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    ok, so I wasn't sure what section this fit, so I am putting this in science because I think because it is about the make up of the plant, it best fit here.

    So, this is just a curiosity question, one that has rattled in my brain for quite a long time. I have heard that male Cannabis sativa plants are very high in CBD's, but very low in THC, where as the opposite is true of the female Cannabis sativa plant. Also, it is fact that Cannabis indica is higher in psychoactive cannabinoids, and the female cannabis indica plants are higher in CBD than THC. Could this suggest that because male and female sativa plant's THC/CBD content are drastically different, that the male indica plants would or could contain a higher ratio of THC to CBD, possibly producing a more "sativa" high? (be it light, but present).

    If anyone has some information on this, it would be greatly appreciated, this has just been in the back of my mind driving me crazy for a while. :banghead:

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    The sativa is known for low CBD's anyhow, some have zero.

    Personally I grow sativa for the purer THC content. I harvest almost two weeks earlier than normal, first cloudy trichome does it. This seems to be the best THC versus other stuff timing for my plant. The high is more pleasant later, but also more pronounced. The Yield is roughly 8% of the dried weight, 3 oz = 8 grams, buds only.
    I did try this with males quite a few years back, it was harder to get the THC without contaminates and the yield is less than 1%. 3 oz = 1 gram, whole plant dried and extracted.

    Smokability of the dried unextracted male plants does not seem to be an issue so I will leave that opinion out.
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    There are some males thet produce tch..These are great breeders..Other than that I really wouldnt try getin gtch or any other cannabanoids out of them..If you want these other cannabanoids let the plants mature untill mostly amber tricomes..

    Or if you want these other cannabinoids check out the strain canntonic..IT's almost a 1-1-1 ratio thc, cbd, cbn content..I'm also not sure if that strain is ready for the public yet..

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