Marijuana: Affects on Social Life

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by imsohigh, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. imsohigh

    imsohigh New Member

    Obviously marijuana changes the lives of everyone who smokes it in some way or another. It is known to have a major impact on people socially due to several factors, including the stigma surrounding "being a stoner," changes in personality, ect.

    In my case, I feel like it has alienated me from people who don't smoke, and that this might be hindering me socially. I just feel awkward and uncomfortable talking sometimes, but when I smoke, I don't really feel that way at all. It seems like I just can't get on the same level with some people sometimes, and it makes me really sad.

    The only reason I'm starting this thread is because I feel like I'm having a hard time communicating with other people since I've added the herb to my life (one of the only negative side affects I've felt).

    Anyway, comment or post or share with us about how marijuana has affected you socially. :toocool:
  2. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    I started smoking in June and I haven't lost any friends do to this drug. I have actually significantly increased in friends. Especially since I am at a party school now, I can definitely relate to friends and social meetings. I wouldn't go to a preadolescence individual and say "Go smoke up Johnny", but it sure as hell has helped me pass time and make friends. I also understand that people can loose friends from this drug, but if those friends don't like weed... (IMO) then just make new ones or find ones that don't know you burn. I may come along as a douche saying that, but if your friends don't understand that you use a harmless drug recreationally then move on.
  3. imsohigh

    imsohigh New Member

    I guess we can agree to disagree on that one. The fact that they don't understand me doesn't make it any easier to lose them as a friend.
  4. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Since ive started smoking weed ive made tons of new friends. It makes me much more social.
  5. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    I am the definition of a friendly smoker.
  6. imsohigh

    imsohigh New Member

    I don't think you people understand what I'm trying to say. I know weed can help you make friends and make you friendly, and it does. But what I'm talking about is losing contact with those who don't smoke.
  7. CivilMinded

    CivilMinded New Member

    Just don't let them know you smoke..
  8. CasSteal

    CasSteal New Member

    It is kind of sad because I have lost contact with some buddies too, but you know what man? Real friends don't really care if you smoke, there are about 5 of my buddies out of 20 ( only including my real close homies) and we already know the other 15 don't smoke so we don't push it on them. We blaze and they drink and we meet at the fence and have a good time you know? Figurative speaking of course. What I'm trying to say is your boy is going to have your back, or should. Just saying
  9. alaskahnt

    alaskahnt Active Member

    imsohigh, here is the question- i was your friend BEFORE you knew i got high, and now that you know what has really changed other than the fact i get high. :confused: im still your friend whether you toke or not - just like before you knew.
  10. Lpwn_Ranger

    Lpwn_Ranger Sr. Member

    If a friend drops you because you smoke then fuck 'em, it's none of their damn business anyway. I have lots of friends who don't smoke. Some know that I do, some don't, it really doesn't impact any of my friendships.
    In high school it was a completely different story though, there were people who smoked, those who didn't but didn't care if you did, then the type of people that you could be friends with for years, then you smoke pot one time and they tell the principal.
  11. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    Hey brother. Even though you want to talk to nonsmokers does not mean that it's what you need. Realize that no matter what, you're a person, and you're unique. So don't try to be on other people's level, because you're on your own level. No one else can help you feel positively about yourself, only you can. Find out about yourself.

    You are not the same as them; everyone's different. Just because you don't talk to people doesn't make you a bad person. And you do talk to people.

    Try to be a good person, and that's all. Focus on treating people how you would like to be treated no matter what; remember, money isn't everything. The rest will come after that.
  12. -LOST-

    -LOST- New Member

    If they stop being your friends because your smoking bud then they are not a true friend :\
  13. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Marijuana hasn't really affected my life at all. Asides from being happier more often.
  14. krad

    krad New Member

    It's had a profound negative impact on my social life, something I never thought possible when I began smoking with the attitude it was the best thing ever with zero consequences (besides letting the wrong people find out you smoke).

    I started in jr high, it was all fine and dandy, made new friends, became more social etc. I progressively started smoking more and more and by high school was a daily toker. I had all the classical stoner moments and good times with it. Then the anxiety and paranoia set it. When I smoked I got very self conscious, especially in social situations. Accompanied with racing thoughts and a fast heart beat (anxiety), I was now the quiet/awkward stoner over-analyzing everything. This was very frustrating, I was bored to death without it, and psychologically addicted more then I knew. I honestly think I've started to develop some sort of anxiety disorder/depersonalization from abusing it so much, but I can't pinpoint it to weed (could be a number of drugs, or just part of growing up)

    I've since significantly cut down, pay more attention to set and setting, and take it easy/go slow when i do, seems to help. Just a different point of view for ya, I have a great respect for the plant and it's effects, but it's not all roses and sunshine when you don't moderate your use/abuse it.

    sorry for the rant I drank a lot of coffee today :p
  15. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    You're you, and you're not supposed to be anyone else. Be proud of yourself; you're human like every other human being. Hopefully you see it, brother.
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  16. functionalstoners

    functionalstoners New Member

    I can see where you are coming from. When I decided to start smoking for medical reasons (anxiety disorder/depression) I lost a few friends that found out. I tried explaining why I smoke and what it does for me. I told them about all of the good things that have come from it and that I wasn't going to change their personal opinion on smoking themselves but to give me a chance because I'm not a different person.

    Ultimately I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of closed minded people and if they're going to be uptight about a drug that is more harmless than alcohol what else are they going to believe? Some people still think marijuana gives you cancer.. seriously? I think that it can be hard to connect with people on the same level when they don't believe in something that can sometimes be a big part of your life.

    But I find my personality has changed positively, like a lot of others have mentioned. I am more social and I think that I question society and authority more. Maybe it is just me but herb has changed my life forever, if others didn't judge "stoners" as lazy/fat/losers and considered the functional ;) people that smoke I think my life would be better than ever. I hope you find a group that you can be comfortable with!

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