the leaves and stems closely associated with the buds themselves can be worthwhile. How worthwhile depends somewhat on the variety, if you browse various picture archives you'll see some that are covered with trics well into the stems and leaves and others that aren't, or are very lightly.
  3. hauptmann

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    This is the Culinary section of the site which pertains to cooking marijuana.

    Making hash out of stems is highly highly impractical. You would need a massive amount of stems to get a very small amount of hash. You would need ounces and ounces of stem to get a gram or two. And I'm sure it wouldnt taste as good as hash made from the flowers,trim or leaves.

    If you do want to try it check out our hash threads. A search for hash will pull up many different methods.


    Honey Oil - Hexane,Ethanol method

    Everclear Alcohol Method

    Butane Method

    Also Hash: Homemade Ice Extraction Method works quite well to get good hash. Do a search over at hempcultivation also.


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