Making pot brownies or the like with 1/8 of weed

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by AmateurToker, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. AmateurToker

    AmateurToker New Member

    I scored some mighty fine green... down to 1/8... and I want to make some food with it. Possibly brownies....

    I'm really high right now... and probably should be looking it up on google... but I also dont wanna waste my pot. So I was wondering if someone could give me step by step directions to creating the perfect treat for my gf and I.

    My thought is:

    Enough butter to make a sheet of brownies.... cook in a pot... add my weed to it finely ground... at X temp for X minutes... and then use the pot butter as the ingredient in the brownies that require butter.
  2. Squamptonite

    Squamptonite New Member

    its effective to put as GRINDED as POSSIBLE weed, (dust) to oil, CANOLA OIL together and mix it,

    strain it (to get weed bits out, though keeping it in just makes it uncomfortable though im sure it gets you higher so I keep it in there;) )

    Use the weed oil and let it simmer (little bubbles that come up, like a mini form of boiling (temp-4/3) for fourty minutes

    OR you can just mix the weed and oil, use the opil for the brownies and mix it in, and cook as directed.


    OR to make it kick your ass, add the weed into a smaller part of the brownie tin (one corner and mix it with toothpick, and cook it, make sure you know what side will fuck you up.

    Cook for 40-55 minutes (brownies ask for 350, but less temp more time and no burnt thC.

    I hope this helps, anything else?

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