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  1. Mamabudz

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    The human central nervous system (CNS) is effected by the addition of substances

    These effects can be categorized as stimulant, depressant, etc.

    THC in marijuana has been shown to be a CNS stimulant in at least the following manners, to date:
    a- Stimulation of the appetite centers of the brain
    b- Stimulation of the pleasure centers of the brain
    c- Stimulation of the bodies natural defenses to reduce free radicals caused by injury to the brain and from other damage -- the leading cause of injury due to stroke is injury due to free-radicals-

    While certain other compounds of marijuana have been found to be soporiphic (sleep inducing); anti inflamatory; muscle and spasm relaxing; all inducing a more relaxed state, marijuana is not a CNS depressant.

    CONCLUSION: Marijuana is a stimulant and as such its missclassification as a depressant is pure propoganda.

    By definition a substance cannot be simultaneously a CNS stimulant and depressant. And while its stimulant qualities have now been amply proven, my research has turned up no verifiable support to its classification as a depressant.

    Personally I find the logic that MJ is ill-advised in the treatment of depression to be at fault. A euphoric stimulant to a certain class of treatment resistant depressive would be a life line. It would literally save lives --- Depression is a fatal illness -- suicide is a leading cause of death just think how many people could have been saved if they were able to make through to one more sunrise until things got better.

    Mama Budz
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  2. anti147

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    you got it all wrong. deppression? i am happy as hell when i'm stoned (i am right now). i get sorta sad when i don't have pot around though. hell, as long as i have a baggie i'm happy. marijuana is a hallucinogen. it may not be as powerful as other ones in many ways, but it still is one.
  3. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    The Powers That Be (PTB) keep pointing to marijuana as a depressant in their propoganda. Folks with depression shouldn't use it They say and deny treatment for depression at clinics, rape crisis centers and other Public Service outlets to folks who test positive for dope. We'll treat you for depression, but we need to take away your (dope) medicine first.

    No...doesn't make sense to me.

    Marijuana is a stimulant not a depressant so it should be available to people suffering from depression, not cut off in treatment!

    Marijuana also stimulates euphoria (through an uncertain and as yet unproved means using the serotonin system and the pleasure centers of the brain)

    They, the PTB are wrong... The Medical Marijuana Tokers self treating for depression have been right all along. We know our bodies and our moods. Of course, additional treatment after the Correct diagnosis is made with the correct anti depressants, anti anxiety drugs, anti convulsants etc. and using marijuana as Therapy is I believe the best way to go. Means finding a cool psychiatrist willing to work with you.

    Mama Budz
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  4. Stoned Raider

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    Alright, you've got me interested. I have never even thought about this topic. Where did you get all your research material from? I want to read up on this.
  5. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    The information comes from numerous sources.

    I think we can move this up to a new thread and answer each query individually with a url link to the information on the web....

    So, here's your job... give me an outline of the information you would like in the following form:

    I What I claim MJ can do for _______
    A. The method I am using as the basis of my hypothesis
    B. The example I give
    C. Any additional stories, info I gave on the subject

    I will respond with a synopsis of the links I used to come up with the hypothesis, synthesis and conclusions, or the conslcusions that existed in research and the back trackked resdearched that demonstrated the evidence behind the research.

    Some of the links are in German, Frencha nd Italian -- thankfully the ones in Hbrew have been translated as my Hebrew is first grade level ( and "See Shoni chase the Dog" just doesn't cut it at this level). I will stillg ive the link but try to give a translation synopsis as well if possible.

    I think it's time to move this Thread to MYTHS...can a Moderator give us a Boost over there so we can keep this thread going?

    Mama Budz
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  6. huh?

    huh? New Member

    I once had a psychiatrist who was anti weed tell me not to use it because it makes me feel good when I shouldn't, then ask if I wanted to take anti-depressants (I had been wrongly accused of being depressed) and I said, no, wouldn't they just make me feel better when I shouldn't too. Methinks Ms. Psychiatrist was drinking the "kool-aid.""
    That's a cool view on it for depression, Mama. It's good to know the stimulant/depressant stuff too, thanks.
  7. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Your need for an euphorant on a constant daily basis is de facto evidence of the existance of at the least dysthymia to this reader

    Your psychiatrist appear to have made a correct diagnososis, that you are suffering from unipolar minor depression aka "dysthymia". A serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) such as Prozac, Paxil -- I personally do not reccomend Zoloft and Wellbutrin due to certain sideeffects -- should be prescribed, all other helath issues being equal.

    One is not "accused of being depressed" any more than one is "accused of having hypoglycemia or high blood pressure". One has recognized signs of each of these disabling illnesses. And each has concrete confirmable indications including signs of mental illness.

    Boogy boogy...It appears to Mama that the stigma of mental illness scares you more than being a dope smoker, eh?

    My suggestion was and remains get on the psych drug you need. Marijuana can act as an adjunct -- as a euphorant -- but is not a continual treatment and there are side effects to smoking too much such as bronchial irritation. And the last thing you need is to feel physically sick and as well as mentally lousy.

    My suggestion is to contact another psychiatrist, and get onto an anti depressant... and give it a trial runo f at leat 3 months as it takes your body at least the first month to adjust to these medications. And keep looking for a psych who is cool on dope...look for someone int heir mid 40's 50's who lived through the 60's and 70's and you'll find someone less indoctrinated by the propoganda machine.

    But please do get treatment. On the upside... along woth anti depressants, you'll find your marijuana smoking is more enjoyably recreational when you don;t have to waste your stash on just getting motivated enough to make it thorugh the damn day!

    Mama Budz
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  8. huh?

    huh? New Member

    no offense but, shut up, you don't know me.
    I am not depressed, that's why it was an accusation, this is past, old news. I just related it to your post, you're not my saviour, I'll live my own life as I choose, and post online once in a while. You don't even know how much I smoke, let alone anything else that might lead you to recommend treatment for myself.
  9. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Your vocal disfavor of my response to your reply to my initial posting is duly noted.

    A great deal can be discerned simply by analyzing a person's writing style, word choice and tone. Your quick response of "shut up" for example shows not only misplaced anger but that you were certainly touched at some subconcious level by my reply to your psoting.

    I would not and do not reccomend treatment of psychological conditions over a "discussion forum" in cyberspace. I do reccomend the services of a competent psychiatrist to treat psychiatric illness.

    I will continue to strive to provide up to date information on the use and misuse of marijuana treatment in psychological illness.

    Mama Budz
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  10. huh?

    huh? New Member

    ok then, but there you go trying to be right on some other level when you are not.. see you in other forums
  11. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    "trying to be right on some other level when you are not"

    Can anyone following this dialogue make heads or tails of what he means by that last statment?

    Thanks in advance

    Mama Budz
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  12. huh?

    huh? New Member

    yeah I can, this part : "A great deal can be discerned simply by analyzing a person's writing style, word choice and tone. Your quick response of "shut up" for example shows not only misplaced anger but that you were certainly touched at some subconcious level by my reply to your psoting. "

    -I MUST have CERTAINLY been touched at some SUBCONSCIOUS level IN ADDITION TO my misplaced anger, you must have hit the nail on the head and saved my fledgling existence from complete and utter castrosphe by discerning my one post thanking you for the original topics' information.

    you're getting a little off topic, enough, I'll see you in other threads, but I probably won't be conversing with you, go ahead and tell me all about myself from what I say to others though :rolleyes:
  13. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    The re-classification of Cannabis s. and i. from a depressant to a euphoric is necessary to the recognition of marijuana as a useful drug in the treatment of dysphoric illness.

    In the psychiatric field the historic misclassification of marijuana as a depressant has well-meaning but poorly informed members of the medical community instructing their patients to desist from smoking marijuana if they suffer from depression. In my experience this is not only prove detrimental to a patient's recovery but can in the extreme be contraindicated in the suicidal patient.

    People use marijuana on a daily basis to eleviate stress, relax and enjoy a euphoric state. This is a naturally expected use of a mild euphorant.

    People with depression have often adapted marijuana uses to use the euphoric as a means of coping with their environment. This is a reasonable and intelligent adaptive use of the substance. In fact the rapid titration of euphorics into the system of a depressive without severe side efeects or addiction is unknown in any other pharmeceutical available on the open or black market today or in the past (ieheroin, XTC, opium, SOMA)

    As marijuana is by definition NOT a depressant it stimulates the central nervous system, it cannot also exacerbate depression as will other correctly classified depressants by definition.

    CONCLUSION The Medical community should recognize a public policy necessity to reclassify marijuana from its incorrect status as a depressant

    Mama Budz
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