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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by boxman, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. boxman

    boxman New Member

    i dont know if i should have put this in the gardens cure instead. anyway, i was wondering if males had ANY THC. i know that women have have testosterone but in small amounts, so would cannabis males have thc?
  2. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    Male Marijuana plants do in fact grow THC. The Male flowers contain THC, but a much smaller amount than the Female flowers. Male plants also produce THC on their leaves, but again, it is a much lower content than from Female leaves.

    Male plants are rarely harvested as the flowers have such a low THC content. Female plants can have as much as 23% THC content on the flowers, while Male may only grow as much as 3% THC content on the flowers.
  3. otown

    otown New Member

    I love smokin weed, so id smoke male plants, wouldnt bother me, just take more to get high, o well lol
  4. boxman

    boxman New Member

    so could you make cannabutter with a lot?
  5. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    yes..if you had ALOT, and you would get a very minimal strength, unless you use like 4x as much as with female plants (crap weed is still over 12% THC so 4x more would bring the thc level up to 12%,which is very low)

    So to answer your question....YES you can make cannabutter out of male cannabis plants.. however.. with the amounts needed... is it worth it?

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