Making your weed taste better?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Viper2wX, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Viper2wX

    Viper2wX New Member

    Ive been trying to make my weed taste better. Like adding orange peels to my stash and what not. But none of it has really done it for me. And i dont want to soak it in something in fear of ruining my stuff. And i dont really care for joints so flavored rolling paper is out. :(

    Id apreciate any good ideas, thanks.
  2. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    To make your weed taste better..

    Buy better tasting weed!

    I love the smell and taste of weed. If it doesn't taste good to you, all I can say is get some better stuff that does taste good.

    Try vaporizing it. Very different experience. Because you're not actually burning anything, the weed keeps its herbal quality.
  3. concerto

    concerto New Member

    I have to agree with teufelfisch. You might just have to try some different weed. I find that schwag is notorious for tasting harsh while some good stuff can have a really smooth taste which I enjoy. Vaporizing might help you some as far as taste goes.
  4. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    well the pot i usually buy tastes amazing anyways.

    but when im smoking shwagg, ill soak a cotton ball in orange juice, then wrap the ball in aluminum foil, and poke some holes it it. Throw it in your bag and you got some fruity buds. One time i bought two ounces of shwagg and decided to keep the second ounce for a while, so i used several different fruits to give it some moisture, First i used orange peel, then bannana peel, then a piece of an apple, then a grape. And it was some fruity tasting weed after that.
  5. jrn

    jrn New Member

    This happened by accident but I'm liking it!!!

    Went to friends house this past weekend and some of my stash got dropped in some hot tea. It was quickly retrieved and laid out to dry on a paper towel. 24hrs later it was still moist but very smokeable in my waterpipe!!! I then advanced to this little deal not sure what it is Kind of like a pipe I guess and only holds enough for a quickie! That stuff tastes so good. It's a hint of nice tea with a nice smooth smoke.
  6. Geeno

    Geeno New Member

    There are drops you can buy that really flavour up the weed.

    Infact i believe a lot of people who think theyre buying blueberry are infact buying normal weed with this stuff on it.
  7. bske420

    bske420 New Member

    dang, u could seriously fuk with ppl with that drop flavering! me and my friends use to put juice drops from oranges and strawberries on top of freshly picked buds and then dry them. when they were cured, they would have a fruity flavor, it was pretty tight. you could even make a pipe by making a hole through the middle of an orange, apple, etc and put a bowl in one end and suck out the other. the bud will taste just like the fruit. be careful about citrus fruits though, it can get to be a messy situation. i prefer to use apples or pears, etc.
  8. Growguy

    Growguy New Member

    if you need flavor your weed, i would seriously consider finding a better dealer or better weed
  9. bske420

    bske420 New Member

    its not that i need to flavor my weed, infact ive only done it a few times my whole life, but sometimes its fun to experiment with bud and try somthin different. know what i mean?.
  10. YetiManY3K

    YetiManY3K New Member

    If the taste is too bad, or too harsh you could try a bong or try not taking such big hits. Many of these flavoring techniques work great too.
  11. mexican dirt weed

    mexican dirt weed New Member

    i love the taste of weed to begin with. but i have just been turned on to flavoured blunts from one of my friends at work. i mean the smell is heavinly and so is the taste i would suggest trying it.
  12. bske420

    bske420 New Member

    its 4:20!!! im gettin stonedddd!!!

    thought id add to my quick post ^^^ anyways, i really like flavered papers. strawberry and chocolate are what i usually smoke, but i havent tried flavored blunt wraps before. unless you count a cherry swisher sweet flavored??!! but not like your talkin about, i really wanna try it. i think the taste will be more "tasty" than just smokin flavered joint paps. i know this little market owned by foreigners that sells teenagers ciggs,paps,pipes,etc. so im gonna have to get down there soon and try em:chokin:
  13. urite4594

    urite4594 New Member

    can u really soak weed in cool aid to give it some flavor??
  14. Viper2wX

    Viper2wX New Member

    Thanks for all the help guys. I like the idea with the conton balls in orange juice. Who ever posted that i thank you.

  15. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    I have to admit that I've added kool-aid to a small bit of weed. It was left out and a little dry so I figured, why the heck not?
    I probably wouldn't rehydrate a sack of weed with kool-aid, but I would with fruit peels. I've wanted to try adding a small peice of banana to my weed, I've tried a couple other citrus fruits already. :)
  16. urite4594

    urite4594 New Member

    so all you gotta do to add a little flavor to your weed is put a banana peel or whatever in the bag ur keepin ur weed in? How long should u keep it there?
  17. Viper2wX

    Viper2wX New Member

    Citrus fruits i guess are better more punch to them. Like oranges lemons and **** like that.
  18. got_wilk_e

    got_wilk_e New Member

    flavor drops

    where can u get these flavor drops that u mentioned...any website u can get them of of??
  19. chromiumblue

    chromiumblue New Member

    Re: flavor drops

    Go to your local Headshop... If there aren't any then places like Starship or Galaxy which are like adult stores that sell pr0n and smoking devices. (ie. pipes, bongs hookahs ect.) Hell I have even seen it at gas stations.
  20. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    i suggest orange peel. Leave it in for an hour or a little more. It will add moisture to your nugs, and flavor.

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