Making small batch of weed brownies? Help

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by ginaiscoolll, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. ginaiscoolll

    ginaiscoolll New Member

    I want to make weed brownies. About 6

    I have about a dub. So i was planning to just make 1/4 a batch of brownies.
    How much oil or butter will i need? Also how long to let simmer???

    Will there be enough thc to get me high? Or should I make 4 brownies instead? Thanks
  2. planehopr

    planehopr New Member

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "dub."...I looked it up and it can mean a lot of things. I would specify how many grams of weed you have or what portion of an ounce. Also the quality of the weed makes a big difference.

    I've made a pound of kick ass butter with as little as 1/8th an ounce of kick ass weed. If you are using marginal weed or trimmings you'll most likely need much more.

    If you have an 1/8th of something decent I think you can make a whole batch of brownies if you use a stick (1/2 cup) and a quarter stick of butter---you'll need the stick for your recipe--the extra butter is just in case you lose a little in the process.
  3. Faded88/14

    Faded88/14 New Member

    it's been awhile since the post but I'll still attempt too help. About a month prior to this I made 4 individual brownies. I'll tell you how I did it. I started with a double boiler not a professional one just one pan floating in another I used half a stick of butter and some canola oil just a bit maybe two tablespoons. I put about 3.5 grams of ground up green crack in the boiler had it set on level 4 for about a hour then mixed with store bought brownie mix just the oil and brownie mix then poured them in four of these little ghosts shaped tin foil things and baked them for about 20 min at 260 degrees. And for a non user half a brownie was well effected. And a excperinced user one brownie was well effected. Hope that made sense. Peace
  4. Bubble Yum

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    I've found this website, it ain't much to look at but their recipes are pretty damn good. the weed brownies and the pot cookies are the shit!
    Weed Brownies. Make the Classic weed and pot brownies

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